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La Coruna History

La Coruna is an ancient city and many people believe that it was founded by Hercules. La Coruna has been under the rule Celts, Phoenicians and Romans. La Coruna has welcomed all traditions and such civilizations of such diverse history have made the culture of La Coruna richer.

The Romans entered the province of Galicia around 2nd century. La Coruna interested them as this area was rich in mineral substances. During the times of Romans the sea trade of La Coruna was much improved and the culture flourished. The Romans have left a great impact on every walk of life of the people of La Coruna.

Arabs could not rule this area for a significant period due to the constant opposition of local people. Therefore one cannot find any remains or monuments from the period of Arabs in La Coruna.

La Coruna developed a lot during the middle Ages and the people began to take interest in other economic activities besides fishing. Textile industry flourished during this period of time in La Coruna. People from different parts of the world began to take interest in this developing city and many expeditions visited this area to explore opportunities.

In the year of 1588 a fleet of about 130 galleons left from the port to attack the British. However, only half of the fleet returned back to Spain. One year later the British launched their counter attack which was led by Sir Francis Drake when he attacked at the port of La Coruna. This event also gave La Coruna its local heroin Maria Pita.

La Coruna had already been recognized as a city in 1446 and in 1716 the Government of Galicia settled here after the Spanish Succession war. In the following times La Coruna was went through urbanization and modern architecture was built throughout the city through the 19th and 20th century.

If you wish to explore the rich culture of La Coruna at your own pace, you can rent a car. Renting a car is one of the most affordable and comfortable methods of traveling in La Coruna.

La Coruna Weather

La Coruna is blessed with a beautiful geographical location and variant but healthy climatic condition. It has beautiful accommodations and a rich culture and history. La Coruna has gained much importance as a tourist destination over the past decade and offers a lot to its visitors.

La Coruna has a variant and non-stable weather. The most suitable months for tourists to visit La Coruna are from May to September. During these months the weather is quite stable and warm. The weather keeps changing in La Coruna per hour. You can good sunshine one hour and it will rain heavily in the next hour. Therefore always carry an umbrella with you while you are visiting any tourist destination if La Coruna. Also carry sun protection with you like sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the constant sunshine. During the winters the weather is cold and rainy. However, you can expect some days of high temperature and lots of sunshine.

The months of summer in La Coruna are June, July and August. In these months in does not rain. However, the weather is not very hot or humid. Because of being near to shore, La Coruna always enjoys a somewhat mild climatic conditions. The temperature in summer is not very hot during the day and not very cold during the night. Many tourists come here while visiting Madrid.

If you are coming to La Coruna mainly for the beaches, you should visit during the months of July and August when the city receives lots of smooth sunshine. During the months of September the weather is nice with lots of activities and festivities going around.

The local transport network of La Coruna is very good and affordable. The busses and coaches are very comfortable and you can reach any corner of the city any time you wish. However, you can hire a if you are amongst the people who prefer ignoring the hectic managing of schedules of trains and busses and get tired of the hustle and bustle of local bus stops.

La Coruna Transport

The city transport network of La Coruna is one of the best networks in Spain. The authorities of La Coruna have made great improvements and developments in the city during past decade to facilitate its people as well as its visitors.

La Coruna is with in easy reach of two airports in the region namely La Coruna Airport and Airport of Santiago de Compostela. The Airport of Santiago de Compostela is located near the city of Santiago which is one the neighboring cities of La Coruna. The airport of La Coruna is located at about a distance of 8 kilometers from the city. A bus service runs every half an hour on weekdays and one hour on weekends from the city to the airport. This journey takes about 25 minutes.

Other methods of traveling in the city include hiring a taxi?s, traveling by a bus or coach or hiring a car. If you wish to hire a taxi, you can call 981 287 777. Taxi?s can also be obtained by visiting any of the taxi stops located on the main streets of La Coruna.

Traveling by a bus of coach is another comfortable method of traveling with in the city and getting to another city. You can find a bus to almost any destination in Spain at the La Coruna Bus Station. The schedules and destinations of the busses and coaches here would suit the requirements of most of the tourists. You can also get information about the schedules and destinations of the busses and coaches by calling the La Coruna Bus Station at 981 184 335.

Most people prefer walking in the city. However, you can take a bus of tram if you don?t have enough time to walk to the weather conditions are not suitable. These busses and trams could take you to almost any corner of the city.

Another convenient method of transportation in the city is hiring a car. You can hire a car at compatible rates by calling La Coruna car hire.

La Coruna Attractions

There are many things to see and do in the city of La Coruna. La Coruna has become one of the most admired tourist?s destinations in the northwest part of Spain. La Coruna has exceptional beauty and exotic landscapes as well as many cultural and historical monuments.

