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History Lisbon

Lisbon is noted to be one of the longest found cities, the state was first emerged in the 12th century and was founded by Ulysses and was named as Ulissipo. The name held the meaning Allis Ubbo which is the name of Lisbon originated. Lisbon was a battlefield for the Greeks, Phoenicians and the Carthaginians back in early history. Lisbon also had a two year reign held by the Roman in 205 BC. It was during this period that the city was renamed Felicita Julia.

Christian attacks were held back from the Moors in 714 and continued to do so for 400 years. When the city was finally recaptured by the Christians it took a further century to repel the Moors. The 15th century saw the city enjoy wealth thanks to the discovery of new off shore colonies. Lisbon went on to become a popular trading centre and many popular attractions today, including the Moserio dos Jernimos, were built during the 15th Century. The city of Lisbon was virtually destroyed in 1755 due to an earthquake. However the city was rebuilt by the Marques de Pombal, and whilst being rebuilt the city saw the erection of the Baixa Pombalina, a site which is still a popular tourist’s attraction today. During 1974 Lisbon saw a large influx of refugees arriving from the African colonies. This not only added culture to the city, but also helped towards the financial demographic.

Portugal joined the EC in 1986. This move saw funding received from THE EC help redevelopment. Such redevelopment was welcomed as the city had been subject to a fire in 1988 in Chiado. Whilst being redeveloped Lisbon saw facilities improved and cleaner streets. Lisbon was European City of Culture in 1994 and was host to the 2004 European Football Championships. 2006 was the year that Lisbon saw on-going redevelopment projects being carried out. This included restoring the Praca de Toures.

When to go Lisbon

The best time to visit Lisbon will always depend on your reason for wanting to visit in the first place. Lisbon weather is at its best during the peak period in July and August. So if you were travelling to visit the beaches and enjoy the Portuguese coastlines then the peak period is the time to visit. However, if you are visiting for the sights and nightlife then you can visit at any time of the year. Although, you will be subject to some showers during the month of April, Lisbon also offers a number of annual events so if you’re looking to attend something specific then you should plan your journey around the dates of these events.

The city’s biggest celebration is in the form of St Anthony’s Day. On the 13th June Lisbon celebrates the Patron Saint. Both street parades and neighbourhood parades are carried out and locals celebrate with coloured lanterns and streamers and later move on to a barbecue and a few drinks. Doclisboa is a Portuguese film festival held in Lisbon during October. The festival offers a number of master classes, all free of charge and you can also enjoy the latest works from some acclaimed filmmakers. The Rock in Rio Lisboa is one of the biggest and music festivals in the world. It takes place in Lisbon once every two years and hosts some of the most famous Internationalacts. The festival normally takes place between May and June but check dates before making your travel arrangements.

The Oceans Festival takes place during August and is a tour of the seven seas which is carried out on dry land. Whilst celebrating the oceans the tour will also treat you to some of the most fabulous sights available to view in Lisbon. The Oceans Festival has won the best cultural event award by the EuBEA in 2009.


Weather Lisbon

Lisbon is a beautiful city litters with historical sites, beaches and wonderful nightlife. So as you can imagine the weather isn?t the only important factor in Lisbon when planning for your holiday. However if you are visiting to embrace the sunshine then July and August have proved to be the hottest months. July and August will provide beautiful weather for visiting the lovely beaches and some of the breath-taking Portuguese coasts.

It is worth noting however that July and August are also the months within the peak season, so whilst you will be delivered with beautiful weather, you will also see a larger number of tourists. If you wanted to avoid the peak season then there would be an option to visit in either June or September. These months are not peak season so you will see fewer travellers. The weather itself, whilst not as hot as it is during the peak period, will remain nice.

The months from November to March are when Lisbon experiences its worse weather. So evidently there will be minimal travellers during this off peaks season. Dependant on the reason you are visiting Lisbon it would not be unusual to get some great deals during this period. When packing for Lisbon it is always advisable to pack in case of rain even if you?re visiting during the peak period. As you are aware weather is sometimes unpredictable. Your suitcases during the peak period should carry plenty of shorts and t-shirts and any night wear you may want to take. Packing in case of rain needn?t require a separate suitcase of clothes, a pair of jeans and a heavy jacket may be all you need to take as a precaution. Should you arrive without and the some bad weather does occur then there are more than enough outlets to ensure you can pick up any essentials you may need.

