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Weather & When to Go to Jamaica

Before we move on to the actual core of the topic, we must first know that since Jamaica comes in the geographical definitions of an island, it is surrounded by water around it. So the water is responsible in showing many peculiar characteristics of the weather. This piece of writing will focus upon the coastal planes of North and South Shore and how they affect the weather of Jamaica. Both these shores have many exotic places and are very easily accessible and you can even ask Car hire Jamaica for accompanying your hired car with a driver so that you can easily reach these places.

The North shore is cool as compared to its Southern counterpart. This is because the North shore receives winds that blow off the Atlantic Ocean. By virtue of these winds, the Northern shore gives morning and evening breezes which help to keep this part of the Island cool.

When we talk about the weather of Jamaica as a whole, it is considered to be a warm tropical climate and the coastal areas mentioned above have a temperature of around 20-30°C. Even the winters in Jamaica are not too cold. This explains why the peak season of tourism to Jamaica is from mid December to mid April. The climate remains hot and sunny in the day and warm at night

The wettest months in Jamaica are considered to be from May to October when the island receives extremely heavy showers. Rainfall in October usually reaches up to 200 mm. Moreover, the months of June to November are considered to be the hurricane period for Jamaica hence going in these seasons to Jamaica is highly not recommended.

Moreover, there are some months in which the climate remains really hot in Jamaica. These months range from July to September. The particular month to be mentioned over here is September which is the month that is not recommended for the tourists to visit Jamaica because of its hot weather and the rains which produce a harbouring place for the mosquitoes.

This concludes the discussion about the weather in Jamaica. If you are in Jamaica and you want to know about the weather forecast, you can call 1-800-463-9463 and they will let you know about the weather of the specific place that you are residing and if there are any risks of storm in your area.

Transport in Jamaica

Since Jamaica is an island, it mainly depends upon the inland transport systems. Hence the most famous mode of transport is through roads. However in this piece of writing, we will discuss roadways, railways and air-transport.

Jamaica by Airport

There are a total of 36 airports in Jamaica and two of these airports entertain the Internationalflights to Jamaica. They are Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport and Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport. Air Jamaica is the Island’s National airline. 11 out of the 36 airports have paved runways and the other 25 have unpaved runways.

Jamaica by Railways

Only 57 Km out of the 272 Km railway tracks in Jamaica remain in operation. This shows that railways are no more popular in Jamaica and this also explains why road transport has taken over. Recently, due to increased traffic congestion, the Jamaican Government is repairing the old railways to cater the heavy traffic input on roads.

Jamaica by Roads:

The Island has a road-track of over 21,000 Km. The roads in Jamaica have seen a massive improvement. This is because ever since 1990, the Jamaican Government have been offering contracts to private companies to give the infrastructure a new look. This is the reason why in Jamaica, there have been freeways and highways which connect the famous places of Jamaica together such as Kingston, Montego Bay and Mandeville.

You can even rent a car for yourself. If you rent a car from Car Hire Jamaica, you must be around 20 to 25 years of age having a license of at least one year experience. They can even accompany an experienced driver with you. You also need to keep the following details in mind:


Speed limit in built up areas - 50 kph Speed

Limit on normal roads - 80 kph Speed limit on highways - 100 kph

Speed limit on expressways - 120 kph


35 micrograms/100ml or more alcohol is considered to be illegal for driving.

These were a few words about the Transport systems in Jamaica. It is required by the visitor to choose the transport system most feasible to him/her and avail it while on his stay in Jamaica. The most preferable route still remains the road transport which can connect you easily to all the famous locations of Jamaica.

Attractions in Jamaica

Before we move on to the actual core of the topic, we must first know that Jamaica is an island which is located to the south of Cuba. One of the remotely known places in the world, Jamaica is usually not recommended by people as a tourist spot. This is probably because Jamaica has not done too much of an advertisement of the attractions that it contains. It may however be surprising to know that Jamaica contains many attractions of picturesque beauty. This piece of writing will focus on some of the beautiful attractions that Jamaica has to offer to us. Let us have a look at them.

Attractions in North Coast

Dunns River Falls is the first and the foremost attraction in the North Coast. This River Fall is located 600 Feet above the beach that it accompanies and gives its tourists one of the best picturesque spots in the entire Jamaica. To be specific, this river fall is located in a place called Ocho Rios which also has an attraction known as ‘Discovery Bay’. This attraction is thought to be the place where Christopher Columbus landed in Jamaica.

Montego Bay city is the second attraction present over here. Offering you with an excellent beach and water sports, Montego has virtually everything to offer in regards to recreation. There is also a Green Grotto that is on the way to Montego Bay. The Green Grotto is a group of caves that were used by the pirates in pre-historical times.

