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Johannesburg History

Johannesburg is the capital and metropolitan city of South Africa that arose from a dusty and underdeveloped mining town. The city was colloquially known as egoli, which means the city of gold. The city was initially the same as any small prospecting settlement, but later the world spread, people flocked to the city from different regions of the country. However, the history of the city witnessed the switching of politics.

Johannesburg faced a great influx of natives during the Second World War. This led to the starting of most famous Black Nationalist movement. The black population of Johannesburg becomes doubled with many of new arrivals. The beginning of black nationalists arose during the period of 1950. In 1950 the National party came to power and hence, implemented their policy of apartheid by banning black opposition movement. During that time, the students started and the socio political issues were started in the city supported by, Internationalsanctions. During the period of 1960, majority of black people were relocated to the city as their homeland. On June 16 1976, the black resistance movement was overthrew apartheid whereas, the South African police opened fire on student protestors.

In 1886, large gold mine was discovered and thousands of people across the world settled in Johannesburg. In 1994, first democratic elections took place and the black townships gradually integrated into city municipal government whereas, the blacks were moved into white districts in the central city. Nowadays, the city is considered as one of the best, and thousands of people visit the city each year.

Johannesburg Weather

Weather plays an important role in a holiday trip to other place. Undeniably, weather plays a vital role for every one; the citizens and tourists. It is advisable for everyone to know the weather conditions of the city, and keep all the essential things according to the weather.

Johannesburg is situated in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, it experiences seasons on the opposite schedule of European calendars. The weather of the city is characteristic of highland climate. The summers are dry with full sunshine it is due to high altitude. During summers, the temperature hits to 80 degrees with a rainfall of 4.5inches. The weather of the city is sometimes chilly in winter with little precipitation. The temperature of the city falls between 50s to 20s in the night. The average temperature during winter is up to 55 degrees with an average monthly rainfall of 0.2 inches. The city usually faces spring season during the month of April. May and June seems to be warm with an average temperature of 70 degrees and a rainfall with 3 inches.

In total, Johannesburg has a mild climate, neither humid nor hot. Rainstorms in the city are often harsh and accompanied by thunder, occasional hale and lightning. The city faces brief and warm sunshine. The best time to travel to the city is during December and January in festive season when everyone is on holidays.

Arrival To Johannesburg

Every year thousands of people visit Johannesburg. The city is considered as the trade centre. Therefore, the business travellers are always interested to visit the city. Johannesburg is located in South Africa, and a land locked city. The city has many airports and railway stations that are very well served by all cities of the world.

Many Internationaland domestic flights touch the airport on daily basis. Tourist can easily reach the city through the boards and regular trains. The road network of the city is extremely well connected, which links the city to all nearby areas. The park station of the city is very well linked to all major cities of South Africa. Some of the main stations such as Grosvenor, Westgate, and crown station are also very well connected to nearby cities of the area. Johannesburg faraday railway station is another gateway of the city, which makes possible to enter into the city. It is located towards the south of the city. Moreover, when it comes to transport, Johannesburg serves its tourist at par with all major areas.

Many travel companies and service providers offer 24/7 service. They also provide facility to them in order to get the transport any time and anywhere. Nevertheless, the best way to enter into the city is through airport.

Johannesburg Transport

Johannesburg is a tourist destination. Therefore, it has many things for people who visit the city. Johannesburg is a sprawling city and people usually face lack of convenient transports for them. The bus network is very unreliable, and the city is very chaotic in the form of taxis. The mini cars are of the form of taxis, and the cheapest form of transportation in the city.

These are the daily transport lifeline for the bulk of the working population. Metered taxis are another form of transportation. The taxis do not cruise on streets in search of passengers and generally be summonsed by telephone. The city offers the cheapest transportation system of railway. It connects the city to all major areas such as sweto, petrio, and most of the satellite towns along with Witwatersrand?s. The huge number of people get this cheap transportation system as their convene to work place. The railway system of the city was built in infancy and only serves the old areas in the south.

The city totally owns the metro buses and is considered as the second largest municipal bus operator in South Africa. These 532 buses cover 80 scheduled routes, whereas 30 school routes within the city.