Arrival Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the largest and oldest cities in the world, so when travelling it makes good sense to know how to get to where you?re going to. When you arrive at Lisbon airport you?re not too far away from the city centre, which is located 6 miles away, you will of course still need to secure transportation to get you to your destination. The quickest way into the city would be via taxi, these are readily available outside the airport and for the distance you are travelling it shouldn?t cost you too much, normally around 15 euros. You can expect to have a bit of a wait if a flight has just landed.

You can also expect a surcharge per piece of luggage. However there is also the option of the Aerobus No.91. There are also other bus services available should you be travelling elsewhere other than the city centre. The Eurobus normally operates every 30 minutes; the ticket you obtain can also be used for the rest of the day on the bus network. The buses normally carry ample space to store your luggage whilst travelling. If you wanted to travel via Metro then unfortunately this will not be possible, the service does not operate to the airport as yet. You can catch a train but this is located a mile away, so a short taxi journey may still be required dependant on how much luggage you are carrying. The train station Gare Do Oriente offers many trains travelling to the many different destinations around Portugal. Should you hire a car and be driving direct form the Airport then the city centre, as well as other locations are clearly marked and it will only take you a short matter of time to reach the city centre.

City Transport

The public transport in Lisbon is inexpensive and useful for moving different attractions of the city. Metro is the fastest mode of transportation to get around the city. These services are operated almost every area of Lisbon. The cost of the tickets of a single trip within one zone is 0.80 Euro.

To get a discount you can purchase 10 trips card in 6.50 Euro. You can also purchase all day-card in 4 Euro which is an economic choice for you. You can use this card till 1:00 am and the card is also valid for buses and tram lines. The bus network in the city is also well developed. The buses follow a strict timetable and only stop at their Terminal s.

If you want discount rates then you must buy a 7 Colinas card. It is a rechargeable card and you can purchase it for 0.50 Euro. This card is also valid in the buses operated by Carris, metro and electrico. Bus services are also run by some other companies and have their own tickets. If you are planning to stay Lisbon for a long time, then you should go for an unlimited pass that is valid on buses, trains and metros.

Lisboa Viva Card costs 10 Euro and one-month unlimited pass charges 25 Euro.

Best locations Lisbon

Lisbon is famed for its heritage in relation to fishing ports, and Alfama reflects this heritage perfectly. Add to this the beautiful sights to be taken in as you walk around this Arabian influenced part of Lisbon which offers some truly fabulous views of Lisbon. If you would like to just sit back and absorb the Lisbon culture then Tram 28 is for you. The tour which is carried out on vintage trams will take you to some of the most beautiful spots in Lisbon. The Cristo Rei Statue is a celebrity in its own right in Lisbon, so a visit is a must see. Not only can you marvel at this truly memorizing statue, but the roads in which you get there also offer some wonderful sights to be taken in.

If you fancy a little tipple during your stay in Lisbon then why not give the Port Wine House a visit. The Port Wine House offers more than enough selections of port and wine to keep your taste buds entertained without breaking your Budget . What holiday is complete without a spot of shopping, and Chiado will offer more than enough shops for you to spend your holiday money.

Connected to streets constructed of old stones, Chiado offers a vast of shops selling a variety of goods. There are also plenty of restaurants should you wish to dine out. 25th of April Bridge: A large spanning suspension bridge that mirrors the famous Golden Gate Bridge that is one of the sights to be seen when in Lisbon. You will however need access to a vehicle.

Top attractions in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most important destinations of the world. There are many attractions in the city for tourists therefore; thousands of tourists visit Lisbon every year. Mosteiro dos Jeronimos is the most important landmark of the city. The construction of Mosteiro dos Jeronimos was begun in 1502 and it was completed in the end of the century.

The National Title Museum is another top rated attraction of the city. It is also known as Museu Nacional do Azulezo. The museum has a splendid collection of foreign as well as Portuguese decorative tiles. Museu da Marinha is a well known maritime museum in the Europe. It was founded by King Luis in July, 1863. It has a great collection of massive photographic and ship?s plans archives.

The most appealing area of the city is The Alfama District. It is located in the old town of the city and gives a wonderful view of colorful buildings with narrow winding streets. The Botanical Garden Jardim Botanico is an amazing greenhouse of Lisbon and has a good collection of tropical plants.

It is also known as cold greenhouse or Estufa Fria. Hothouse or Estufa is also present which contains an amazing collection of arid desert plants. The other attraction of the city include The Bel?m Tower, Castelo de S?o Jorge and The S? Cathedral.

