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History Manchester

The real history of Manchester begins with the construction of a wooden fort by the Roman army, 1 mile south of the present cathedral around 80 AD. Well before the Roman conquest of the area in the 70s AD, the area came under Brigante control. The Brigantes were a Celtic tribe. Some, however, suggest it may have been under the control of the Setantii. However, the Setantii were themselves actually of Brigante decent. The Romans called the fort Mammuciam and rebuilt in stone around 200 AD. It wasn’t long before people started settling around the fort but by 408 AD both the settlement and the fort had fallen into ruins. In 920, the old Roman fort was repaired by the king in an effort to defend the town against the ever advancing Danes. It gave its name to Castlefield. Evidence of both Christian and Pagan worship has been discovered in the area and at the time of the Doomsday Book (early 11th century AD) a village called Mamecester has been recorded and in later years the name was altered to the Manchester we know today. Some one hundred years later, in the 12th century, England saw a growth in population and commerce and trade were both booming and many any new towns were founded. Soon after, the small village of Manchester was turned into a town in the early 13th century and was granted the right to hold an annual fair. A fair, in the middle Ages, was more like a market, only it was held once a year. Soon there was a wool industry. A watermill powered wooden hammers that beat the wool. The wool would be dyed after it had been dried. The town also boasted a leather tanning industry. Visitors to Manchester may be unaware of its rich heritage. Manchester also saw the invention of the first ever computer, in fact, even the atom was first split here. The Industrial Revolution Manchester really became interesting, as it was the main city in terms of the trade in cotton. Inventions like Hargreaves Spinning Jenny made Manchester one of the most technologically advanced cities of the 18th century.


The weather of Manchester can be termed as quite unpredictable, the winters can be very chilly and the summers can be mild but the it cannot be safe for rain. Consult the weather chart for more information.


Arrival to Manchester

Every year thousand of people visit Manchester, getting in Manchester is not a problem because of modern technology. Manchester is located in the north of England and at part of all major cities of the world. The city has many ports, airport and railway stations which are very well connected with all the cities of the world. Many domestic and Internationalflights touch the airport on regular basis. Tourist can reach and board regular trains to enter in the city.

The city has an extensive road network which links the city to all major cities of England and United Kingdom. The Piccadilly railway station is very well connected to other cities. Some of the popular trains like Arriva train, virgin train and central trains plying to and from city. Manchester Victoria railway station is another great way which makes possible to getting in to the city. It is located towards the north of the city center on hunts bank. When it comes to transport Manchester serves its customers and at par with all the major cities. Different travel services and service providers provide 24/7 service and provides facility to its customers to get the transport any time.

City transport

Manchester has a strong and an extensive transport network. It is very well served by its transport system. The city lies in the heart of National transport infrastructure of rail network. Transport system plays a vital role and an integral part in the structure of economy. The city is served by an International Airport which serves 20 million passengers and is the third biggest International Airport.

M60 and M25 are two motorways which serve the system of bus network. The bus system is managed by GMPTE including night bus services to facilitate the passengers and it is one of the most extensive networks. The buses have washrooms and special places for disabled persons. Tickets are also easily available at coach offices or by phone through debit or credit cards. The airport is another mode of transportation to get into the city. Many domestic and Internationaldestinations are served by this airport. High speed trains run from Manchester to other cities. Several smaller stations serve the city including oxford road, salford central and deans gate.

Manchester also serves the tram system named as metro link which links the city to bury. The trams run after every 6 to 12 minutes and carries 20 million passengers in a year. It is a high frequency service operated by stagecoach. Water is an integral transportation role for industrial revolution. It is mainly use for trade system top boost the economy of the city.