Johannesburg Attractions

Johannesburg is the most attractive and tourist destination of South Africa. It has many attractions to explore, and enjoy for visitors. Tourists are tempted venture out inside the region. The city offers a wide range of attractions start from spreading nature reserves including the area of natural beauty. Top attractions of Johannesburg includes apartheid museum, which is packed with thoughtful brutes and reminders of South African history. This is architecturally interesting museum. Therefore, tourist of Johannesburg should be sure to visit this museum to check out great history of the city.

Another attraction include, gold reef city that offers gold mining interactive, interesting experiences, and provides the standards of thrill rides and games. The place contains casino, historic place, and a theme park for those who love all this. Bunny Park is considered as one of the best park among all. The park has lots of rabbits, geese, ducks and swans roaming around the park. Lion Park is also one of the top attractions of the city for all age groups. The wild life park situated at 45 minutes away from the city centre.

Monte casino has two great family attractions, one is high balloon ride, and the other one is bird?s sanctuary show. Casino provides an Italian experience in the city, and provides the visitors the great value.

Johannesburg Eating

Johannesburg is the home to a multitude of ethnic groups from past several decades. Understandably, the city is the hub of culturist whereas, the cuisine of Johannesburg, and restaurants are no exception. However, the growing percentage of restaurants shows that the eating out trend is increasing day by day. Johannesburg offers plenty of safety places with quality food. Therefore, it is easy to decide for everyone that where to go and enjoy food.

The city has strong Chinese boast ever since the first immigrants arrived the city back in 17th century. Rose bank is the most popular and safe area of the city with wonderful array of eateries. The place offers variety of cheap restaurants with quality food whereas, the portions are usually bigger. Paros Mediterranean tavern is best known for its Greek cuisine. It is best known for its delicious food complements with the belly dancer that makes the food more delicious. Calisto?s Portuguese restaurant is located in southern suburbs of the city, which serves the best Portuguese and seafood. People love to visit the place due to its best location and quality food.

Another popular restaurant easily found in suburban is Melville where anyone can enjoy South African food, and drink with beautiful sights, and sounds including native live music. The music is presented with many establishments, regarding your immersion into a local culture.

Johannesburg Nightlife

Johannesburg nightlife is very vibrant and has many things to do. The main parts of entertainment that makes the night more entertaining are pubs, clubs, dance bars, and discotheques. Loud and fast music, drinking and dancing are the common factors one indulges in the nightclubs of Johannesburg.

The famous nightlife attractions are:

1. Manhattan club: never sleeps. It offers the customer environment that is classy and fast-paced attractive one.

2. Shoukara: is a new look venue that plays jazz music to attract people of all ages.

3. Bassline: great music makes great nights. It is famous due to its dining and hip-hop music.

4. Carfax: pub offers upgrade and branded beers with live music.

5. Roka: plays traditional South African music and complements its dining with a glass of beer.

6. The blues room: is an executive club among all. It features the specially designed round tables and wall hangings. People love to be there due to its special dining and great food.

7. The rock: is one of the best music bars that perform live music with fantastic D-jays.

8. Caf? vogue: plays new tunes with a cup of coffees, which doubles the dining experience of people.

9. 88 lounges: is located in the city center and widely used by people. It offers chill brand bears.

10. Fuel caf?: is a fuel of many youngsters. Teenagers and students spend their most of the time in this pub.

Johannesburg Shopping

Johannesburg is a dream destination for shoppers. Shopping malls offer something for everyone. The city is very well known due to its shopping malls, and no other city in the country offers the shopping facilities as the Johannesburg does. Everyone can easily find the things, which he/she desires including domestic goods to branded ones. Sand ton city is the most glamorous standard Internationalstandard shopping mall. The mall has different restaurants. It also offers an abundant variety of shoes from Milan.

