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The Rome Ciampino Airport is a military, civilian, and commercial airport all in one. It is located 12 km southwest outside the Greater Ring Road of central Rome in the Italian capital. The airport is also known as Giovani Battista Pastine Airport or Ciampino International Airport (CIA). As one of the oldest airports in Rome that is still operational, it used to be Rome's main airport in the 1950s until Leonardo da Vinci Airport was opened to handle executive flights and charter. However, over time, low-cost airlines have boosted the activities at the Ciampino, making it one of the fastest growing and busiest airports in Italy.

In 2007, the Rome Ciampino Airport had total passenger traffic of 5,402,000 according to Italian Ministry of Transport's statistical data. This data kept on increasing so much that in 2015, it handled about 5,834,201 passengers. Airlines such as Transavia Airlines, Ryanair, Carpatair, Sterling, Wizz Air, and Air Berlin, just to name a few; handle flights in the airport. You might be wondering: if the Ciampino airport has a direct rail line into Rome the city capital. The answer is NO! That is why car hire services at the Rome Ciampino Airport are the most viable means amongst tourists for easy movement from the airport into the city and back to the airport.

There are many car rental companies that operate at the Rome Ciampino Airport such as Hertz, Maggiore and Sixt, Avis, Europcar, and Thrifty Car Rental. These car rental companies offer low rates and quality services to tourists.

What is Max and Min age to hire a car in Rome Ciampino Airport?

  • The minimum age required to hire a car in the Rome Ciampino Airport is 18 years old. Age may vary by the category of the car; you must have had your Driver's License for at least a year. There are surcharges for drivers under 25 years because some suppliers do not rent to people under 21.

  • There are no maximum age limits to be able to hire a car in Rome, but drivers under 24 years will pay additional fees of about €20 daily for some models of the cars they want to hire.

How much does it cost for the second Driver at Rome Ciampino Airport?

  • When you rent a car, it is usually in your name which means it is your responsibility to take good care of the car and no one else can drive it. But if you want your wife, children or friend to be mentioned in the agreement as a second driver, you get charged extra for the second driver.

  • These fees vary immensely with the second driver rate in Rome is exorbitant at €, the highest rate one would pay in Paris for a second driver would be €56.00. If you are thinking of adding another driver for your trip, then you must consider this fee as a financial factor when comparing rental rates.

  • Some of the car rental companies that agree to the additional driver options under the “Other Authorized Drivers Surcharge” include Maggiore Rental, InstantCars, and Europcar.

Documents required to hire a car at Rome Ciampino Airport?

Before you rent a car as a tourist or visitor in another country, there are certain requirements you must meet depending on where you are coming from. The following are the requirements for European Union Drivers in Rome according to specifications:

European Union Drivers

  • Require a passport (or ID Card)

  • A valid driver's license

  • Voucher, if you booked the car online

  • A valid credit card in the lead drivers name with a balance of at least $200 put on hold

  • Some companies accept debit cards with an amount that covers your charges and an excess balance of $200. (If you have a credit/debit card with a $1,000 limit and a $200 current balance, your available balance would be $800, this would be enough to cover charges - most times)

  • Often times, companies put a hold on debit cards but may not place one on credit card depending on your available balance and their policies.

  • The insurance required to hire a car in Rome is

    • Third Party Liability - which covers any car rental damage to people and things outside of the rental car.

    • Fire Liability – covers car rental damage caused by mechanical fires.

    • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

    • Theft Protection (TP)

    • Roadside assistance

Non-European Union Drivers

For Non-European Union Drivers, they are required to carry important documents like

    • Proof of Identity (International Passport)

    • A valid driver's license

    • An International Drivers Permit Translated to an Italian national permit

    • Proof of residence

    • A valid credit card with a minimum balance of $200 or a debit card with an amount that covers all charges and an extra balance of $200.

    • You must have a Third party insurance which covers damages, provides roadside assistance and theft protection.

USA Drivers

For USA drivers, the requirements of Non-European Union Drivers are the same documents you must present before you can hire a car at the Rome Ciampino Airport.

  • Proof of Identity (International Passport)

  • A valid driver's license

  • An International Drivers Permit Translated to an Italian national permit

  • Proof of residence

  • A valid credit card with a minimum balance of $200 or a debit card with an amount that covers all charges and an extra balance of $200.

  • You must have a Third party insurance which covers damages, provides roadside assistance and theft protection.

  • These requirements are also mandatory for people from the Middle East, India, China and Japan and other Asian Countries Drivers.

Car Hire Companies at Rome Ciampino Airport

The Ciampino Airport only has one terminal building, passengers have to take shuttles from their plane to the arrivals area.

