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Car Hire in Heathrow

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History Heathrow

Heathrow first started as an airport in 1929. Back then, it was just a small airfield called Great West Aerodrome. It started to turn into a big airport around 1944. It was said that this was to be able to supply the large military aircraft that were intended for the Far East during WWII. Once the airfield was completed, the war was over. The government continued to build on what was then known as London Airport and now Heathrow.

Nowadays, this small airstrip that was once only used for a few farms that were based there, is now one of the busiest airports in the world. Now, ninety different airlines use the airport and 170 destinations across the globe are serviced from here. It is the primary hub for British Airways and BMI and is also a base for Virgin Atlantic Airlines. It carries over 67 million passengers every year.

Many of these also opt to rent a car in Heathrow airport, which is just one of the industries that has seen a huge influx in revenue thanks to the airport.Heathrow is a very International Airport. Many of the members of staff at the airport comfortable speak more than one language, so if you struggle with English you don�t have much to worry about. Do remember that if you are considering to rent a car in the UK, the driving rules are slightly different in the UK, mainly that you will have to drive on the other side of the road. It may seem that this information is superfluous, but if you consider how InternationalHeathrow Airport now is, then it becomes an important issue. The highest number of passengers arrives from JFK and Newark in New York City.


Heathrow's weather is similar to that of London and it can be quite unpredictable, therefore it is always advisable to check the weather in advance, but, the best time to visit the city is during the summer holidays when it is sunny and calm.

Arrival to Heathrow

Arrival to London is easy and possible by road, train and Air. London has five airports, very good network of trains and excellent roads to arrive in this city. Names of the five airports of the London are Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and London City Airport. All these airports are on 30-45 minutes drive from the city center. From the Heathrow airport you can use underground rail or bus. From Gatwick Airport, you can use train at Victoria station. Other options are buses, coaches, ground trains and taxis.

City Transport

London is one of the big cities of the world and many types of public transport are available. The public transport options are Buses, Underground trains (tubes), ground trains, trams, River boats, taxis etc.

Best Heathrow

If you are visiting Heathrow Airport, you will be welcomed with open arms. The people of London and surrounding area understand how much of their economy is dependent on the income generated from travellers. For instance, if you were to look at car rental in Heathrow and worry about language barriers or are unsure of what you need, you are sure to be given fantastic service to explain the ins and outs of your rental agreement. The area surrounding Heathrow is absolutely stunning and should not be missed, so hiring a car could be a fantastic idea.

Heathrow, based on the southern end of London's Hillingdon Borough, is a real cultural cauldron. It is quite a historic area that is still developing. Initially started in the 1930s as an airport to service remote farms in the area, it was then rebuilt to supply army air-planes during WWII. Construction never stops, with additional Terminal s being added. Heathrow itself is also a fascinating area that you could choose to explore. It is an area of the UK that is relatively untouched. Most people only travel through the airport en route to somewhere else, but there is actually a lot to be seen in the area itself. The city of London, serviced by Heathrow Airport, generates a huge proportion of its income from tourism. Hence, facilities are in place at all the airports to make the lives of tourists as easy as possible. This includes such facilities as taxi services and tourist information desks for people who want to see more of the area.

Top attractions of Heathrow

London is so beautiful and well managed city that many people not only like to visit but also wish to settle there. London is full of so many attractions that many days are required to explore. There are many architectural & archeological sights, Historic & heritage sights, Museums and galleries, palaces, Markets, Parks & gardens, Religious sights, natural sights, and industrial & military sights. Must visit places in London are Tower Bridge, Madame Tussaud’s museum, Tower of London, London planetarium, London Zoo, London, Aquarium, BBC Television center, London Dungeons and many more.

On the River Thames, one of the top attractions is Tower Bridge. This bridge is 45 meters high and you can witness great view from the top. Waxwork of Madame Tussaud is famous throughout the world. This museum is situated at Marylebone Road, London and is must see attraction for the tourists. Next to this museum is London planetarium where you can witness stars spotting. Tower of London is actually Her Majesty’s Royal palace and Fortress on the north bank of River Thames. This fortress is attracted by the tourists.