Moreover, it offers leisure, and exciting experience with stunning surroundings. Four ways mall is a large retail shopping mall with Movie Theater, supermarkets and restaurants. It is situated in the heart of the city. It provides unique and exciting shopping experience to tourists and community as well. Jozi is the largest sophisticated society that demands safe and glamorous shopping environment. The mall offers high quality products with beautifully designed structure and a sight pleasing effects. East gate mall ideally situated within easy access to the city. It is full of 250 merchandising stores where anyone can find lots of thing, which anyone desires.

Disabled Visitors In Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the city of visitors and tourists. Each year thousands of people visit the city and enjoy its attractive and beautiful places. The city is considered as one of the metropolitan city in South Africa. Therefore, it serves its visitors by providing a wide range of facilities in hotels, roads, airports and transport. It also serves its disabled visitors by offering access to drop off points to mini buses, guide dogs, hearing loops, wheelchair, and wheelchair spaces in planetariums.

Its visitors very well serve the city and many non-profit organisations are working in the city to make the city accessible for disabled visitors. These organisations are specifically located to improve the facilities for disabled persons who cannot move freely on bus stands and ramps. Disabled visitors can also book handicapped scooters in advance to make their travel appropriate.

Johannesburg Accommodation

Johannesburg is one of the populist and largest cities of South Africa. The city is the wealthiest province, and the provincial capital of South Africa. The city is one of the largest among 40 largest metropolitan areas. Therefore, thousands of people visit each year due to this fact. Johannesburg is the largest gold and diamond trade centre, and a city of business. This largest city of the country serves its visitors, and provides packages and accommodations to those who want to visit the city.

The city provides accommodation for all kinds of visitors including those who go for luxury, comfort, and on economic rates. Johannesburg accommodation helps people to get the best location according to their needs. However, the city is the trade centre. Therefore, it offers a wide array of accommodation with residence, bed, and breakfast. These accommodations help you to stay, and enjoy dynamic, financial, lively, and business oriented activities. On your trip to Johannesburg, you can go for an option of accommodation to get the cheaper solution.

The best accommodation of the city includes villa Dominica located in a peaceful place, and specially designed for business meetings, and for family gatherings. On the other hand, sanbdton hotel provides the best accommodation including easy access to banks shopping malls, and offers premium self-catering. Moreover, the city provides best accommodation in low prices. Therefore, it is easy for everyone to get the best place.

The City Of Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the largest city, and the most populist city with a population of 10,267,700, and a land area with 1,645 kilometre square in South Africa. People usually think South Africa as a jungle, but the city has many attractive places to explore, constructed with glass, and steel. Johannesburg is the wealthiest province in South Africa, with largest economy among all metropolitan regions.

Moreover, the city is considered as the largest trade centre with the largest scale of gold and diamond. It is regarded as gamma city, because it is one of the 40 largest metropolitan areas of the world. It is the most globalised city of Africa according to world cities group inventory in 1999. However, the city houses the highest court of South Africa including the constitutional court of South Africa. It is served by the largest and busiest airport of South Africa that also encompasses the gateway for Internationalair travel.

Johannesburg is the most important, and the best lace for entrepreneurs to locate their business. It is the only money that drives the vibrant city of Johannesburg that is widely accepted to be the economic power house of the region. It is becoming a truly cosmopolitan city of Africa.

Johannesburg Useful Contact Numbers

Emergency contact numbers are important to keep while anyone plans to go anywhere. Bilbao has a stable economy, and it is a great tourist destination. Useful contact numbers help the visitors in emergency situations


Gauteng emergency provides urgent medical treatment, and hygiene treatment for all kinds of diseases.

011 488 4911

Bus service

In case of emergencies, bus services provides urgent facility to arrange the bus in a short time.

0861 589 282


Taxis are easily available at different places especially nearby airport in order to reach the airport in a very short time.

076 475 2803


The airport provides 24/7 customer service for convenience of its passengers in case of emergencies.

27 (0)31 451 6758

Transport system


Railway provides cheap network and assistance about the arrival of trains. It provides different buses for short distances, and for long distances.

086 000 8888

Information service

Community aids and Information service helps, and assists you about the location, and features of the city. It provides 24/7 online service to is passengers.

011 - 725-6710/21

Disaster management

Aviation rescue service provides 24/7 access to the center. It helps you in case of fire and other disasters. The team provides effective care and life in bad times.

