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Brief History Of Japan

Before we move on to the actual core of the topic, we must know that the very first inhabitants of the Japanese group of Islands were the working men who included gatherers and fishermen from the Korean and Siberian regions.

The other group of population was that of the Polynesians. The religion of Buddha was significantly taken into aspiration by the Japanese at that time and the political establishment was made like that of China. Even the lifestyle of the population and the writing system was inspired from the Chinese population.

Though these influences remained there for centuries, they came to an end by the 11th Century when the strict authoritarian rule of Shogun came into play. His era was an era of feudality and this type of rule by different rulers kept the hold of Japan till 19th Century. Then came the reign of Tokugawa Shogunate who developed a ruling country where people used to show strict submission and loyalty to their country and fellow beings. This rule showed an uncompromising behaviour towards the foreign countries but it came to a decline.

1898 was the time of progress for the Japanese. The ‘Meiji Restoration’ was responsible in converting Japan into a world power, which was based on the strict principles of wealth and strength. This was also the time of Industrial Revolution and people also started to ‘Westernize’ and modernize themselves into a population that competed well with the ongoing Internationalstandards.

During World War I, Japan was the ally of the Allied Forces. The sad times in history came during World War II when Japan saw severe tension with the United States that led to really horrific consequences in the form of attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The release of Atomic energy had significant biochemical and genetic effects which are visible even in today’s population. After that, Japan remained occupied by the US population.

The recent history of Japan suggests that a massive earthquake erupted in Japan and paved way for thousands of deaths. All these historical sites of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and earthquake are still present there in Japan and if you are interested in visiting, Car Hire Japan can provide you with experienced drivers who can take you to all these historically devastated places asking you for the most affordable car hiring rates.

Weather & When To Go To Japan

The overall climate of Japan is taken to be as mild. By mild, it is meant that mercury over there does not show the extremes of temperatures but it remains in tolerable limits. This piece of writing will focus upon the four seasons of Japan and their peculiar characteristics. Let us have a look at them:

The season that is taken to be the best for Japan to be visited is spring. This is because of three reasons; firstly the weather is not too hot but it’s calm and warm. Secondly, this is the season of ‘cherry blossoms’ over there in Japan (which adds natural beauty to the country) and thirdly, this is the season when most of the festivals are celebrated including the Golden week for which the native population takes an entire week off from work (from April 27 to May 6) and travels into the country with family.

You do not need to worry if you don’t know where to go to famous places of Japan to enjoy spring festivals because you can ask Car Hire Japan to accompany you with an experienced driver who can take you to all these places.

Summer is not too hot but very humid. The rainy season starts in June and continues till August when people experience worst humidity. This is the reason why experts say that August is the worst time to visit Japan. After all, who would like to sweat him/herself excessively while on the streets?

Autumn is a good season relatively. The mercury along with humidity drops and the place gets as beautiful as it was in spring at the time of cherry blossom. The falling leaves along with the rustling winds and cloudy weather gives Japan a natural beauty.

Winter is the time which is considered to be a ‘fun time’ for many Japanese people. This is because some lakes and mountains can give them a favourable condition to show their skiing skills. Not only this; Japan is also known for its hot springs so people usually go to enjoy a warm bath in these hot springs in Winter season.

These were a few details of the four seasons of Japan. As told above, the worst season to go to this country is summer while the best is spring and if you are a skiing lover and want to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Japanese hot springs as well as have a bath in them, winter is the ideal season for you to visit Japan

Transport in Japans

Japan has a very efficient transport system. It consists of extremely well-developed roads, airports and railways. In this piece of writing, we will focus upon all of these in a brief detail.

Air Transport

There are more than hundred airports and bases in Japan but in total, there are five International Airports present over there. Kansai Airport and Narita International Airport are the most important airports of Japan. In Japan, these airports are all divided as first, second and third class airports. First Class Airports handle inter-continental flights, second class handle regional and selected Internationalflights while third class airports handle domestic flights.


Japan has now developed a very high tech railway system. Japan Railways (JR) is the company that handles 70% of the Railway business. You can find many types of trains in Japan but the most famous train over here is the ‘Shinkansen’, which is the Japanese high speed bullet train. It was inaugurated in 1964 and ran at a speed of 200 km/h at that time but now they easily exceed 300 km/h. The trains are famous for connecting Tokyo with most of the islands.


Road are also a famous method of transportation all over Japan. They are divided into streets, Expressways, National Highways and Toll Roads in Japan. Asian Highway Network is a very famous road which stretches 20,557 Km and runs from Tokyo to Korea, China, South-east Asia, India, Pakistan and to Iran.

You can also travel by hiring a car for yourself if you want. Car hire Japan can give you the most affordable prices of renting a car but you need to keep the following details in mind:


Speed limit on motorways: 120kph Speed limit on National Highways = 100 kph,

Non-National roads = 80 kph

Speed limit on built up areas: 60kph

Speed limit on urban areas = 40kph.

ALCOHOL LIMIT: The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.03% and random breath testing is carried out.

