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Prior to 1972, Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon. It is an island off the south east coast of India. Because of its location, the country is an optimal naval connection between South East Asia and West Asia. It is also along the major trade route between the two areas. From its earliest days, Sri Lanka has been a major center of Buddhism and is one of the few of worship in South Asia still remaining. The colorful tropical forests, ivory beaches, and the diversity of the scenery have earned it the nickname ?Pearl of the Indian Ocean.?

Sri Lanka is made of two primary ethnic groups: Sinhalese in the central part of the island and the Tamil in the northern part. These cultures date back to the earliest records of Sri Lanka. During the British colonial rule of India Sri Lanka was also included. Today there is still evidence of Sri Lanka's adoption of British culture. This can be seen best through the most popular sport in Sri Lanka, cricket.

Sri Lanka is primarily an agricultural economy with major exports of its trademarked Ceylon Tea, coffee, rubber, and its native plant cinnamon. Today Sri Lanka is developing textile, food processing, telecommunications, and financial industries. It is becoming a leading economic player in the region. Tourism is also important to Sri Lanka. It's geography and landscape offer a rich biodiversity. There are many wonderful places to visit especially the various Buddhist temples. The center of Buddhism is The Temple of the Tooth located inside the palace complex in the former Sinhalese capital of Kandy. While most Sri Lankans move around the country via the National railway, there is also bus service and an extensive highway system.

Arrival in Sri Lanka is mainly via the Bandaranaike International Airport located about 25km north of the capital. Of course, to see a lot of Sri Lanka you will want to have your own vehicle. Car hire in Sri Lanka is available at the airport and in main port city of Colombo. Go to and you will be able to compare prices and models available in Sri Lanka and get the best deal for your money.