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The Caribbean is the area covering the islands in the Caribbean Sea. It is surrounded on all sides having South America to the south, the Gulf of Mexico and North America to its North West and Central America to the west. All in all there are over 7,000 islands and they are becoming more and more popular as holiday destinations.

Things to do in the Caribbean

As well as being an ideal place to relax and lie on the beach there are plenty of activities to take part in. Many resorts will be all inclusive and as such there is no need to leave the resort. It will be possible to carry out water sports all day every day of that is the sort of holiday required. Jet skiing, water skiing and canoeing are popular as are scuba diving and snorkeling. Sailing can be carried out either by hiring a boat or booking on a tour.

Not all activities will center around the water. There is some beautiful scenery and there are companies that arrange trips into the hills on horseback. For more energetic travelers the same trips can be made on foot and the exiting flora and fauna can be seen at close range.

Entertainment in the Caribbean

Carnivals and festivals are held throughout the year. There are parades where costumes can take a year to make and most involve dancing and partying in the street. Once the carnival has finished it will be possible to go back to a more relaxing day spent watching the cricket if you are lucky enough to have booked when a game has been arranged.

Car Hire in the Caribbean

There are a number of companies offering care hire in the Caribbean such as Avis and Europcar. Hiring a car will give you the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery in comfort and at your own pace. To get a good deal and make all the arrangements while you are still at home it will be easy to arrange by visiting This company has a wide range of vehicles at competitive prices.