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The Netherlands is a country in north-west Europe, that borders Belgium and Germany to the south and east and the North Sea to the north. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam and the local language spoken is Dutch, although English is a prominent second language. The currency is the Euro.

In the 17th and 18th centuries the Netherlands were a dominant power in Europe, thanks to their booming economy. This was in large part down to the technological advances the Dutch created in shipping, which allowed them to open up new trading routes to the West Indies and Asia. This levelled off in the last part of the 18th century however, and the Dutch became less of a power gradually.

The Netherlands is one of the most liberal countries in Europe and this is emphasised in the country’s capital, Amsterdam. Here you will find the well known Red Light District in the De Wallen area of the city, whilst across Amsterdam there are many cannabis coffee shops that are popular with tourists and local residents.

The country’s second city is Rotterdam, which is home to the largest port in Europe and one of the busiest in the world. Rotterdam was named European Capital of Culture in 2001 and has spend several years trying to establish itself as the main cultural capital of the country. It regularly holds Internationaltennis tournaments and concerts by world renowned artists.

The climate of the country is one of a typical maritime country, due to the North Sea coastline. The hottest time of the year occurs between June and July, with temperatures regularly hitting around 30C during these summer months. In the winter the temperature regularly goes below freezing and is usually around 2C in December and January. The towns and cities that are closest to the coastline often experience warmer weather in the winter and cooler weather in the summer due to the winds.

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