Best Manchester

Manchester is one of the most amazing cities in the United Kingdom with so much to see and do that entire books could have been written about it. However, if you don’t want to spend your visit to Manchester flicking backwards and forwards through the ANYCAR_PAGES of your Visit Manchester Guide, there are a number of things listed below that you could do once there. These really constitute the best of Manchester. Firstly, you could go to Cloud 23 bar. This is found on the 23rd floor of the Hilton Hotel at the Deans gate center, which cannot be missed. The bar itself is hugely expensive, but it costs nothing to go up there and enjoy the amazing view. It is called Cloud 23 for a reason, and that is because it is so high up. You can truly see all of Manchester from here, and it is completely free .Next, you could visit the Trafford Area. This is the place to be if you are interested in the cultural heritage of Manchester, which is vast and old. The area is highly industrialized, so it does mean that you should expect a lot of dark colored buildings, but it is an experience you will never forget. You could also spend some time going to see the latest movies. Manchester seems to be a movie city, with many different cinemas all within a central location. Just off Dean’s gate, you could go to the AMC, which is very cheap (particularly for students). There is also the Odeon Theatre, which can be found in the Print works area, where all the latest movies are shown. There is also an IMAX theatre within the Odeon. On Oxford Road, you could go to the Corner house, for more cultural, art house, independent and foreign language films. Manchester has a large range of theatres and it shouldn’t take you too long to find a live performance somewhere in the city.

Top attractions in Manchester

Manchester is the vibrant city in the north of England. The city has many world ranking collections in art, culture and in music. This modern city has many landmark buildings such as the Lowry center, a world class sport and a thriving art and culture scene. The city is a home of world's famous united football club. In attractions the city offers something for every one from museums and galleries to music venues and sports stadium.

The top attractions of the city includes museum of science and industry that has won many appreciations and awards for its interactive approach. The children love to grapple it rather than just look at exhibits. The midland Manchester is the most impressive building and a major city center landmark. Atlas bar is popular with media types and was one of the first café designer’s bars. It is spacious with a modern chic feel equipped by simple metal tables. Bridgewater hall is the top most stunning building. It is a wonderful concert venue and famous for main performance base for Manchester’s renowned. It is a spacious place to accommodate up to 2000 people at a time.

Manchester cathedral is situated on Victoria Street. It is a peaceful place and a great tourist destination. Urbis is known as the first glass building which is famous for its exhibitions about seasonal events and contemporary culture. It is one of the top tourist’s attractions in Manchester. The city has abundant places to visit and explore. Chep car rental Manchester is the only way to get around to nearby areas in cheap prices and a convenient way to move around. To see city attractions you can take cheap car hire Manchester airport service.

Exploring Manchester

Manchester is a city of attractions and most visitors will appreciate this, sooner or later. But it better be sooner, so while you are enjoying your classic English breakfast, consider a few things that may catch your attention Manchester is the Capital of British Rock-although neighboring Liverpool and London might think a little different. The Buzzcocks, the Smiths, Joy Divisionas and their successors, the New Order, are amazing class bands that have started in the Manchester music scene. Manchester was the main regional driving force behind Manchester Indie bands that were popular during the 80s including James, Inspiral Carpets and, of course, The Stone Roses. These groups are a real gem of music history and listening to some of their music while you walk, cycle or ride a tour bus in Manchester is an experience to never forget. Manchester’s Metro link will be the longest Tram line in the UK once the expansion finally gets completed, but even today it is the best way to cover longer distances and see some of the city. The skyscrapers look amazing and Manchester seems a futuristic city. However, when you reach the center, you can forget all that and hire a bicycle or, of course walk, cycle and then walk some more. Manchester is a centre of capitalism so shop, visit a museum, admire the Cathedral and then shop some more. Enjoy a pint or a drink of whiskey in a Victorian style pub and if it’s late and time for an afternoon lunch, ask what’s left and have something to eat. In the case of Manchester, taking a Tour at the Top of a red bus is not a tourist cliché. Even if this is your first visit to the city many buildings will seem familiar and this is because you probably have seen them in a Smiths video clip. Enjoy the ride!

Eating drinking Manchester

Sightseeing and wild shopping can make a visitor in Manchester really hungry, but worry not, you will not find yourselves wandering the streets in any of the 11 areas of the city centre. Even though it is a well-known fact that Manchester is quite a large city, visitors will be amazed from the number of eating places-snack bar , fast food restaurants ,take always and pizzerias , fish and chips parlors they will find on the street , everywhere they walk in the city centre. In fact, Internet guide sites-and there are lots of these as well-show lists of pubs and restaurants divided in 11 different groups , all in the relatively small central area of the city. This is really good news, as visitors have a choice of really charming places and prices are competitive. Some of the pubs are nothing less than first class restaurants both in decoration and ambiance but also as far as well-cooked English food, served in gargantuan portions is concerned. Beer of course needs no introduction and whether you are a casual drinker or a spirit connoisseur, your choice can never fail you. No one will give you a strange look if you order lager, but it is always nice to experiment, maybe after asking around a little. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed and since this is a cosmopolitan city, you can always mingle and make new accountancies while enjoying your meal. A pub is rather preferable for lunch, and visitors can have a traditional style 5 o clock cup of tea or a nap before they choose what they want for dinner. The choices again are endless and English cuisine as well as the ethnic variety is served in a wide range of lovely restaurants.

