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Best Car Hire Brussells

Brussels is the heart of Europe, the city from which rules are set, and from which the continent is governed. Even before the EU arrived in the city, Brussels was already one of the most historically important places in the whole of Europe, and a regal capital that collected some of the finest collections of art, and richest literary cultures in the world into a single place.

Most visitors to Brussels will find that it is a city in which the modern and ancient blend together in a unique way. The National museum of Belgium holds many treasures, and it is fascinating to see the evolution of culture in the country over time and the acceleration in multiculturalism that came with the European Union.

Brussels itself is a relatively compact city, but it has a number of attractions for visitors to see. Many of these do have a European theme. Europa Park is perhaps the main draw for tourists in the city. Located in the heart of Brussels, the park is home to miniature replicas of some of the best known buildings in continent including The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and The Colosseum in Rome amongst many others. The park is also where you can find the iconic Atomium sculpture ? the science fiction symbol of the city.

Belgium is a comparatively small country, however there is plenty to see and do outside Brussels, and anyone who hires a car and explores will find plenty of interest. If you want to conveniently book a car to pick up at Brussels Airport, you have a choice of a number of different choices of car hire company including Europcar Hertz, and Sixt .

In Bruges you can see some of Belgium?s famous Chocolate factories, while if you take advantage of the ability to cross borders within Europe, you can travel into France and the region of Alsace where you can see some of the famous Loire Chateaux that influenced the design of the Disney Castle, and which provide a great place to spend the night that mix history and luxury.

History Brussels

Brussels the city of Belgium has been inhabited since 2250 BC, when an agrarian Neolithic civilization set up shop in what are now the districts of Schaerbeek, Boitsfort and Uccle. The Romans considered the area a lovely corner of the empire, building villas here during the 1st and 2nd centuries AD. The town continued to grow throughout the millennium. Legend has it that St Gery, bishop of Cambrai and Arras, built a chapel on one of the islands in the swampy Senne (Zenne). In 1843, the Treaty of Verdun split the Frankish Empire along the Schelde (Scheldt) river: this was the first division of Belgian lands into what would become modern-day Wallonia and Vlaanderen (Flanders). When WWI broke out, Germany violated Belgium's neutral status and occupied the country. Naturally enough after such treatment, Belgium signed on with France during the inter-war period, and was bombed and occupied by Nazi Germany from 1940 to 1944.Brussels continues to grow and thrive as a major centre for Internationalrelations, industry and trade. It still struggles with its identity, and language is still a heated topic, but among the new skyscrapers populated by legions of diplomats and businesspeople, the city's ancient heart continues to beat.

When to go Brussels

Whole year tourist come and visits here, for visiting purpose it is a very interesting place. Most visitors arrive between May and September, when the weather is at its best. If you're considering a weekend visit, Brussels is a particularly attractive option, as the majority of the city's top-end hotels drop their rates dramatically from Friday to Sunday. From November to March, the weather is often wretched, and the number of tourists falls off dramatically. And there's always a cosy caf? where you can escape the cold and rain. Always go to take right clothes because daylight hours will be short.


Weather Brussels

Brussels weather is very changing some months are very rainy some are warmest month. Tourist feels nice to come here. Brussels' mild maritime climate is unfortunately characterised by lots of grey, rainy weather. The warmest months are July and August when highs hover around 22?C, though they can also be the wettest. Winters are more predictable with plenty of rain and heavy-coat 'highs' of 4-7?C.

Arrival Brussels

Brussels the city of Belgium is a very small but many Internationalairlines fly here. Brussels Airport is 14km (9mi) north-east of Brussels. Belgium is so small that there are no internal flights between cities. A train station on the airport's lowest level (-1) runs the Airport City Express shuttle train between the airport and Brussels' three main train stations: Gare du Nord, Gare du Midi and Gare Centrale. Brussels is well connected with most other European and Belgian cities. There are a variety of ferry options, direct from the UK or via Calais in France. Euroline's main bus depot is next to Gare du Nord. Driving is always an option. Belgium's motorway system is excellent. Cycling from other parts of Belgium is possible, but you will need to be intrepid if you take to the roads in Brussels the city doesn't have many cycle paths. There are a variety of ferry options, direct from the UK or via Calais in France.

Best Locations Brussels

There is variety of things to enjoy, visitors can come whole year and enjoy. There are more than 75 museums dedicated to just about every special interest under the sun, in addition to impressive public buildings, leafy parks, and interesting squares. Fortunately, numerous side-walk caf?s offer respite for weary feet, and there's good public transport to those attractions beyond walking distance of the compact, heart-shaped city centre, which contains many of Brussels's most popular attractions. Bruparck Built on the site of the 1958 Brussels World's Fair, this attractions park (Metro: Heysel) is home to the Atomium and Mini-Europe; The Village, a collection of restaurants and caf?s, including a restaurant in a 1930s railway car of the legendary Orient Express; Oceade, an indoor/outdoor water-sports pavilion with water slides, pools, and saunas; a planetarium; and Kinepolis, a 26-screen movie multiplex. Entire neighbourhoods full of character were swept away to make room for them. Across rue de la Loi, the Council of Ministers headquarters, the Consilium is instantly recognizable for its fa?ade?s lAvish complement of rose-coloured granite blocks. On its far side, a soothing stroll through little Parc Leopold brings you to the new, post-modern European Parliament and InternationalConference Centre complex, an architectural odyssey in white marble and tinted glass.

Night-life Brussels

Night-life of Brussels is very interesting you can do whatever you want. Cocktail bars vary from the old, established, almost clubby type, to the avant-garde, to the bizarre; and there are also caf? theatres, regular theatre in season (Sept-May), a traditional puppet theatre, caf? cabarets, dinner shows, nightclubs, concerts, ballet, opera, and jazz clubs. Brussels is not known for its night-life, but that's partly because it's overshadowed by the worldwide reputations of neighbouring capitals like Paris and Amsterdam. Night-life is actually alive and well in Brussels, and if the range is inevitably thinner than in bigger cities, the quality is not. Low ceilings, crackling fires and a glass of golden home-brew will help you settle in for a long, cosy evening. Sumptuous Art Nouveau grand caf?s are generously stylish, while chic bistros in Ste Catherine are where the beautiful people come to smoke and gossip on their way to the after-midnight clubs.

City of Destinations Brussels

Brussels is an heirloom of northern culture at its best. The city of choice for Eurocrats; Brussels is sumptuous, historic and luxuriously cosy. Artistry, architecture and diversity is the best part of Brussels. Seafood in great restaurants, the smell of hot waffles on a cold winter's day, caf?s and pubs that never close, the cosmopolitan but neighbourly feel, forests practically on the doorstep, pheasant and truffles in autumn, comic strips, and designer shops.

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