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History Madrid

The site of Madrid was occupied in prehistoric times, and numerous objects have been excavated along the banks of the Manzanares River. All these interesting findings are exhibited at the city’s National Archaeological Museum. Initially Iberian and later Roman, the original name of the settlement here was probably Matrice, although some historians dispute this. Moors and Jews formed a concentrated population in the area that today bears the name Morera, but by before the end of the 15th century most of these people were expelled and the mosque and other non Catholic buildings perished. Madrid experienced major changes during the 18th century, as new city gates, bridges and brilliant buildings gave it a brighter and new appearance. The Royal Palace (Palacio de Oriente) stands next to the Plaza de Oriente square. It was built on the ruins of the Alcazar Moorish Castle which was destroyed by fire. Today, the city of Madrid enjoys its reputation of being a top class tourist destination with many sights and a lot of modern attractions.


A widely used slogan that visitors read when deciding upon a time to take their holiday is this or that place is a land for all seasons. This is absolutely correct in the case of Madrid. In fact, deciding when not to go to Madrid is sometimes more confusing. Most people take the weather conditions into account but in Madrid the weather is not a problem. In fact, if you decide against visiting Madrid during the Christmas period, you might miss having the best Christmas ,as during that period the Catholic city is glorious. If again you think you should avoid the hot summer period well think again as packaged tours offer wonderful holidays at a popular spot of the Costa del Sol or the Spanish islands with a delightful two or three day stopover in Madrid. You can also combine a longer visit to the city with a quick one to Barcelona, only 2miniute away by railway. If you are touring Spain by car, caravan or Interail, it is almost impossible to avoid the city, even if you wanted to, as its location gives almost equal distance from and easy accessibility to every destination in the Iberian Peninsula .Trying to discover the best period for you and your family or friends to visit Madrid, there are lists provided through many sights, and visitors will find cultural events advertised for each month of the year. From January to August, to September and December, there are brilliant things going on in Madrid and is your personal preference that should be your guide. Like Paris and Berlin (two other European capitals that are similar in some ways) Madrid is a vivid city visited by millions of tourists all year round and the locals hot Latin temperament makes the city a pleasure to visit all through the year.



There are two facts concerning the weather in Madrid. The first fact is that Madrid is located at almost geographical centre of the Iberian Peninsula, and The city of Madrid is located at almost the exact geographical centre of the Iberian Peninsula, The city of Madrid is located at the geographical centre of the Iberian Peninsula, so any seaside is quite far away, although you can fly to most interesting ones in no time. The second fact is that the city enjoys a continental Mediterranean; climate which is a far and exact description .Madrid is set on a series of hills, and through the city flows the river Manzanares, Madrid’s water supplier .The above mentioned facts practically mean two things for visitors. First you should never really worry about the weather in Madridas the city rarely sees any snow and in the peak of the summer the temperature can often exceed 40C , but this is made a little more bearable with Madrid’s low humidity levels and the people’s amazing lifestyle. All in all, Madrid's climate is one of the healthiest in the world.The second thing visitors should consider is that an umbrella could be the most useless thing they packed, making their luggage at home. Madrid's altitude and dry climate precipitation is occasional in the autumn and spring, and almost a miracle in the summers the odd thunderstorm that happens once or twice a month only cools down the city. If you find trouble with the rain, do as the locals do and buy a cheap one on the street and when you are done with it, throw it away. Sunblock on the other hand is very useful and you should buy some from the duty-free shop at the Airport.

City Transport in Madrid

With a perfect blend of the modern architecture and the traditional values Madrid portrays a haven for tourists who desire to study the Spain! Being a cosmopolitan city in all aspects travelling around Madrid has never been an issue. Madrid is one of the well connected cities in the world, giving a tourist a variety of transportation alternatives.

The Madrid train system is a system that connects Madrid to some of the other major cities in Spain. The two main train stations namely the Atocha and Charmatin are located in the southern and northern parts of the city. They connect Madrid to various other cities like Valencia, Barcelona Catalonia, Paris and even Portugal. The Madrid train system is the best option for moving to the city.

To travel all along the city one can choose the Madrid metro system which connects some of the most important locations of the city. It is also rated as one of the safest and the fastest travel options. One can make a trip to anywhere in the metro line with as much as one Euro. Some petty thieves might be looking to latch on to your loaded wallet if you are not alert! But travelling through metro system is very easy and you can find your way through with the help of a metro map.