Nightlife Manchester

Manchester city centre has 11 different areas. Each of these areas offers a very different experience to Manchester's nightlife. Hence, it is possible to have a great night out within the city without even leaving one street. All taxi drivers as well as locals will be making it easy to ask directions and be more adventurous and take in a few quarters one weekend. Manchester city centre isn’t very large, making it possible to walk around each of its main attractions (Piccadilly, Castlefield and the MEN Arena) in less than an hour and a half, which is good exercise as well. But it might also be possible to spend all night on one single street and still have a good time. It all depends on you, your taste in music, and your ability to catch the moment and your fun attitude. Do make sure you know about the cultural events organized at the time of your stay. There is anything from the official Manchester City site to jazz concerts, rock music events to ethnic music performances, and you may want to make time to fit these into your schedule. Make sure that you have an updated list of clubs, pubs and rock cafes in your hand (or your mobile phone) and you are ready to go. You might need to have a bite to eat, as the night may be long, so grab a sandwich or enjoy some well cooked food along with your first pint at a local pub. Manchester's nightlife is really as busy as its day life, with one of the strongest music clubbing scenes in the country. Manchester is a true student city and it caters for this audience. Hence, you'll be completely overwhelmed with a wide choice of nice cheap places to go. Clubbing ranges, from commercial party nights in the popular Deansgate Locks or Printworks and from underground club nights such as Sankeys and The Warehouse Project will give you an experience to never forget.


The town of Manchester was inhabited by a little more than 2,500 people in the 13th century. During the middle Ages, the town organized its trade and the wool industry developed. In the 18th century the Industrial revolution found Manchester a world leader in technological progress and mass production was surged the market. Today Manchester is the second largest consumer market in the UK, and this means that visitors can spend a lot of their money buying quality products and finding good bargains. Manchester is the main market for the North West. The main retailing area is found around the pedestrian Market Street. Furthermore, one of the largest shopping malls in Europe, the Arndale Centre, can also be found here. Most major chain stores are located here and in a recent study, Manchester was found to be the UK's second most popular location for retailers outside London. The areas around Deansgate, St Ann's Square, King Street and the Victorian Barton Arcade, are full of shops that have brought in top names in high fashion such as Vivienne Westwood, Armani, and DKNY. City Centre shopping facilities have been aiming for environmental improvements, and the businesses, such as cafes bars, have further increased their attractiveness for shoppers. As a result, specialist and smaller scale retail areas around the core are also doing very well, including the southern end of Deansgate and Tib Street and Oldham Street. There are three large retail parks that can be found just outside of the city centre. These focus mainly on the sale of larger items such as electrical appliances and toys. The incredibly large Trafford Centre, which opened in September 1998, is within easily accessible from Manchester by car along the M60 and the M602 motorways. This has lots of shopping facilities as well as a very good range of leisure activities all in one area.


Manchester is a wonderful city and disabled visitors are really very lucky as, at Manchester International Airport, their needs will be met with all that is required for a safe transport to their accommodation. Specially adjusted toilet facilities, ramps and escalators, as well as lifts to all levels. Wheelchairs and special vehicles will be provided on request and will assist them for as long as they need to remain in the Airport. There are low level telephones available is and a mini com system and enhanced announcement facilities are also provided. Services at this Airport are top class. Naturally, in order for any airport in the world to receive its license, they have to abide by laws to increase the health, safety and wellbeing of disabled people. Disabled visitors are also taken care of while traveling in a coach, and they are offered special fares by producing disability passes. A number of beautiful hotels in Manchester are wheelchair accessible and with great arrangements for the city’s visitors who are physically disabled. Lists of such hotels and amenities they provide can easily be obtained at central spots or through relevant Internet sites. Also in the city of Manchester, there are special preparations for the disabled and many facilities are offered. These preparations can be found not just in hotels but also in civic buildings, parks, museums and churches. Hence, people who are physically impaired or otherwise disabled can still visit the beautiful city of Manchester and enjoy all its pleasures just like everyone else. Last but not least of pleasures, watching a match where your favorite Manchester team is playing (preferably against the other Manchester team) is a memorable event in itself. Disabled supporters of either team are welcome and they will be provided for.