011 - 928-6454

Johannesburg Festivals

Johannesburg is situated in South Africa, and totally a different city of the region. The city is full of charm, attractions, and with beautiful places that cater the people of the city and tourists. The city celebrates many festivals and endless fun for everyone. These festivals give unforgettable memories, and pleasurable moments. The famous festival celebrated by the city is Newtown diwali festival, an Indian festival of lights.

The festival offers indoor and outdoor concerts including fashion shows, art, crafts, and a performance of dance. Christmas carols is the festival orchestra that takes place in the festive season with Christmas carols for the whole family. Woodstock 8 is an annual function takes place at the end of September. The most favourite event amongst people features over fifty top South African dance Deejays, bands, weekend campaign, and sports.

Museums And Monuments In Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a historic place with lots of museums and monuments. People love to visit the city and its attractive museums that show the great history of the city. Some of the museums in the city include apartheid museum offers including a multi media and a multi sensory walk through the history of this great place.

The museum has a superb variety of design, landscape, and space, which offers the Internationalcommunity and tourists a unique South African experience. It shows the building of African nationalism, and life in the townships including black and white resistance to this iniquitous system. Hector Peterson museum show the first causalities of the march when the police were ordered to shoot at a huge mob of demonstrating students. The origin?s centre is the one specially dedicated to celebrating and exploring the history of modern humankind. It has an extensive collection of rock accompanied by narratives. Skyline of skyscrapers is one of the best among the landmarks in the city.

Constitutional hill is a home to constitutional court, and a place where infamous number four prisons can easily be found. Gandhi square is another landmark famous for statue of Gandhi for people to admire. Moreover, the Nelson Mandela Bridge is the latest and an impressive bridge with 284 meters and 932 feet in length with some 1,000 tones of structural steel were used in its structuring. The city offers great range to explore and enjoy.

Kid?s Amusement In Johannesburg

Johannesburg is friendly place with lots of fun, instructive and interesting activities for everyone to be hooked on. However, the city arranges lots of festivals and events for kids in a way to enjoy their trip and holidays. The most favourite place of children is Joburg zoo, an animal paradise with elephants, monkeys, polar bears, gorillas and seals. The zoo is divided into many sections whereas, the farmyard section is specially designed for the kids under six with cuddly animals, which can be patted and picked.

Kids can also catch moonlight tour, and the ride on tractor ferry. The zoo has green lawns and educational events are held in these lawns and picnicking areas. Bavarian Falls Park is a wildlife museum features a wide range of animals habitats and features wildlife events. It offers over 60 wildlife displays including hands on learning centre and Wildlife Theater. It offers the fun time for all ages.

Energy outlet is a quaint park filled with swings, slides, and with climbing equipments. These are specially designed to distract the kids from different thoughts of boredom. In addition, tiger paw park playground is an aquatic ice rink, and a hockey playground. Cindy Lous?s zoo is another park with domestic and exotic animals in order to entertain your family. It features exotic cattle, fallow dear, horses, miniature donkeys and monkeys.

Johannesburg Beaches

Beaches play a vital role in the beauty of cities. Beaches are regarded as the only place where everyone can enjoy with their families and enjoy their precious moments of life. People love beaches because of their beautiful sightseeing. Johannesburg beach is around five mile long beach with fine sand, and dark coloured protected by cliffs.

Beaches offer many activities to everyone such as fishing, and bird watching that mostly people love to do. Johannesburg beaches are clean and with full of entertaining activities. Sun City is a man made city with palm trees and sandy beach. It provides real sand massive waves, which really looks cool. Germiston lake has seaweed, sandy and calm atmosphere. The lake changes every year and the sand bars get bigger whereas the scenery is always different and pleasant. Moreover, the lake has a parking lot over for visitors that offer much cheap and convenient parking, which considered as the bonus point to people.

The best time to visit the beach is during summers with light rainfall and with light sunshine. During summers, the beach gives pleasant scenes and effects of sand and rock.

Johannesburg Recommendation Attractions & Tours