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Cheap Car Hire Perth Airport

Compare Car Rental Perth Airport

Cheap Car Hire Perth Airport

car rental Perth Airport

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Best Perth Airport Car Hire Companies

RENTING CAR IN PERTH? – Read Things to be consider before hiring a car in Perth

Are you planning a trip to Perth in Australia? Are you unsure about which car rental company to contact to rent from when you arrive Perth airport in Australia? To have the fun of your trip, you will need to be informed about how to move around in Perth and even all of Western Australia with ease.

In Perth, getting to hire and drive a car has some rules that must be followed especially by tourists. Getting to know what company will serve you best is another hitch. This article lists few names of companies that provide the car hire service in Perth airport, the good and the bad ones with real customer reviews and even links to more reviews by happy and un-happy customers, the road rules, road signs, age requirements, documents required to get and drive a car, tolls and toll gates, government policies and the rest.

Driving Directions to Perth Airport

The drive from Perth to the Airport takes less than half an hour on a good day. Head west on Wellington Street towards William Street and take the 1st left. Then turn left onto Riverside Drive and continue onto State Route 5 before merging onto Great Eastern Highway via the ramp to National Highway 94. Continue onto Canning Highway and Great Eastern Highway before turning onto Brearley Avenue. From here you will be able to find your way to the airport.

Car Hire Companies at Perth Airport





+61 8 9237 4330

T1/T2 & T3/T4 - Terminal Buildings, Perth WA 6105, Australia

Budget Car and Truck Rental Perth Airport

+61 8 9277 9277

Horrie Miller Drive, Perth Airport WA 6105, Australia

Redspot Car Rentals

+61 1300 668 810

Miller Road Counters in terminal 1 &, 2 Horrie Miller Dr, Perth Airport WA 6105, Australia

Hertz Car Rental Perth Airport

+61 8 9479 4788

Sugarbird Lady Rd, Perth Airport WA 6105, Australia

Aries Car Rental Perth Airport

+61 8 6165 2422

128A, Kewdale Rd, Kewdale WA 6105, Australia

Thrifty Car Rental

+61 1300 367 227

Perth Airport, Terminal 2 Sugarbird Lady Rd, Perth Airport WA 6105, Australia

Ace Rental Cars Perth Airport

+61 1800 620 408

215 Great Eastern Hwy, Belmont WA 6104, Australia

Perth Rent-A-Car Belmont

+61 8 9475 0600

167-169 Abernethy Rd, Belmont WA 6104, Australia

Sixt Car Rental Car

+61 8 9479 5099

Terminal 3/125 Stirling St, Perth Airport WA 6105, Australia

Northside Rentals Perth Airport

+61 1300 677 227

30 Kewdale Rd, Welshpool WA 6106, Australia

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Bottom of Form

+61 8 9479 5099

Terminal 1, Horrie Miller Dr, Perth Airport WA 6105, Australia

Burswood Car Rental Perth City Office

+61 8 9472 5025

146 Murray St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Bayswater Car Rental

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

+61 8 9370 3888

381 Guildford Rd, Bayswater WA 6053, Australia

Car collection desk at Perth airport

There are 4 terminals at the Perth airport. All the 4 terminals have car hire company stands. Walking by at any of the terminals, a tourist will see several stands belonging to car hire companies. Most of the car ire companies have their desk on all of the 4 terminals at the Perth airport and they are easy to find.

Best Car hire companies at Perth Airport

Getting a good company to serve your need is never as easy as doing your thing yourself, but one cannot simply be all in all. At the Perth Airport, there are several car hiring companies (listed above already), but not all will serve you the best. I have taken my time to compile the top 2 best serving car hire companies at the Perth airport solely from user reviews and recommendations.


Samir from Singapore stated clearly in his review at https://www.productreview.com.au/p/bayswater-car-rental.html that Bayswater car rental is hassle free and cheap. He went on to say and I quote:

’’Rented a Toyota corolla hatch for my 7 days trip in Perth. Booked online in advance. Payment was made with a debit card upon collection. Bayswater car rental is highly recommended as the website is user friendly and every detail and extra charges were made known to you upon booking. The details of the car/insurance/mileage usage were transparent during booking.. Fairly new car received and in excellent condition.’’