To conclude, these are the major routes of transport systems in Japan. If you are visiting Japan, you should have thorough information about all the transport systems there so that you find no difficulty in travelling. You are also advised to go online and get finer details about all these transport systems and then choose the best one for yourself.

Attractions In Japan

When we discuss about beautiful foreign spots, one often forgets to mention about Japan. This is because people think that Japan is just confined to its innovative technologies only. This piece of writing will clear the misconceptions of most of the people and will be able to tell them that Japan has many beautiful attractions by virtue of which, the Country is one of the most frequently visited tourist attraction spots in the entire world. The article is divided into a few sub-headings which views Japan from different aspects such as Temples, Shrines, Gardens, Castles and hot springs.

Japanese Temples

Japan is a country known for its exquisite temples and it is said that a person misses the actual beauty of Japan if he/she does not visit its temples. The best temples of Japan are out there in Kamakura, Nara and Kyoto. Some of these Temples that are worth mentioning and should never be forgotten to view are The main hall of Todaiji in Nara, Lecture hall of Toji in Kyoto, 3 storied pagodas of Kofokuji and Sanmon Gate of Kanchogi in Kamakura.


Japan without Shrines is just like a cultural heritage without the religious treasures! These are the Shinto Shrines which are the places of worship of the Kami - The Shinto Gods. There are tens of thousands of shrines out there in Japan but the most important ones to mention are Ise shrine, Izumo shrine, Atsuta shrine, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu (dedicated to the Kami of War) and Oyama shrine. The thing that is peculiar about these shrines is that every other shrine represents a different domain of their religion.

Castles and hot springs

These are found almost at every different spot out there in Japan. The most famous castles there are Castle Tower at Tenshukaku, Guard Tower at Yagura and Osaka Castle. The most famous hot springs that are present there are those at Ryokan where they also offer you an overnight stay near Ryokan Hot springs.

To conclude, these were few of the places that are the most popular in Japan. The list continues with some miscellaneous places such as the famous Japanese Gardens. If you are worrying about travelling to these exotic places in Japan, well it’s no big problem; Car Hire Japan can provide you with the cheapest deals of pick and drop services. So pack your bags and get ready to take a breath of these beautiful attractions of Japan!

Useful Contacts of Japan

When it comes to Japan, in addition to the technologies that it has to offer, the beauty, the attraction, tourist spots, beaches and museums have no parallel. It is surely one of the most beautiful places that one would have ever dreamed of visiting. May it be for enjoying holidays, for business purposes, studying or for finding a job at the best technological hub of the world; Japan is one of the choices people have always made. The choice for new avenues over here, hi-fi technologies and gadgets and the country itself are simple excellent. Having said this, it must also be mentioned that while you are staying in Japan, you should have a contact number of every major organization over there. This is because any major or minor emergency can take place at any time so you need to be prepared for it. Below is a list of the major numbers that you need to have with you while you are on your stay in Japan.

Police: 110

Fire and/or Ambulance: 119.

Sea emergencies: 118.

Fire Department of Tokyo: 03 3212 2323

Helpline of Japan; 24 hours open and providing the facilities of English operator: 0570 000 911

Tokyo Lifeline (English Speaking): 03 5774 0992

Foreign Residents Advisory Centre (English): 03 5774 0992

Tokyo Police: 03 3501 0110.

Information on Hospitals of Tokyo: 03 3212 2323

Metropolitan Medical & Health Information Centre Tel: 03 5285 8181

Emergency Medical Interpretation Tel: 03 5285 8185

Telephone assistance in English Language : 0120 364 463

InternationalCatholic Hospital, Tokyo Tel: 03 3951 1111

Tokyo Adventist Hospital Tel: 03 3392 6151

Osaka National Hospital 06 6942 1331

Narita Airport, Tokyo: 0476 34 5000

Kansai International Airport, Osaka Tel: 0724-55-2500

Tokyo Tourists Information Center Tel: 03 5321 3077

Rhino Car Hire Japan (For information about car hiring in cities other than Tokyo, you can call this came number and ask them for information and important telephone numbers for that particular city).

These are the basic numbers that you should always have with you during your stay in Japan. While your stay in Japan, you might even get a brochure which has most of the important Japanese numbers written on it. Keep it and these numbers safe; they might be one of your most important assets in Japanese.

Festivals in Japan

Japan is not only known for its technologies, it is a place that is well known for its lakes, beautiful tourist attractions and festivities also. One of the main reasons why Japan is considered to be a very famous tourist spot is because of the grandeur of festivals shown over here. The celebrations are beautiful and the people are enthusiastic. The energy level seems to have no limits. This article will focus upon few of the many celebrations of Japan and the days through which they are celebrated. Let us have a look at them.

New Year (Shogatsu)

Considered as the most important festival of Japan, this day is celebrated with the ‘last-year-forgetting-parties’ and ‘new-year-welcoming-parties’. It is a Japanese tradition to visit shrine or temples on New Year and all these temples are successful in attracting more than a million people in just one day! Moreover, the houses are nicely celebrated with plum, pine and bamboo trees.