The third option is to ride the city by the bus system. One might debate that the bus system is not the most reliable service in Madrid. But the bus system connects almost every nook and cranny of the city and would be a very cheap option since a trip in the bus costs one Euro invariably. In addition to the widespread connectivity the bus system also operates 24 X 7 making it a one stop option for travel at night especially between two am and six am.

Best locations Madrid

Madrid is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Because it is a very large city with almost 6.5 million people residing in the wider metropolitan area, Madrid is the 3rd largest city in the European Union, after London and Berlin, and its metropolitan area is the 3rd largest in the EU after London and Paris. Add to that the millions of tourists that visit the city all year round you can understand that we are talking about high numbers of people on the streets day and night. This should not worry Madrid ‘s visitors because by using common sense you can spot more interesting locations than you can ever visit, save for the case you decide to move here permanently as many people have after having the Madrid experience. Having carefully planned your itinerary in advance, you are ready to go. The area around the Royal Palace has well preserved the look and feel of many of its historic streets, so take a stroll before (or after, whatever you like) visiting the grand Palacio Real of Madrid. The monument is in itself worth a long visit and it is probable that your tour guide will have to help you believe your own eyes as splendor, magnificence and class are just empty words when trying to describe the sight of this amazing building and you can only visit this place and the surrounding area and leave Madrid with no complaint at all. The Prado in Plaza Mayor is world known for its huge collection and exhibits of Fine Art and lovers of great Spanish masters can enjoy some of their masterpieces in the country that was their home. The Puerta Del Sol area remains today a brilliant spot, and visitors will admire the work of Queen Isabel II in many buildings and monuments.

Madrid Top Attractions

Madrid is a place that provides its visitors with lots of entertainment.

Eating in Madrid

Food is an essential component of any holiday. Spanish culinary cuisines are world famous but for some strange reason the cuisines of the Madrid remain largely unknown. The Madrid cuisine primarily is a heavy proposition with ingredients that are essentially native making them esoteric. A gourmet on the other hand would love the exotic cuisines of the Catalan city.
The food of Madrid is very tasty indeed and it would be hard to resist once you get used to it. Most of the city dwellers prefer to eat out at least one meal and day. This pretty much explains the vast increase in the number of fast food restaurants in and around the city in the recent past. The environment provided by these restaurants is also really good. Try out paella if you are in Madrid but be aware of fake low quality restaurants serving this dish.

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan you would really have a tough time finding food that suits you in Madrid. Almost every preparation that the people of Madrid know use meat! If you are too worried about vegetarian food you must inquire well in advance about the vegetarian restaurants in the area where you are planning to stay.

Most of the restaurants in the city are seen as a place for meeting people. Thus apart from being a place to eat the restaurants act as a place to meet other people. The night life of the city is quite lush and bars and nightclubs are open till early morning. Every bar would also have an alcohol consumption limit.

Apart from food one must definitely take tour of the entire city and this could be really tough if the planned stay is for a lesser duration.


The nightlife scene in Madrid in Internationally famous and most visitors of the city need no real introduction to one of the city's most popular attractions. Tapas bars, dancing clubs, jazz cocktail bars and live music venues are found in abundance and are always top quality while flamenco theatres and live concert establishments that are supported by La Noche en Vivo shows association stage brilliant shows where visitors enjoy music at its best. Nightlife and young cultural awakening boomed after the death of Franco, and during the 80s called a Movida initially gathered around Plaza del Dos de Mayo. Nowadays, the Malasa�a area is best recognized for its alternative scene. For an updated list of the city that never sleeps cafeterias, bars and discotheques in around 10 very popular neighborhoods in the city and information about where the hottest places are, visit any of several available sites. On weekends or before public holidays, you will find many Gatos cruising the streets at 4, 5 or 6am in the morning .Madrid's nightlife has something for everybody, whatever your taste, age or nationality. And don't worry if you are out with your kids! It is also very popular among young visitors and Localsto combine the joy of meeting with their company in parks or streets with and having a drink or two making new friends and chatting (this is called ' Botelln', after the bottles of beer or low alcohol beverages young people enjoy drinking from), but in recent years, drinking in public streets is punished with a fine, so now young Madrilenos indulge in this habit all around the city and avoid more central places. The Bohemian culture of madrid at its best!