  • According to Nina Kartrude on Google reviews:

’’Best prices best offers. I called pretty much every car place in Perth. This is the cheapest and I require full coverage 0 excess. I pay $250/week for everything. You won't find such a price anywhere else. Cars are new and in a very good condition!’’

  • Collins Park also gives Bayswater Car Rental 5 star saying:

‘’Now that I've completed the rental process I can upgrade my review rating to 5 Star. Great rates, great cars and very easy pickup and drop off processes. Certainly and thoroughly recommend Bayswater Car Rentals for car hire in Perth. Will definitely use them again.’’


Nicholenash from Perth in Australia writes about the company: ‘‘Love Burswood Car Rental! Rent from them often. Cars are clean and reliable, as well as hired out at the right price. Staff are professional and helpful...AND their rental depot is easy to find and nice and centrally located. Would definitely recommend.’’ More recommendations for the company can be found at: tripadvisor

In order to find yourself a great car rental company, you can make use of http://www.tripindicator.com/ to compare prices and deals from local and international car rental companies and get yourself he best deal for your trip through Perth airport, or to Perth and Australia as a country.


You can hire cars from these companies at your own risk. I have compiled a list of 2 companies that rock the bottom of ratings for car rental companies in Perth from customer reviews.


Bassie Goldcoast, a level 2 contributor on: https://www.tripadvisor.com said about Europcar and I quote: “Avoid Europcar. Perth airport. Hired a car. Got there at 11.30pm told the car is past the red building in the car park. The building is white. Spent 30 minutes or so working out how to drive the car as it had no instruction manual. Had a block key on the left hand side and had to put foot on brake to take off the lock on the car. Returned 6 day later much happier and now just checked my credit card and have an amount of AUD$445. Added to my account. Rang them and asked what it is for and they said that i did 3450km. luckily i wrote down the km on the car when we first got it and when we finished. i calculated that i did just under 1200 km. so got them overcharging me. i have rung them and they have not rung back. i will have no hesitation to take them to court. AVOID THE HASSEL. DON'T NEED THIS PROBLEM.’’ The review can be seen here: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g255103-r63802416-Perth_Greater_Perth_Western_Australia.html

Funny enough, they have an official Facebook page filled with bad reviews from un happy customers also. Check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/europcar.intl


According to Baz, a user: ‘’Well, this is the first car rental company I met in my life that don't respect bookings! I did book my car couple of weeks before the actual travel but a few hours before pickup time I was called and told there is no car available (!). Moreover - their employee was super arrogant by trying to sell me the story of doing me a huge favor by letting me know this in soooo advance (4 hours). I was already on my way to airport and this ruined my day - not even mentioning of double paying for alternative car at the competition and lots of stress and uncertainty (holiday period - first online search returned More terrible reviews about them can be found here: https://www.productreview.com.au/p/enterprise-rent-a-car.html

Document required for Hiring car at Perth Airport

As long as you meet the following criteria, you can hire a car in Perth Airport and drive using your home driver’s license.

  1. Your home license is current and not expired

  2. You haven’t been disqualified from driving

  3. Your home license is not suspended

  4. You are a visitor in Perth

  5. Your home license is written in English or you have a translation

Credit Card Requirements at Perth Airport

You may be required to give out your card details (if renting car online) and also a deposit amount ranging from 200 AUD to 1000 AUD may be required of you, depending on the type of car hired and the distance of travel. Usually payment offline (at the office) is done with debit or credit cards but this may attract more deposit. The deposits are returned safely to the depositor’s account upon return of the vehicle.

More information can be found on the Ministry of transport website: https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/licensing.asp

NOTE: Some car hiring companies require a photo ID driver’s license. If your home license has no photo ID, be sure to get an IDP (International driving permit) before arriving at Perth airport.

Driver Min and Max Age requirements to rent car at Perth Airport

In Australia, to be eligible for learners permit, you have to 16 years of age. But driving age is 17 years for young drivers but immediately you are about to turn 75 years of age, 2 months before your birthday, roads and maritime services will send you a form to take to your doctor. From then henceforth, you have to show every year that you are fit to hold the wheels. Older drivers can get modified license which allow them to get certified health-wise only every year in order to keep driving.