There is another beach in the vicinity of Montego Bay known as the ‘Doctor’s Cave Beach’ which also has a 200 year old mansion named as ‘Rose Hall Great House’ located in its parameter.

Attractions in South Coast

Y.S. waterfalls are located near the Black River town in the locality of Saint Elizabeth. The waterfall is approximately 120 feet long and forms a water surface for swimming at its termination. In the same area, there is an Appleton Estate where Jamaica’s most famous Appleton Rum is produced. The reader can also have a look at the natives’ unique ways to produce rum.

To conclude, these were few of the places that are the most popular in Jamaica. If you are worrying about travelling to these exotic places in Jamaica, well it’s no big problem; Car Hire Jamaica can provide you with the cheapest deals of pick and drop services. So pack your bags and get ready to take a breath of these beautiful attractions of Jamaica!

Useful Contacts of Jamaica

When it comes to Jamaica; the beauty, the attraction, tourist spots, beaches, museums are virtually the best. It is surely one of the most exotic places that one would have ever dreamed of visiting. May it be for enjoying holidays or for business purposes, Jamaica is one of the choices people have always made. The historical beauty of the country, the beaches and ports and the country itself are simple excellent. Having said this, it must also be mentioned that while you are staying in Jamaica, you should have a contact number of every major organization over there. This is because any major or minor emergency can take place at any time so you need to be prepared for it. Below is a list of the major numbers that you need to have with you while you are on your stay in Jamaica.

Addiction Alert Tel: 1-888-991-4146

Helpline for STD Tel: 1-888-991-4444.

Helpline for alcoholics: Tel: 926-5556 and 927-0812 for Kingston 979-2862 and 952-2481 for Montego Bay.

Air-Sea Rescue Tel: 119

Ambulance Tel: 110

24 hours air ambulance (Karvin Air) Tel: 978-8405, Cell no. 0995-7745

Coast Guard Tel: 967-8031/8223/8190-3 for Jamaica and 973-3256 for Discovery Bay.

Domestic Violence Tel: 119 or for Police Tel: 927-7681/2.

Fire Emergencies Tel: 110

Hurricane Updates and Assistance for Mentally Ill people Tel: 119 or Police (927-7681/2)

Office of Disaster Prepared-ness & Emergency Relief Tel: 928-5111/4

Police Crime Stop Tel: 927-3507

Red Cross Tel: 926-7246

St. John’s Ambulance Tel: 926-7656 for Kingston and 974-5126 for Ocho Rios

Stolen Motor Vehicles Tel: 119 or 922-3771 or 927-7681-2

Time Tel: 117

Tourist Board Tel: 1-888-991-9999/991-4400 (toll free number)

German Post Office (business) (01802) 55 55

Cleaner: This will be a non-delivery cleaner so you will have to deliver your clothes etc. to their outlet. Tel: 967-2624/922-3400/9 (Timings: Monday to Friday 8.00 to 10 am) and 922-4707 on Sat/Sun 9 a.m/12 noon

These are the basic numbers that you should always have with you during your stay in Jamaica. While your stay in Jamaica, you might even get a brochure which has most of the important Jamaican numbers written on it. Keep it and these numbers safe; they might be one of your most important assets in Jamaica. You can opt for Car Hire Jamaica and enjoy all by your own.

Festivals in Jamaica

Jamaica is a place well known for its beaches, beautiful tourist attractions and festivities. One of the main reasons why Jamaica is considered to be a very famous tourist spot is because of the grandeur of festivals shown over here. The celebrations are beautiful and the people are enthusiastic. This article will focus upon the days, months and the facts about the festivals that are celebrated in Jamaica.


This month starts with New Year’s Day. This day is celebrated with extreme fervour and enthusiasm all over Jamaica. If you are in Jamaica on the New Year’s Eve and you want to visit the famous places where Jamaica is celebrated with extreme enjoyment, you can contact Car Hire Jamaica for providing you with all the knowledge of the famous places that you need to go on New Year. There is also a warm-up for Carnival that is celebrated in the month of March. This carnival is known as ‘Carnival at Mas Camp’ and is celebrated in Kingston.

February and March

On any day of the first week of January, a carnival named ‘Fi wi some ‘thing’ takes place. This event is considered to be the most famous event of Jamaica and is celebrated in Orange Bay. There are cooking demonstrations, singing, dancing, comedy and poetry stages are setup to entertain people. On any day in between the first two weeks of March, the grand festival told in the above paragraph is celebrated.