People of Manchester

Manchester has a population of about four hundred and fifty thousand. Manchester city is a very large city with people who have different tastes and interests. The Manchester city is known to have had a great deal of influence in industry, art and politics.  The people of Manchester are also crazy about sports and football in general takes a greater importance. Cricket is another game that is followed and played widely in this part of the world.

The word Manchester has become synonymous with the multitude of people coming from different cultures and communities. This city has shown a great deal of tolerance towards most religions from earlier days.  The city of Manchester is also known to be liberal in its approach towards gay people.

When we are talking about the people of Manchester two things ring a bell; The Night life and city’s interest in art. The nightclub culture has been steadily growing in this part of the world. There have been many notable DJs from this part of the United Kingdom. The city also has in its premises a group of art galleries.  The Manchester art gallery and the cube gallery are among the most famous ones.  Many other art galleries are also present in the city!

The city people are also known to have musical tastes ranging from the classical to the pop. Literature is the hall mark of this city. Even in the early part of the nineteenth century the city has found its place in the world of literature and many notable literary authors quote the city in their opuses! The opera house in the city speaks a ton about the artistic thirst of the people of the city. With a huge population it is no surprise that a city like Manchester boasts of a diversified interest in arts and literature!

Standard English is spoken in most of the high places.

Accommodation in Manchester

Manchester is well known due to its heritage, culture and history. People love to visit the city and to explore different places in the city. People have a fear of heavy expenses which stops them to make any plans to visit any where but Manchester is a place where you can find luxurious accommodation according to your pocket margin.

The city provides a great selection of Budget , business, bed and breakfast and luxury an array of apartment accommodations. These accommodations offer quality and a great value of money and it is ideal for leisure and business travelers. The city provides you a great selection of hotels to choose from and allows to book the hotel through online booking.107 Piccadilly is located to a minute away from the financial district of Manchester. The hotel is very well furnished which makes the stay more convenient. Sac has hotel Manchester is a reasonably priced hotel to stay. It provides a warm and a friendly environment and a perfect base to live. Bridge street hotel offers the quality accommodation and it is an ideal place to live due to its nearest location from city center. Hotel Stockport is very well equipped leisure, wedding and conference venue hotel with pool and restaurants. It is comfortable, quite and cost effective for business and for leisure.

The hotels provide quality food and complementary breakfast to all of its customers.

The city of Manchester

Manchester is the city of heritage and a vibrant city in the north of England with a population of 2,562,200. Manchester is known as the city of theater, music and art. The city is full of entertainment and surrounded by dramatic country side. The city has a strong identity as a city of sports, culture and history.

The city has plenty of places to see such as museums, music centers and with ethnic restaurants. The city displays a wide variety of skyscrapers and architectural buildings with the widespread use of red bricks. It is one of the largest cosmopolitan city and proud of its culture, history and its entrepreneurial spirit. The city has a lead in the world’s textile sector and in production of textile. Manchester is in the top of most visitors’ list due to its creatures, unique markets and festivals. The city has a strong network of roads, trams and buses so it is easy for visitors to explore various places within the city. The things that poll the city as a second city of the United Kingdom are its culture, music, media and arts.

It is a home of indoor music venue named arena. It attracts concert goers and a number of well known bands. The best time to visit the city is Christmas time when its christamas markets have large variety of commodities. Cheap car hire Manchester helps people to move from one place to another without facing any hazardous problems. It also helps people to explore various places in a comfortable way. You can only see the beauty of Manchester through car hire Manchester airport.

Manchester Useful Contacts

Manchester an important city in the greater Manchester is recognized as a gamma city of the world. Ranked number seven in the area wise classification among the other English cities Manchester is quite a big city where you might get lost if you are a tourist! The Manchester is also a city that is known for its soccer teams the Manchester city and the Manchester United both of which play in the Barclay’s premier league.

Having a couple of contact numbers to tackle emergency situations could come in handy. You can call up the greater Manchester police at 0161 872 5050.  The fire service for the entire greater Manchester region could be reached at 0161 736 5886. For medical aid you might have to call 0161 276 1234 for assistance from the royal infirmary of Manchester.