’Seijin no hi’ - Celebration of Coming of Age.

This festival is celebrated on the second Monday of January. It is celebrated with people above 20 years to commemorate their age of growing up. Since 20 is the age where voting, smoking and drinking is officially allowed, this day is celebrated with lot of drinking and smoking by these young adults.

14th February and 14th March

As a worldwide ritual, 14th February is celebrated in Japan as Valentine’s Day. The day is celebrated by women giving roses to men but the most unique thing in Japan is that on 14th March, the opposite happens; men give women cakes or chocolates. Though no one knows the exact history behind it, this is how these two days are celebrated.

4th May- The Green Day

Due to the Emperor Showa’s extreme love for the plants, this day is celebrated to show his love for plants and all over Japan, a season of plants seems to come alive! This day was first celebrated on the birthday of Emperor Showa’s birthday.

To conclude, these are few of the festivals celebrated in Japan. If you are in Japan and want to have a visit to all these festivals, you don’t need to worry about the transport problem. Car Hire Japan can provide you with the best cars and drivers at the cheapest rates.

Museums of Japan:

When Japan is the subject of conversation, people usually talk about technologies but one of the things that we should never forget to mention is about the Museums of Japan. This piece of writing will focus upon the famous Museums of Japan with respect to their contact numbers, opening and closing times.

Abashiri Prison Museum :

This museum was initially a prison centre when it was built in 1890. This prison was famous of housing over a thousand most dangerous criminals. This museum is an exquisite show of what these prisoners used to do and there are around a dozen buildings with law room and a punishment chamber. All these things in the museum make a person go to the olden times and really think about the presence of prisoners in the prison-cum-museum. .

Visiting hours: 8:00 to 18:00 (April to October)

9:00 to 17:00 (November to March)

Telephone: +81-0152-45-2411

Admission Fee: 1,050 Yen.

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Museum

This open air museum shows the buildings from the era of the Meiji period (from 1868 to 1912) and has many monuments and structures built up which are of this historic era such as politician’s residence etc. This museum was re-built after it was heavily destroyed in the earthquakes of 1995.

Visiting hours: From October to March: 09:30 – 19:30

Telephone: 03-3626-9974

Admission Fees is 400 Yen.

Meiji Mura :

Considered to be the most outstanding museum of Japan, Meiji Mura is located in Inuyama. You can reach here from a one-hour drive outside Nagoya. Meiji Mura has an exotic display of more than fifty buildings built during the Meiji period as told above. Sadly, most of the buildings of this museum were lost as a result of the war proceedings. The natives say that when you reach Meiji Mura, get ready to dedicate your entire day to this museum. This is because the covered area of this museum is so large that it takes a long time to appreciate the real history of this museum. The tourists are welcomed by the museum by a beautiful Iruka Pond adjacent to the museum.

Visiting hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00,

Admission Fees: 1600 Yen

Telephone: +81 (0)564 55 8111

To conclude, these were a few of the most famous museums of Japan. The reader is required to visit online and have information of the other famous museums out there in Japan. You can go for car hire Japan and see these museums on your own transport.

Beaches and Lakes in Japan

It is usually seen that people forget to mention the beauty of Japan in their conversations. The main reason is that people take Japan as a country famous for only producing new technologies. This is not the case; Japan is also known for an exquisite show of beaches and the lakes that it has. This piece of writing mentions a few lakes and beaches that are most commonly visited by the tourists and natives alike in Japan.

Lakes of Japan Lake Biwa

This lake is considered to be the largest freshwater lake in Japan. Located North-East to the Kyoto City, this lake provides water to almost 15 million people residing in the vicinity.

Lake Kasumigaura

Being the second largest lake in Japan, this lake is located precisely at 60 Km North-East of Tokyo. This lake is extremely famous for tourism as it allows people to perform fishing, boating and recreation.

Lake Saroma

This brackish water lake is located in Abashiri Quasi-National Park in Saroma. Considered as the third largest lake in Japan, it is also a really famous spot for tourism and recreation.

Beaches of JapanKirara Beach

This beach is located at the Shimane Prefecture. ‘Kirakira’ is a Japanese word indicating something glittery. The name for this beach has been thought to derive from this word because this beach glitters really beautifully in sunlight.

Kujukuri Beach

Kujukuri Beach is located on the east coast of Chiba Prefecture. It is a sandy beach and is considered to be the second largest beach in Japan.

Indoor Beach at Kyushu Island

This beach is considered to be the most unique beach of Japan since it is made indoors and is located south of Tokyo in Miyazaki. This artificial beach also contains an artificial volcano which erupts out every 15 minutes. This beach is rated as the best indoor beach of the world and is a must for the tourists.

These were a few names of the most famous lakes and beaches out there in Japan. If you are visiting Japan for holiday purposes and are worrying about transport problems, well, you can consider your problem solved already; Car Hire Japan can book drivers who can take you to all of these exotic beaches and lakes on the cheapest rates possible!