Shopping in Madrid

Madrid being a cosmopolitan city is thronged by tourists throughout the year. Madrid has thus become both the commercial and political capital of Spain. The number of tourist attractions in Madrid is so large that a good part of the Madrid is filled with shopping malls and streets. One can also find the place specked with boutiques and other luxury shopping places.

The city of Madrid has so many different types of shopping areas that one can only dream of seeing them all in their lifetime. It would take years to even spend browsing and windows shopping all the places.

But the good thing about the shopping places in Madrid is that similar types of shops are usually found cluttered at the same place. All one has to do is decide what they are looking for and then reach the place where that particular item is sold. Once you reach that place you can do comparative shopping because a number of similar shops would be present close by and you could also browse through items that are close to what you are looking for.

To do this you must start with the internet. Look for a directory of big and reputable places for each type of good or souvenir you are looking for. Then choose a handful of locations you would want to visit. Once you reach a place in that list you should be able to see the whole lot of nearby shops. As the shopping malls and other locations are situated in different parts of the city one has to use Car Rental in Madrid service to visit all of them.

The calle goya, Castellana, Princesa, Preciados and EL Rastro are some of the must visit shopping places. Each one of these is so different in the things and the style in which they sale. If you get to visit all these places while you are in Madrid you can say that you have had a real Madrid shopping experience!

Madrid Disabled Visitors

Madrid located in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula earns a lot of money through tourism. The city itself is suited to people of every kind. The access for disabled visitors is not found everywhere in the city but most of the places are modeled to accommodate people with disabilities.

The metro system is entirely reliable in this aspect. About one half of the metro is equipped with elevators, lifts etc to be used by people with disabilities.  Some of these metro stations are not located in the center of the city and one might not want to use it if they have some physical challenges!

On the other hand the bus system in the Madrid is usually capable of allowing entry to disabled people. It might be a tough proposition to find an empty bus. But the frequency of Madrid busses is quite high.

The city roads have pedestrian crossings fitted with lights that tell you when you must cross the road. People of Madrid obey the traffic laws strictly.  So a person with disabilities will not have a really hard time navigating through the city. One has to resort to bars and restaurants for restrooms and only a few high class restaurants would have restrooms that are well equipped for use by people with disabilities.

The tourist attraction places on the other hand are the heart and soul of the city. They are extensively fitted with all sorts of mechanisms to aid the people with disabilities. Even if they travel alone in the city they would have a very fine time around the city without having to worry about anything.

If the local city transport services are too much of hassle for you, one can choose the taxi services. Most of the taxi services have ramps for people with disabilities to board the taxi. Further they even would have extra space to accommodate the wheel chair within the car.

Madrid People

The Madrid City is always a city filled with the foreigners who have settled there and immigrants. About 17 percent of the censed people are immigrants. Philip II moved the court here and many citizens of the Spain followed him. This is how the Spanish people entered the Madrid city in the year 1561. Now the city is a mixture of people from various countries and eventually there is a mix in the culture too. It is true that you will rarely find the original “madrilèno”. At least one of the parents will be from Spain. The autochthonous madrilènos treat the outsiders with hospitality and make them feel like they are in their own country and home. In short it is not necessary that an individual should be from Madrid to be a madrilèno.

The language that is spoken by the Madrid people is castellano which is the Spanish language. It is the official language too. The main evident to prove them as Madrid people is their socialism. The streets are filled with so many people in all hours of the night. They are very friendly and host many fiestas. These days due to unplanned construction works there are no places for parking in any complexes. They are using the outskirts of the city for this purpose. This is also an important reason to see people roaming in streets always.

The classical Madrid traditions are the “castizo”, which means dress up, listen to music and dance. The best thing about the Madrid people is their way of celebrating the Madrid festivals of the San Isidro (May) and La Paloma (August). In these festivals you can see the authentic customs of the Madridian. Madrid people eat a dish called “Tapas” often. It is a food item that is made out of small pickled items. They are also called “Gildas”.

Accommodation in Madrid

Madrid is the third biggest city in terms of population in Europe next only to the Paris and the Berlin with a thriving economy. It is the capital of Spain and the political center of the nation. If you are planning to spend a holiday in Madrid you should be ready to spend quite a few bucks!

Accommodation is one aspect of a holiday that you always want taken care of and can never compromise on. There are many different options of accommodation in this luxurious city. Let me begin with the most expensive option.