To promote the tourism of Port Antonio and the suburbs of Portland, a festival known as Portland Home Coming is celebrated. The natives here make the tourists appreciate the natural beauty of this place.


Boston Jerk Festival is celebrated in the first week of July. In this festival, there are live cooking shows to make dishes like fishes, pork, goat, chicken and nice snacks. During the same time of July, Reggae Sun fest is celebrated in Montego Bay and it provides you the musical entertainment from local and Internationalreggae artists.


August 1 and August 6 are the Emancipation and Independence Days for Jamaica respectively. In between these days, a one day event is celebrated in Bath, St. Thomas Parish which is known as the ‘Breadfruit Festival’. In this festival, breadfruit is served with meals such as stew, pork and chicken.


Since Christmas is the most happening event in this month, Christmas Day is celebrated on the 25th of December.

Museums of Jamaica:

When Jamaica is the subject of conversation, museums of Jamaica are one of its most famous tourist attraction spots. This piece of writing will focus upon the Museums of Jamaica with respect to their contact numbers, opening and closing times. Car hire Jamaica can accompany you with a driver who can easily guide you at all these museums

Arawak Museum

The Arawaks were the first people in history to step into the Jamaican Island. It is also known as Taino Museum because the Arawaks were also known as Tainos. This museum is housed in the locality of St. Catherine and is a museum that showcases a diverse collection of artefacts that belonged to the time of Arawaks.

Visiting hours: Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 17:30 The museum is closed one hour before the given time on Saturdays and Sundays

Telephone: (876) 922-0620

Museum of Bob Marley:

This museum in Kingston is dedicated to the Reggae superstar Bob Marley. This person was responsible to make the name of Jamaica famous around the world through his reggae music. There are writings, mementos and pictures that display the entire story of his life. This museum is a must to visit for the reggae lovers all around the globe.

Visiting days and timings: Monday to SaturdayTelephone Number : 876 927 9152 Timings : 09:30 to 16:00

Money Museum of Jamaica :

This museum is an explanation of the history of the island in terms of the island’s currency. This museum houses all the types of currencies used in Jamaica including those used in the pre-historic times by the Arawaks and the latest debit cards. You can also appreciate the Christian quatties and can learn about the art of money printing since the pre-historic times. Finding the museum is extremely simple because this museum is located in the Bank of Jamaica.

Visiting hours: 6 days a week except Sunday. Timings: 10:00-16:00 h Telephone number: (876) 922-0750.

To conclude, these were a few of the most famous museums out there in Jamaica. There are many other museums such as Columbus Park Museum, Coyoba River Garden and Museum, People’s Museum of Craft and technology and Hanover Museum. The reader can have more information about them available on various websites as well as the other famous museums out there in Jamaica.

Beaches and Lakes in Jamaica

It is usually seen that people forget to mention the beauty of Jamaica in their conversations. Jamaica is a country that is filled by exotic sight-seeing places including its beaches. Since there are only 2 lakes in Jamaica (Lake Lagoon and The Lake) it is not too vital to discuss them and their significance is overtaken by the beaches in Jamaica. This piece of writing will focus upon these few beaches of Jamaica.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is a general name given to a place which houses many of the famous beaches of Jamaica. These include Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach. Providing you with the exotic view of white sands and blue water, these beaches are amongst the most crowded and most popular tourist destinations of the world.

Seven Mile Beach or the Negril Beach

This beach is considered to be the largest beach in Jamaica. Located In Negril, it offers the tourists some beautiful sugary sands along with the beautiful boundaries of palm trees.

Bloody Bay Beach

This beach is also located in Negril. Usually, the popularity of Seven Mile Beach keeps the tourists clustered over there. It leaves the Bloody Bay Beach on isolation and this isolation is taken into benefit by those people who want to enjoy a calm and quiet environment along the beach side.

Port Antonio

This area and its vicinity have the best natural beauty that cannot be found anywhere else in entire Jamaica. The natural beauty of this place is taken into benefit by those people who are fond of picturesque beauty and the most famous beaches in this area are four, namely, Blue Lagoon, San San Beach, Boston Beach and Frenchman’s Cove. Boston Beach is extremely famous for grilling Jamaican Chicken for the tourists.

A crescent shaped beach named Ocho Rios is also one of the famous Jamaican beaches and offers its tourists with hotels and resorts too. These were a few names of the most famous beaches out there in Jamaica. If you want to know more about them, you should go and search various websites to increase your knowledge about these lakes and beaches. If you are visiting Jamaica for holiday purposes and are worrying about transport problems, well, you can consider your problem solved already; Car Hire Jamaica can book drivers who can take you to all of these exotic beaches on the cheapest rates possible!