London aquarium is located at County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road. In this aquarium you can see wonderful marine life with many species of fish. London Zoo is another top rated attraction which was founded in 1826. One of the London’s most visited spot is London Dungeons. Here you can see Gothic horrors. Visiting BBC TV station will be new experience in your life. Beside these important places, there are many more things to see in London.

H3>Exploring Heathrow

Heathrow airport has some fantastic facilities. Terminal 3 is the most visited of the Terminal s and has facilities available to suit everyone. For instance, this is where you will find baggage enquiries, medical care, foreign exchange, information points, cash facilities, communication, places of worship, toilets and showers, travel insurance and UK car rental desks. These are but some of the facilities that you are able to access here. There is also shopping and eating, of course, which many people enjoy while they are waiting for their flight to depart or arrive.If you want to hire a car at Heathrow, the desks can be found in all of the Terminal s. All of the major car rental operators serve the airport, including Alamo, Europcar, Sixt , National, Avis, Hertz, Season, Easy Rent, Enterprise and Budget . You can either pre-book vehicles or book them as you arrive. It is also possible to hire a vehicle from a different depot and drop it off at Heathrow for greater convenience. Hiring a car certainly allows you to see far more of the country and enjoy increased accessibility.

Most people who visit Heathrow look forward most to the shopping experience. Each Terminal has its own mini mall with a range of different designer stores. You will be able to find fashion and accessories, book-stores, electronic shops, souvenirs and general retail in each of the Terminal . Naturally, the food is also fantastic, whether you want a quick fast food snack or whether you want to dine a la carte. Heathrow airport is described by many as a self contained village, where you can get everything to be sufficient for extended periods of time.

Eating drinking Heathrow

If you are waiting for a flight to arrive, you may be interested in where you can eat and drink! Heathrow is described by many as being almost like a self-contained village. If you have the funds available, you could quite literally live there. They have the best restaurants, both a la carte and fast food or snack, gorgeous coffee and great shopping of course.

So, if you are ready to go and eat something, there are actually 42 bars and restaurants across all the Terminal s, so you certainly have plenty of choices. The Bridge Bar and Eating House, for instance, is available in Terminal s 1, 3 and 4. This is a great place to enjoy delicious coffee and eat lovely food such as fully cooked English breakfasts. The atmosphere is very relaxing and it is a firm favourite among many travellers. If you want to dine in style, you may prefer the Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar. The wine list at this particular eatery has won awards, so you can certainly enjoy a nice glass of red, white or rose while also enjoying some of the finest caviar or smoked salmon. If you are travelling with your family, you may want to grab a quick and tasty bite to eat before you rent a car in Heathrow airport. Giraffe is a great example of such a restaurant, where you can get some very tasty and Internationalfood, both small bits and full meals, to suit everybody's taste.

Night-life Heathrow

Heathrow Airport has some fantastic facilities available for you to have a drink and enjoy a bit of light entertainment. However, it is not a centre for wild night-life. The surrounding area of Heathrow, however, most certainly is. If you have opted for car rental in Heathrow airport, make sure you have parked your vehicle close to your accommodation, as drinking and driving laws in the United Kingdom are very strict. One very famous bar near Heathrow Airport is Ronie's Scott. This is a real artistic place that has been around for well over 50 years. It has a jazzy feel to it, with dimly lit lights and candles. Every night, live music starts at 9.45pm and will continue to be played until the pub closes. Naturally, London is also known for its gay scene and Heaven is one of the best gay bars in London. In fact, people from all over the world will come to this nightclub, where you will find a fantastic dance space full of happy revellers.

If you have decided to hire a car in Heathrow, you could take advantage of one of the many park and ride options that are available and securely leave your car in one of these spaces, before travelling on to Chelsea for instance. Here, you will find the Purple Night Club, which is actually famous all over the world. After you have danced the night away, you can use the park and ride bus service to take you back to your vehicle. This way, you will have been able to enjoy the fantastic night-life without breaking the law and drink driving.