If you wish to explore the top attractions of La Coruna, a tour of the Old Town will be ideal for you. In the Old Town of La Coruna you can visit Plaza de Maria Pita. This plaza is named after Maria Pita who was a housewife and spotted the Drake?s troops before invading the city. She fired cannon to save the lives of the people of La Coruna without caring for her owns. Plaza de Maria Pita has been named after her to salute and admire her bravery.

Jardines de M?ndez N??ez is located between Los Cantones and the harbor. These gardens are located in almost center of the town. You can come to rest here and enjoy the beautifully designed picturesque gardens if you get tired from roaming around the city.

Jard?n de San Carlos is located near Casa de la Cultura and its constructions dates back to 1843. The garden contains the tomb of Gen. Sir John Moore who was shot after Napoleon invasion of La Coruna. Today Jard?n de San Carlos is one of the favorite picnic spot amongst the families of La Coruna.

Iglesia de Santa Mar?a del Campo is a gothic style church that was constructed in 13th century. Its impeccable architecture makes it a popular tourist destination. Another must visit location of La Coruna is Museo Arqueol?gico e Hist?rico which is housed in a 16th century fort known as Castillo de San Ant?n. The museum contains unique archeological and historical artifacts that have been found from the city of La Coruna over the decades.

The local transportation network of the city is in very good condition. However, if you wish to explore the city at your own pace you can hire a car.

La Coruna Disabled Visitors

Like all the popular tourists destinations of the world, La Coruna has also made arrangements to comfort its visitors and tourists as much as possible. You can explore the rich culture and beautiful architecture of the city by any means you like. The transportation system of the city has been improved greatly over the years and the city also provides great places for accommodation.

There are numerous facilities for the disabled visitors in La Coruna. These facilities start right from the airport. It is advised to such visitors that they inform their airline about their conditions so that proper arrangements can be made beforehand to provide them superior comfort through their flight. They can also let the airline know if they require a special seat. The staff of La Coruna Airport is also very friendly and will be glad to assist you through your stay at the airport. The airport has facilities like special bathrooms, elevators, tramps and telephone booths for the disabled visitors. The disabled visitors can also book a parking space prior to their flight at the La Coruna Airport. Help desks are located at various locations in the airport to guide and help the passengers at the airport.

Almost all of the accommodations in La Coruna can be easily accessed by disabled visitors. If you wish to reside in a hotel, you can ask for a room at the ground floor and the staff will try their best to accommodate you according to your wish and comfort. The hotels also have tramps and special bathrooms for the ease of their customers. Most of the cultural monuments and attractions of La Coruna can be easily visited by disabled visitors. The shopping malls as well as historical architecture have arrangements to comfort the disabled visitors.

The transportation network of La Coruna has improved greatly through out the years and is very affordable as well. However, it might be a little difficult for the disabled visitors to wait for a bus or a train in the rush hours.

La Coruna Useful Contact

La Coruna is a beautiful city with rich culture and picturesque landscapes. It is one of the most ancient cities of Spain and has a lot to explore and discover. In La Coruna you can participate in the sports activities, visit the museums, beaches parks and gardens. The nightlife of the city is also very thriving with many good sports to hang out with your friends.

While visiting a foreign country there is some information you should always keep at easy access. You should always carry a copy of you identity card with yourself and keep the number of your consulate along with you in case of any emergency.

Amongst the important useful contact numbers of the city is the number of local Police station that can be contacted at 092 and to for Firemen you can call 080. National police can be contacted at 091. These are must to keep with you.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Ambulance 061

Civil Guard 062

Civil Protection 981 184343

Red Cross 981 222222.

Airport Contacts

Airport +34 981650865

Fax: +34 981187285

taxi 981 287 777

Lugage Inquiry 902 131 435

Important Contacts for tourists

There are a number of taxi associations that you can contact.

Teletaxi 981 287 777

Asamblea Local De Autotaxis 981233781

Asociaci?n Local De Autotaxi De A Coru?a 981289825

Federaci?n De Autonomos Del Taxi De Galicia is 981289825.

For Federaci?n Gallega Del Taxi 981 23 37 81

Radio Taxi Coru?a 981 243 333.

Town Hall of La Coru?a 981 184200.

Car hiring is one of the most comfortable and affordable transportation methods in La Coruna. It is very suitable for a people traveling with a family. You can also ask for baby seat if you have an infant with you. It is also very comforting for the disabled visitors of La Coruna. They can save themselves the botherations of the hustle and bustle of local transportations like bus and coaches.

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