But for visitors, you have to be 21 to hire a car in Perth airport, although, anyone younger than 25 years of age may inure surcharge for hiring a car. The maximum age limit for older drivers is 75 years of age.

Road Rules & Law Tourists Should Know When Renting a Car in Perth

Immediately you are in Perth for your vacation or tour or whatever, be sure to behave like an Australian in total. Remember these traffic rules and abide by them in full.

  1. Always remember to use the left lane if you are driving slowly and taking a view of the beautiful city if you have more than a lane on the road you are travelling.

  2. If you are traveling on the freeway or highway, the rule in Australia is that you must keep left, or use any of the lanes on the left if there are more than 2 lanes on the road unless you want to overtake another vehicle.

  3. When entering a T intersection, the driver on the straight road has the road right. You must also remember to always defer to the driver on the right if you are entering an intersection, unless the driver is stopped by a STOP sign.

  4. Never press your car horn in Australia unless it’s a sign of warning for another driver.

  5. In residential areas, the speed limit used to be 60km/hr but has been reduced over the years in some areas to 50km/hr. On highways, you can reach between 100km/hr or 110km/hr.

  6. Blood Alcohol level from car drivers in Australia must be lower than 0.05, so if you have been drinking, please do not drive.

  7. Seatbelt usage for both drivers and passengers is a must in Australia.

Few Road Signs

  • NO STOPPING: Means you can’t stop or park a car here or even drop a passenger unless on medical emergencies.

  • NO PARKING: You can’t leave car parked here, but you can drop-off and allow passengers in

  • NO STANDING: It also mean do not park here, since you cannot be standing upright and still be driving.

  • BUS ZONE: Cars are not allowed. Only buses and taxis.

  • LOADING AND UNLOADING ZONE. Trucks can load and offload goods here, but cars? What are you offloading and loading? Lol.

You can read more Australian road usage rules here https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/rules-of-the-road.asp

Tips to avoid car rental companies RIF-OFFS

If care is not taken, as a tourist, you will end up being legally ripped off by car hire companies. There are some tips to follow in order not to get ripped off by these companies. You are not in Australia to pay huge fees out of ignorance but to enjoy yourself and have fun. Here are some tips to hold at heart so as to save yourself from paying lots of fees.


This insurance policy is put in place to help tourists save money if they get involved in an accident with a hired car. Usually without this insurance policy in place, when a tourists damages a hired car, he/she is liable to pay the rental company to the tune of thousands. This insurance eliminates all excess fees to be paid in-case the hired car gets damaged. Usually this insurance may seem like a savior to many tourists, but in the real sense of it, it is a rip off. Usually this insurance is sold by the car rental company and it usually cost a lot of money and depending on how long the rent will cover, daily premiums will eventually sky rocket your initial hiring cost. So always try to compare the insurance before you go for a particular company.

To Avoid Rip Off, You Must:

1. Always buy only standalone car insurance because it is way cheaper than those sold by the car rental companies.

2. Make sure you have a travel insurance. It usually covers car hire damages.


Make sure you don’t get caught by waiting until the day you arrive at your destination before you book your car, always book ahead online. It will save you lots of money and even time.


Some car rental company will pick you up at the airport and tell you to buy fuel because their car fuel is empty. As a tourist, this may seem odd but it can happen. Usually, you may be charged more for the fuel and also, you may end up not using up the fuel you have paid for.

The way out is simple, rent car from companies that allow you to return the car with the amount of fuel in it when it was hired.


Whatever extras you will need on your tour, be it satellite navigation system, or baby sits and the likes, remember to pack it before you leave home. Paying for extras like this will cost more than buying them in some cases when you rent them from car hiring companies.

Tolls Gates and tolls fees in Perth

When you are in Perth, you do not need to worry about toll fees because there are no toll fees travelling from town to town in all of Western Australia.

Perth Airport Contact Details

If you have any general enquiries for Perth Airport then you can call +6189478888. Alternatively you can provide them with feedback on their website by filling in their form at www.perthairport.com.au.