Shopping Heathrow

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world. And there are also some fantastic opportunities for shopping. In fact, the duty free shopping opportunities are some of the best in the world. Some people would even say that if you were financially able to do so, you could quite easily live at Heathrow airport, shopping and dining to your heart's delight. So what sort of shops are available? There is clothing, retail, books, electrical goods, perfumes, alcohol and so on. Really, something for everybody is available here. It is even possible to hire your own personal shopper!The World Duty Free Arrivals Store, for instance, is a great example of a store that you could shop at after the arrivals gate. This shop sells liquor and tobacco at duty free prices, as well as cosmetics, skin care and perfume products. It also has a large range of accessories, such as designer watches and sunglasses. Of course, souvenirs can also be purchased from here, so you don't have to worry about that on your holiday anymore.

If you are departing from Heathrow and have gone through the airport security, a whole new shopping experience will open up for you. It is like a veritable mall with shops offering anything from designer clothing and accessories to newspapers and confectionery stands. There are also usually some great offers on, such as the possibility to win a brand new luxury vehicle or fun trips. You certainly won't get bored if you have to wait for your flight, so don't cry out in despair if your flight is delayed.

Disabled visitors Heathrow

Heathrow Airport is one of the world's busiest airports and it is committed to equality and diversity issues. This means that it has all the necessary facilities for disabled passengers to be able to enjoy their stay at the airport safely and comfortable. In terms of facilities, it is possible to contact the airport prior to arrival and request special assistance. On arrival at the airport, you are free to request for an operative from the airport to assist you in reaching your check-in gate at the appropriate Terminal . Specific facilities are in place for those who are hard of hearing or who have visual impairments. Every toilet block is equipped with a disabled toilet. There are also specially reserved seating areas for disabled travellers. All information can be provided through a loop system for those who are hard of hearing and people specializing in British Sign Language can be provided for those who are fully deaf.

Naturally, security is the top priority for Heathrow Airport and everybody has to pass through a security desk on arrival and departure. Whether you are departing or arriving at Heathrow, everyone has to pass through a security gate. However, gates have been designed specifically with disabled people in mind, so that they can have easy and comfortable passage while still adhering to all security and safety checks. The safety of passengers and the airport is always maintained through stringent security checks, but also in terms of the health and safety of the passengers by making sure that their stay at the airport is comfortable.

Accommodation in Heathrow

London is one of the most visited cities of the world and number one in Europe. Due to huge number of visitor per year, there are thousands of accommodations available throughout the city. There is vast variety of accommodation including, hotels, apartments, hostels, bed & break fast lodgings etc. Among the hotels, there are options to select from different categories like small hotels, medium range hotels, Luxury hotels etc. You can find many hotels ranging from one star to five stars in London. Many chains of Internationalhotels are also present in this city. Your Budget is important factor in selection of a hotel in London. Your can select a hotel according to location, rent of the hotel to suit your Budget and star rating. Majority of the hotels are located in Kingston, Mayfair, west end districts and near the airport. Online reservation is offered by many hotels of London. It will be good to have advance booking.

If you have tight Budget s then go for the option of hostels. There is also choice in the selection of hostel due to location and services. Another popular and economical accommodation in London is bed and breakfast. You can find such accommodations throughout the city. Guesthouses are also economical and comfortable. There are many small hotels which also offer economical rooms and provide mandatory services. Another option is apartment.

If you are traveling with family and have planed to stay longer then go to hire an apartment. You can find many apartments for rent in Bayswater area and Kingston.

City of Heathrow

London is old and historic city of England. It is the capital of UK and England. In the start, its name was Londinium but later on name “London” was given during 19th century. London is not only prominent city of the world but also important financial center for England. London is large city on the River Thames. This city has large population and good per capita income. London is divided in to two halves on the River Thames banks. These are called North and south halves. North side of the River Thames is famous for many sights, eating and entertainment. Both central and north areas are connected with the London underground Railways network.West part of the city is also important from tourism point of view as many visiting spots are located there.

Greater London has a population of over eight millions that is why it is most populated municipality in Europe. Population of London’s metropolitan area is over 14 millions. English is major language of the city but many other languages are also spoken. Followers of almost all major religions are living in London.

London has many tourist attractions like palaces, museums, galleries, parks, theaters, restaurants, Educational institutions, cathedrals & churches, etc. There are many other heritage sights like many palaces, tower of London, Greenwich and Royal Botanical garden etc. Beside these attractions, London has world’s busiest airport called Heathrow Airport. World’s most extensive public transport system of the London is another main feature of the city. As London is a large city with very good and advance transport system but high distances need time to reach.