Renting luxury suits in hotels is for those people who have no problems with travel funds! They can either choose the Ritz which is the most famous hotel there or some other luxury hotel like the Castellana.

If you are looking for a reasonable deal for accommodation you must consider the option of renting a holiday apartment. This is especially suitable for those who travel with their family. While not an extremely cheap alternative the holiday apartments can be rented for any number of days. The size of the apartments ranges from two person apartment to big condos. The authentic feel of living in an original Madrid house is easily realized by living in these apartments.

If you are travelling alone and has planned to spend more money on living during the day you might consider the Madrid Hostels! The hostels are something that you can hope to rent for a night. The rental rates are bound to be very cheap.  But one cannot expect the same level of service as in a hotel.  One might even have to share rooms with other tourists. But it is one way to experience the diversity of Madrid and also leave at a cheaper rate. These Madrid hostels are situated all around the city and one can hole up in any of the hostels close to a theatre or a museum.
It is always a good option to visit a couple of places before you decide on where you want to stay.

City of Destination Madrid

Madrid, the sublime capital of Spain is an immensely popular destination and that is for a list of reasons. With its modern infrastructure, it’s modern and passenger friendly transportation system and finally the warm and friendly attitude of its people, Madrid attracts millions of visitors every year. Whether more interested in visiting historic or shopping for great bargains sights, visitors will find both and much, much more here in Madrid, starting your sightseeing with the Royal Palace you should know that it stands on the site where the original fortified castle stood in the 10th century today. This fort was occupied by the Moors, and Arab walls surrounding this settlement can be visited today. The Royal Palace is a magnificent sight of splendor and the same is true for the Teatro Real with its restored Opera House. Queen Isabel II ordered the renovation of the Puerta del Solarea and the Congreso de los Diputados {the Parliament) and the Canal de Isabel II, which brought water to the city appeared. The entire historic centre area is really one grand museum as the State has always showed respect to the city’s cultural style and heritage. Sometimes, while wandering the small streets, it is hard to remember that you are in the 21st century and more romantic thoughts come to mind. Being built in the style of prosperous Spanish Royalty the 21st century finds Madrid enjoying the level of one of Europe's most beautiful capital cities pleasing its visitors with its unique mix of modern and classical appearance. It’s charming and intensely animated lifestyle, its spectacular Royal sights, the great shopping and bargain hunting, the great local people and the brilliant nightlife, all these little things make Madrid simply irresistible.

Useful Contact of Madrid

A vast city with thousands of different people coming and going every year, Madrid is in essence a very busy city.  This city is also the pivot on which the entire Spain balances its economy on. The city of Madrid with all its importance is well connected by roads and rail. Further the communication era had caught on quite early and getting from one place to another within the city and finding help for the things that you wish to do is a cakewalk, even without knowing the Spanish language!

One of the first things that you must know about calling someone in Spain is of course the country dialing code which is +34. The city of Madrid could be reached by appending 91 to the country code of Spain.

You are advised to memorize four different numbers for emergencies. Unlike a single number for all emergencies like the 911 the Spanish have different numbers for different emergencies, which is the norm in most European countries. If you are looking for an ambulance you must dial 061. The fire services could be reached at 080. The police operate in two tiers, the National and the local. The National police could be reached at 091 and the local urban police could be reached at 092. General emergencies could be reported to 112.

Apart from these telephone numbers one might also want to look at some of the websites. Yahoo groups on Spain also offer useful contact information. While walking along the streets is a great idea to explore the exciting city, travelling to the different parts of city would be impossible without hiring a car in Madrid are available at many places in the city.

Madrid Costs, Money And Banks

When you are on a vacation to the Madrid city you may be curious to know the details about the costs of various things in the Madrid. The costs of various things in the Madrid city can be said as a moderate one. When we consider the living in Madrid the basic need is a house. The rent of a house in Madrid is 11 per meter square per month. This depends on the part of the Madrid in which you rent a house. The next basic thing is food. For two people it will cost around 350€ per month. If you opt to choose to dine in a hotel then it will cost around 12€ for a person. This is applicable when you choose an average hotel. A tapa is 2€ which is often ordered in any hotel. A normal lunch is around 9 €.