Night-life Lisbon

Once you have finished you day sightseeing in Lisbon, this does not mean that you have to retire for the day. The many attractions available in Lisbon extend into the night. For some the nightlife may be the most important factor of their holiday. One popular theme in Lisbon is the Fado House. Fado House will serve food but also celebrate food through music, so it is not unusual to have a musical act play whilst you eat.

On such restaurant to offer this is A Server Named after a 19th century Gypsy, you will be treated to whole variety of dishes whilst being entertained by a some live music, you may also notice that people like to get involved and join the musical act on stage for a sing along. If you prefer your nightlife a little more modern then why not try Bar do Rio. Although hideaway, one you enter you will notice that this is a place for the lovers of DJ’s and modern club music. The DJs themselves have built a celebrity status within Lisbon. Hot Club de Portugal can be seen as rather tatty, but don’t judge a book by its cover. This venue has paid host to some of the finest jazz acts in the world. And if you’re a fan of jazz music then you will be able to see fresh new jazz acts that have just started on the scene. Silk is the ultimate in nightlife, plush couches, large windows and modern music coming from the DJ booth ensures you have a sophisticated but fun time in Silk. You can also enjoy the night on a candlelit deck which is situated on the 6th floor. Paradise Garage is a venue showcasing live music. If you are a fan of the indie scene overall then visit and hazard your bets, however if you�re a fan of a certain musical genre it would be advisable to phone ahead.

Accommodation in Lisbon

Finding good accommodation at reasonable rates is not a big task in Lisbon. Reliable and affordable accommodation is easily accessible in the city. There are many hotels in the city which provide you high quality facilities. Albergaria Senhora do Monte is the top rated hotel of the city.

Casa Miradouro and As Janelas Verdes are also well known hotels of the city. A plenty of amenities are provided by these hotel to the customers. Dom Carlos Liberty is also a good option for you. It is located at Rua Alexandre Herculano, Liberdade. Four star services are provided by the hotel in three star prices.

There are 59 rooms present in the hotel with attach baths. Internet services are also accessible in the hotel. Gymnasium and medical store is also present in the hotel. Eduardo VII is another popular hotel of Lisbon. It is located in Saldanha and has 136 rooms. Restaurants and bars are also present in the hotel. The most appealing factor about the hotel is the view of the Lisbon skyline from the top-floor restaurant and bar.

It offers full breakfast and two meals to the customers. The other famous hotels of the city include Estalagem Muchaxo, Estoril Eden Apartamentos Suites Hotel, Hotel Tryp Oriente and Lisboa Regency Chiado. Shiado Hostel, Lisbon Old Town Hostel and Alfama Patio Lisbon Hostel are top rated hostels of the city so; you can also go for a hostel.

City of destination Lisbon

Lisbon is Portugal?s capital city and holds an important role as a global city due to its influence in finance and commerce. But Portugal is also one of the cheaper destinations for you to visit, ideal for those who are going on holiday with a Budget . Hotels are very cheap, even if you were treating yourself to stay in a five star hotel.

The food in Lisbon is also another attraction for its many visitors each year, whilst offering a great variety of dishes, they are simple but fresh and simply a pleasure to eat. The same can also be said about the drink, offering such treats such as the local coffee as well as Portuguese beer. English travellers will also feel at ease as it is not unusual to find that some of the locals speak a little English, thus making communication much easier. You will also find that some television programmes are broadcast in English. And although Lisbon is set within a small country, this is actually a benefit. It makes light work of seeing all the sights without having to travel too far.

The number of attractions also influences a lot of visitors back to Lisbon each year; there is literally something for everyone in this great city. The culture, museums and a number of famous landmarks are just the tip of the iceberg. You will also find that there a number of ways to take in the sights, whether it be walking or travelling of one of Lisbon?s nostalgic trams. The weather doesn?t deter Lisbon, so regardless of when you visit, you will be treated to the same attractions, whether you visit in the summer or winter period. The weather also stays mild even during the winter months, so whilst it may not be as hot as summer, it?s not going to be freezing cold either.