There are also a variety of airport services which you might want to make use of.  You can call the information desk at 161 489 3000 and the airport lounge at 161 489 3388. If you are looking for any enquiries regarding train arrival and departure times you can contact 845 748 4950.

With the proliferation of the World Wide Web users many of the governmental organizations across the Manchester have their own websites and email addresses which can be utilized to contact them instantly.

The local authorities of Manchester are active in the website agma.gov.uk.  Further the fire rescue services website is quoted as manchesterfire.gov.uk.  One can even obtain a list of the various nursing homes that are operational in the area through the website ucarewecare.com.

The Manchester city is one of the economic powerhouses of the United Kingdom and it is also a political center. It is very well connected for both transportation and communication. One could very rarely be in trouble due to lack of communication. 

Manchester Costs, Money & Banks

Manchester, the economic hub of the United Kingdom is in the greater Manchester region. United Kingdom is one of the two big nations in the Europe which has not adopted Euro as its National currency. The GBP or the Great Britain Pounds remain the currency of this nation. It is also called as the Pound Sterling.

Cost of living in the United Kingdom is quite high. The friendly city of Manchester has also the same economic standard of living.  Hotels in the Manchester region vary according to the cost for a full three course meal. We can divide them into four major categories. In the first category is the one where you can have a three course meal for less than twenty Great Britain pounds. The second category incurs as much as 20-30 Great Britain pounds for a day’s meal. The next category obviously lies within the 20-40 Great Britain pounds range. Finally the last category is the luxury hotel where you need more than 40 Great Britain pounds to complete a day’s meal.

You can usually travel through the city in the city transportation with less than 2 Great Britain pounds. A taxi could cost higher.

Some of the world’s best banks are located in Manchester. Barclays bank, NatWest bank, Lloyds bank, abbey, RBS, HSBC and Halifax are some of the banks in this city. If you are looking to convert your National currency to the Great Britain Pounds a number of these can assist you.

The cost of a room in a decent hotel could be as high as 5-6 GBR per night. It is a tough proposition to get into a room without booking especially in cheaper hotels which are in high demand all through the year.

The city is crazy about its football and it is not easy to get a ticket to a Manchester united or Manchester city match if you are tourist!

Festivals in Manchester

Manchester offer lots of events to the people. It provides people a platform and a gateway to explore their talent. The most fascinating festival is Manchester jazz festival which is a biennial event. It is a home grown celebration. It brings the coolest musicians and jazz music together. It mainly focuses on new music by famous and established Internationalmusicians. This ambitious and fascinating festival is believed to have been the first and most exciting one of its kind in the whole world. Due to this event Manchester holds a great attention of music industry from all over the world. Manchester is considered as the center of excellence in music and its association towards new and innovative music.

Manchester celebrates and welcomes Chinese with glittering array of festivities such as dragoon and lion dances, folk dance and through kung fu demonstration. It gives the sensational feeling to the new arrivals. The official celebrations of the festival end with a stunning firework. This event is celebrated annually by the people of the city. Manchester pride is an annual gay, lesbian festival which includes heritage, culture, art, film and music events. It offers the variety of great acts and artists to perform on the main stage. It is a nonprofit and fundraising event which supports HIV community.

Manchester literature festival caters the literacy tastes people. It hosts a series of reading, workshops and debates which explores the entire talent of children and young ones.

Manchester Museum

The history of the Manchester is as old as it gets! This cosmopolitan city has a museum for each and every aspect of the city. Going through every one of them could give one a deep insight on the civilization and the life of people in Manchester. In a way the museums have become a source of tourist attraction.

The castle field area has a museum of science and industry which contains loads of pictures and paintings that depict the development of science and industry in the city from the time immemorial. Trafford Park is the place of imperial war museum. This is located at a waterfront in Manchester city. Dynamic videos are played in this museum which is an enchanting experience.

Museum of transport is another one of those government maintained museums located at Cheetham Hills which has a very rare and unique collection of vehicles that are even as old as a hundred years.

One cannot be ignorant of the football crazy Manchester fans. Two big league teams hail from this part of the country. The Manchester city and the Manchester united are arguably the two most followed league teams in the entire United Kingdom. The Manchester united Foot ball club has museum with a separate hall of fame! The Manchester city for its part also has a museum. One can even get the opportunity to visit all the places related to the football club by enrolling in a tour. The Manchester city also has a history museum which is public.