Car Hire Companies at the Passenger Terminal

There is only one terminal at the Rome Ciampino Airport, it is a story building known as the passenger terminal. Below is a list of car hire operators at the Rome Ciampino Airport terminal with phone numbers you can call to make reservations.

  • Avis- +39 (0)6 79 340 195

  • Europcar- +39 (0)6 793 40 387

  • Hertz- +39 (0)6 79 34 0616 / +39 (0)6 79 34 0095

  • National- +39 (0)6 793 40 368

  • Sixt- +39-(0)6-793 40 802 / +39-(0)6-793 40 838

  • Budget- +39 (0)6 793 41 429

  • Easycar- +44 203 059 5684

  • Thrifty- +39 06 793 40 689

Opening Times Car Rentals Desks at Ciampino Airport

It is important to know the time these car rental companies open and close, to enable you pick-up and drop-off the car at the right place and time. Pick-up and drop-off times vary, depending on the company. Most of these car hire companies open 24/7 for pick-ups, but some open from 8:00 am – 12 midnights while drop-off times are 8:00 am – 12:00 midnights. Although most of them do not open on Sundays and holidays like Christmas, New Year's Eve and Day, Easter, and Independence Day. Some open on Sundays and holidays from 03:00 - 11:00 pm. It is important that you contact these care hire companies to make an appointment before you visit their stations.

Best Car Hire Companies at Ciampino Airport?

Want to know the best part? These companies have offices beside the entrance of the Ciampino airport, near the P8 car park. They have a free shuttle that takes you between the terminal and the car rental centre according to Some of the best car hire company in Rome according to, they value their customers with superior customer service and expertise. Based on customer reviews, Budget and Avis are professionally managed, Europcar is regarded as a very easy to make reservations online with great customer service over the phone.

Worst Car Hire Companies at Ciampino Airport?

Some car hire companies at the Rome Ciampino Airport that are considered bad by customers either due to very poor reputation, services or customer relations are Goldcar rental, Firefly, Ace Car Rental, Green Motion and Locauto. A lot of customers have complained about Hertz' staff in Rome, as not being customer friendly and also they tend to delay in delivering their cars to customers. Other customers also stated that the cars came in bad conditions, without fuel and they also had to inflate the tyres at some point.

Getting Away from Ciampino Airport

Planning to get away from the airport to explore Rome? As a tourist or visitor in coming through Rome Ciampino Airport, Italy, you need to know your way around to and from the airport. You definitely need help whether you are arriving or departing, you can either book a bus, hire a private chauffer or rent a car. If you rent a car from the airport from any of the providers, all roads lead to Rome because the city is ringed by the Grande Reccordo Anulare motorway or GRA for short. If you want to explore the core city centre, any road off the Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA) takes you there, but if you are going anywhere outside the city centre; then you would require a GPS navigator or a good map to help you navigate from the airport into the Roman city and back, click here for more details. Most of the rental cars at Rome Ciampino airport have built-in navigation systems with portable Wi-Fi units for hire which you must check before exiting the airport if you've never been to the city before. Some even come with child, infant and booster seats upon request.

Speed Limits While Driving from Ciampino Airport

Although many people are of the opinion that there are no speed limits in Europe. Here's the funny truth, Italian roads certainly do have speed limits. And yes, these limits are fully enforced now. Except whenever you see a posted that indicates otherwise, the following speed limits apply:

  • On highways, the speed limit is 130 kmph (80 mph).

  • Non-major highways outside major urban areas, the speed limit is 110 kmph (68 mph).

  • For local roads, the speed limit is 90 kmph (56 mph).

  • In urban areas, the speed limit is 50 kmph (31 mph).

    • Note: "urban areas" as stated above, means the stretch of highway that passes through small towns, most especially around urban exits. It is very important to keep a sharp eye for road signs indicating lower speed limits both on the highways and local roads.

Petrol Stations Nearby Rome Ciampino Airport

There are Petrol stations near Ciampino Airport to avoid any Refueling fees on your rental car that are open from 7:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 3.30 to 7.00pm. There's a petrol station is located just 500m from the airport entrance. Most petrol stations do not open on Sundays, although there are 24-hour stations along the highways also for easy access.

  • Q8 Gas: Via di Morena, 191, 00043 Ciampino RM, Italy, +39 06 5208 8990

  • Eni - Temperini Pneumatici: Via di Ciampino, 73, 00178 RM, Italy, +39 06 7934 0309

  • Repsol: Via del Sassone, 43, 43 Ciampino RM, Italy, +39 06 796 1216

  • Total Erg: Via Giuseppe Saragat, 10, 00043 Ciampino RM, Italy, +39 06 791 0355