Useful contact numbers in Lisbon

Lisbon is a safe and peaceful city. The crime rate of the city is very less therefore, tourists want to spend their vacations in Lisbon. If you are planning to spend your holidays in Lisbon then it is recommended to note down the useful contact numbers of the city. These numbers are very helpful for you. Some of the numbers are mentioned below:

Emergency contact numbers:

Ambulance/Fire/Police (24 hours services): 112

Ambulances - 808 20 10 68


Police - 21 3 58 83 00

Lisbon traffic police: 21 392 23 00

Police services (Lisbon): 21 34 21 634

Traffic Police in Lisbon: 21 39 22 300

Guarda National Republicana (GNR) or Local Police: 21 32 17 000

Municipal Police: 21 78 25 200

Firefighters - 21 342 22 22/ 21 392 47 00

Security Police services: 21 76 54 242

Medical services:

Red Cross Hospitals: 21 77 14 000

Lisbon Red Cross - 21 303 03 60

Red Cross: 21 303 03 63

Chemist?s services: 800 20 46 13

Pharmacy services: 800 20 21 34

Medical stores (24 hour services): 800 20 21 35/ 800 20 21 36

Red Cross Ambulances: 21 94 21 111

Transportation services:

Airport - 21 841 35 00

Pick-up boat service and maritime police: 21 09 11 100

Lisbon festival

The festivals, traditions and culture of Lisbon are famous all around the world. Millions of tourists are moved towards the city every year to attend the Lisbon?s festivals. Festas dos Santos Populares is the most famous festival of the city. It is celebrated in the month of June. During this month, Lisbon is like a party city.

The celebration of Festas dos Santos Populares is contributed by three saints. The first and major festival of Festas dos Santos Populares is Festa de Santo Antonio and takes place on June 12th and 13th. Festa de Sao Pedro is celebrated in the memory of St Peter. It is held on June 28th and 29th. Festa de Sao Joao is a great tribute to St John and held on 23rd and 24th June just before Festa de Sao Pedro.

Another famous festival of the city is The Half Marathon of Portugal. It takes place in the month of September and celebrated on the longest bridge of Europe, Ponte Vasco da Gama. It starts from Vasco Da Gama Bridge and ends at the Tagus River. The InternationalIndependent Film Festival is one of the famous festivals of Portugal. It takes place in April and considered as a major event for independent film makers.

Reliable transportation is very necessary during your trip to Lisbon.

Museums & Monuments in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the famous destinations of world. Calouste Gulbenkian Museum is the most famed museum of the city. It is located in Avenida de Berna. It has a large collection of Egyptian, Oriental, Greco-Roman and European art. Centro de art Moderna is a well known museum of the city. It is present in Rua Dr. Nicolau de Bittemcourt.

It has an impressive collection of modern art. Million of tourists visit this museum every year. The other famous museums of the city include Museu da Marinha, Museu de Arte Popular, Museu de Artes Decorativas, Museu do Chiado, Museu Nacional de Etnologia, Museu Nacional do Azulejo and Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga. All these museums depict the culture and traditions of the city.

There are many historical sites in the city which are included in the main attractions of the city. Aqueduto das ?guas Livres is the most famous historical site of the city. It was built in 18 century and consists of 109 arches across the valley. Estrela Basilica is considered as one of the most fascinating churches of the city and dedicated to Sacred Heart of Jesus. Casa dos Bicos, Saint George?s Castle, Jeronimos Monastery and Patriarchal Cathedral are also well known monuments of the city.

Finding good transportation in Lisbon is not a big problem.

Kid's Amusements in Lisbon

Lisbon is very famous city of world because of its unique and fabulous geographical location. There are many parks, beaches and gardens present in the city which attract the kids towards Lisbon. The major leafy gardens and Botanical Parks are present in The Lisbon City Centre.

It is the best place for picnic and to relax in the shade of trees. Estrella Garden is another famous garden of the city. It has a new playground and duck ponds. A cafe is also present in the garden for ice creams and drinks. Belem Park is also an attractive place for kids. It is famous because of its restaurants and festive atmosphere.

The specialties of the cafe are Pasteis de Nata Cahes and icy Slush Drinks. Lisbon Centre Park Eduardo VII another wonderful park of the city. It has a large area to play and also has many cafes and restaurants. Your kids can enjoy traditional as well as fast food in these restaurants and cafes.

Lisbon zoo is also a great attraction for kids. Some other attractions for kids in the city include Oceanarium Club Do Mar, Museu Das Criancas, Belem Cultural Centre, Lisbon Science Museum, Culturegest, Museum Of The East and Museum Of Chiado. All these places give time to kids to take part in quality child-friendly activities.