Besides the museums the city of Manchester is also the home of many art galleries. Notable ones are located at the southern part of the city.  The Whitworth art Gallery is known for its modern art display.

To get to the various parts of the city and then to visit the areas of historic importance could be a very tiring experience if one does not have a private transportation option.  Thus a car hire in Manchester is a really good option. One can get to any part of the city without much fuss if they have a care hired!

Kid's Attractions in Manchester

A rich wealthy city like Manchester has everything up its sleeve. Tourism though not one of the top economy builders of the nation, it does play a substantial role. A highly inhabited city, the Manchester has a number of recreational spots that are used by both locals and tourists alike.

There are a number of museums and parks that are the chief source of attraction among kids in the city. Besides these one can also find any sports activities going on all over the city.  The polka dot kids located at Garforth offers a large number of entertainment and game facilities for children to play and learn.

Wacky warehouse has a series of play centers located at the various parts of the city. Each of these centers has a different theme. To name a few the ‘Band Stand’ at Gorton, the ‘Bell house’ at East Didsbury, the ‘Toy Box’ at Moston and ‘Red Lion’ at Worseley.

An indoor play center with a fair tail castle could be found at the head over heels indoor play centre. Further the Funizuz play centre is full of slides and tunnels. Little Monsters Mayhem is located in Irlam is another kid attraction in Manchester.

Hunt fun Manchester treasure hunt found in the Manchester is a really exciting option for kids of all ages.  Pottery corner is a place where you can learn a thing or two about pottery! Apart from these kid attractions some of the teenage kids are likely to be attracted by the Manchester united and Manchester city football clubs. The Manchester city Foot ball club has Manchester city experience museum and stadium that could be a turn on for many kids.

Tenpin bowling alley is located in east Didsbury. It is often considered as a very good indoor activity for children as they can learn to bowl helped by trainers!

If you are coming with a kid to Manchester you might not want to walk a long way across the city in the dense traffic.

Manchester Parks

Museums and play centers are not the only source of recreation and entertainment in Manchester. A number of children’s parks are present in various parts of the city which act as an important source of kid attraction to this part of the country!

Heaton Park is an animal park located in the Prestwich area of the city. This park also has two separate playing areas for children which consists of miniature rowing boats, slides etc.  With the safety of the authorities in the park children can spend a lot of their time playing among them.

The Lyme Park located at Disley is a great place for kids who like adventure. The castles and estates belonging to the medieval period and woodlands are an enigma in itself which will provide a cup full of joy for kids of all ages. This park is perennially visited by touring kids and thus you can find events for kids happening every day in here.

Wythenshawe Park is another one of those theme parks located at the Wythenshawe. Kids can spend a great deal of time playing crazy gold and many other outdoor games which are nothing but fun. The park also has football grounds and halls that are at least four to five centuries old.

Apart from this URBIs is one of the must visit places for kids. It is located in an easily reachable spot in the Manchester city centre.  It creates virtual environments in which children can explore many parts of the world creating assumed identities. Lowry at Salford Quays is a place with many galleries and restaurants and has all the facilities that are expected of a theme park.

Manchester Real Estate

Very few people in the world get a chance to glimpse at the riches and sophistication of the Manchester. With a group of friendly people the city is the perfect place to live in. Those of you who have visited this place would definitely consider at some point of time buying a property in the city.

Some of the reasons why would want to buy a property might be because of the fact that it is a stable investment that is bound to go only one way and this is up! Secondly they can yield great returns in a short period of time.

If you are now convinced that buying a property in the Manchester is a great idea then you can proceed through this article for some cool advice.  First thing you might want to know is about the real estate agents. Before that manchseterpropertyguide.co.uk is a website that lists all of the available properties that are for sale in the city of Manchester.

You can browse the listings to get an idea about the rates in the city. Once you decide on your Budget and how much money you might want to loan, you have to step down and visit banks that offer cool interest rates for your loan. Once you are done with that choose a real estate agent and get the legal formalities over with. Then you can provide your title deeds and stuff to get a loan from your chosen bank.

You can either buy a house in an apartment, an independent house or a semi detached duplex house. Be sure to consider the pros and cons of buying the house in the particular locality before you allow any of your fantasies of living in the house to take over!

The best way to make sure is to visit the locality more than once at different times of the day.

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