The electricity bill will be around 40€ per month and in summer it will go high due to the usage of the air conditioner. Gas that is used for cooking is 35 €. The standard rent for telephone is 25€ a month and the bill depends upon your usage.   The Nursery schools demands a fees of 100 € per month. You may pay around 30 € for gym. For two people it may cost around 1000€ per month and this will be accounted as basic expenses. The rent of parking area is 90 € per month. A movie ticket is 6 € per ticket.

Madrid Festivals

The Madrid festivals are the time when you can taste their customs. It is the time to enjoy their culture, the way they celebrate their festival, taste their traditional food, their music, their dance, etc. the Madrid people are very kind and considerate and if you join in their festival they will treat you as their own family.

Madrid Museums

Madrid is a place where there are more art galleries and museums. People visit the museums to see the historic things and the rare things.

Kid's Attractions in Madrid

The Madrid city has many entertainments that can be offered to kids. This city is well known for the art galleries and it is very friendly city where you can have good time with your family. The nights are so bright and people enjoy the night life here. There are many places of attractions for the kids. It ranges from the market place to the play grounds. The best time for having fun is during the autumn or spring season. The kids will enjoy so much during these seasons. Some of the kid’s attractions are listed below.

Madrid Beaches

Most of the people visit the Madrid city from different parts of the word to enjoy the beach. The clear blue water of the Mediterranean, the hot sun will attract the visitors. Also some people prefer to swim in the warm beach. Many of the people also relax in the sea shore. Actually the beaches are 300 kilo meters away from the Madrid. But the city planners planned and constructed an artificial sea which is called the Rio project. Manzanares River and the area near it are now renovated so that the people can celebrate their festivals and parties there. Sun bathing, water sports, swimming, playing with balls, etc are some of the sports that people prefer so much and are attracted to beach.

The Valencia beach:

Till the recent times the beach near to the Madrid is the Valencia. It takes just three and half hours to reach the beach and you can taxi to reach the beach.

Madrid Parks

There are many parks found in the Madrid city. Here we are going to discuss some of the famous parks. The Jardines del Buen Retiro: This park is also known as the Parque del Buen Retiro. It means the garden or the parks of the pleasant retreat. It is also called as the El Retiro. It is found in the center of the Madrid city. It covers an area of about 350 square kilo meters. The near by location is the Prado museum. There are numerous sculptures, monuments, galleries, etc found here. There is also a peaceful lake inside this park. This is an artificial lake. There are many events and shows that are hosted in this park to entertain people.

The Real Jardin Botanico: This is another park which attracts more tourists. The feature of this park is that there are many species of flowers grown here. The wonderful smell and the different colors of the flower is an important highlight of this park and this serves a main factor for attracting numerous tourists. The park also hosts the flower shows when they display many of the rare species of flowers. The soil is very suitable to grow any type of the flowers. There are also many restaurants inside the park.

The Warner Brothers Madrid Park: This is more commonly known as the universal park. It is a package of entertainment and relaxation. It helps to have to more fun with your family and friends.

This park has cinema halls inside. It also has 3 – D illusion images as a part of the art gallery. It also has a separate place for the flowers and plants. There are also many hotels inside. There is a big area where the families can rest on the trimmed grass. As it offers all the best things that are required for an entertainment it is called as the universal park.

Madrid Real Estate

There are two reasons why one would want to buy a real estate in Madrid. For one, the city of Madrid has an irresistible culture and magnificence about it which very few cities in the world can possibly match.  The night life of the city is great as well. The people of Madrid are so good that you would never want to come back from the place. With an excellent geography, an enviable history and a rapidly developing economy Madrid is an extremely rare and unique blend of traditional and modern customs .Secondly the real estate business has bloomed during the recent years adding to the economy of the Spanish people.

In many countries people with intentions of making a fortune with their property turn to Spain which has now become a real estate attraction. A brief survey shows that in the Madrid region the real estate rates are almost a 106.3% more than the National average! Such is the growth of real estate business in this part of the Spain.

If you are looking to buy a new property in Madrid you might want to browse through some of the property dealers in the city. Sp International, look and find and Unicasa are some of the real estate organizations that come to mind due to omnipresence in Spain and their reputation! They offer a wide variety of choices from which you can choose from. But Madrid house rates are definitely not for the faint hearted. A few years at the city though would be advisable for anyone.

It is always a good idea to visit the property and its landscape before you buy it. By doing this you could have a firsthand look at the surroundings and you can make sure that nothing in the vicinity is intolerable for you. This could be an important issue if you are buying land in a foreign country in which you have not lived before!

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