Useful contact numbers

Some emergency phone numbers are very important for tourists traveling abroad because emergency can emerge suddenly. London like all other cities of UK has an emergency number which can be dial for any emergency. This number is 999. If you need help from police then call by dialing this number.

You can also ask for ambulance on this number. In case of fire, same number can be dialed. When you dial this number then inform the operator about emergency which you have.

You can also call ambulance by dialing 10177.

Fire and rescue can also be called by dialing 722 1212.

Telephone number of aviation rescue services is 736 6161.

You can call maritime rescue services by dialing 700 2142.

Telephone number of sea rescue services is 722 555.

There are many Police stations in the London. You can visit or call nearby station.

Telephone number of Belgravia Police Station is 7730 1212.

Dial 7589 1212 for Charing Cross Police Station.

You can get help from Chelsea Police Station by dialing 7589 1212.

Telephone number ofIslington Police Station is 7704 1212.

Dial 7704 1212 for King's Cross Police Station.

If you are living near Marylebone Police Station the dial 7486 1212.

Dial 7402 1212 for Paddington Green Police Station.

Get help from West End Central Police Station by dialing 7437 1212.

Heathrow Festivals

City of Heathrow celebrates many festivals and events every month. Some events are arranged daily like Guard changing at Buckingham Palace and Lord Mayer’s parade. London Parade festival is arranged on 1st January every year. Other events in January are London InternationalMime Festival, and London InternationalBoat Show. Chinese New Year is celebrated during the month of February in which paper dragon and Lion dancers are main features. Other February events are Olympia fine art &Antique Fair, Valentine’s Day and Great Spitalfields Pancake Day Race. Many pubs & other areas arrange concerts to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on 17thMarch. Other feature events of March are Classic motor show and oxford and Cambridge boat race.

A 26 mile long London Marathon is arranged from Greenwich Park and Blackheath to the Buckingham Palace Mall during the month of April. London Garden Show and Kite festivals are also main feature of the April. Coin street Festival, Covent Garden festival, Chelsea Flower show, London and Dollhouse festival are arranged in May while horse racing like Royal Ascot, Epsom Derby stakes are arranged during June. Other events in June are Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship, Official birthday of Queen, Royal academy’s summer exhibition, and Olympia Fine art and antique fair.

In July, City of London festival, Ealing summer festival, British 10K Run, The Proms, etc are arranged while in August Great British Beer festival, The Notting Hill Carnival, and Ealing Jazz festival are enjoyed. In September, Thames Festival London Open House and Covent Garden festival of street Theater are main feature events.

In October, Punch and Judy Festival, Pearly Kings and Queens Harvest Festival and Trafalgar Square Festival are observed. In November London annual Film festival, Fireworks night, etc are witnessed while in December Christmas celebration is major event.

Museums and monuments in Heathrow

Museums, galleries and monuments in London attract tourists from the entire world to visit. These museums and monuments in London are high in number and require many days to visit thoroughly. There are more than 80 museums and galleries in London. If you want to cover more than one museum or monument in a day then go for the

Kids amusement in Heathrow

If you are traveling to London along with your family then it can be a great fun only when you know the kids friendly venues. There are many places in the London attracted by the children. These are children loving cafes, restaurants, theaters, museums etc. Polka Theater for children, Unicorn Theater, Puppet Theatre barge and little angel theater are known for shows for the children. London has many museums which are best in the world.

These museums are attracted not only by the adults but also children because majority of the museums in London offer educational activities for children. Museums like cartoon museum, Science museum, Royal Air Force museum, cabinet war museum, natural history museum, British Museum, Churchill Museum, Victoria and Albert museum etc are also informative for children.

London Zoo is also attracted by adults and children. This zoo has more than 12000 animals. Madame Tussauds waxworks are also liked by the children. Bethnal Green Museum of childhood at Ambridge Heath Road, London has a collection of toys, dolls, children’s costumes and attracted by the kids. There are many theme parks which offer plenty of ridings. These are Legoland near the Windsor castle, Thorpe Park, and Chessington World of Adventures and zoo.

There are many more attractions for kids of all ages but only thing you have to do is take your family to these places. Covering maximum places in one day is difficult especially with children.

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