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Ayurveda Holiday Tour Sri Lanka

clock 10 days
  • Ayurveda

    An ancient system of medicine that is more than 5000 years old has now evolved in to a discipline of holistic medicine as Sri Lanka Ayurveda.The name says it all. “Ayur” is Life, and “Veda “is Science. The ancient Life Science that is practiced in  Sri Lankan traditions perfected by Sages and Rishis with insight gained by...Read more

Two Hour Package

clock 2 hours
  • if you looking for relaxation in your holiday time, this is perfect Ayurveda Package for that. after the treatments your body and mind will be...Read more

Yoga and Massage Nirvana.

clock 1 hour
  • Yoga and massage have a lot in common. Yoga is actually a form of self-massage. You lengthen and breathe space into areas that are tight. You massage the internal organs through bending and twisting, breathing nourishing breaths throughout the entire session. Both yoga and massage detoxify the body, increasing circulation in the blood and...Read more

Ayurveda Day Package

clock 1 day
  • Traveller can get experience of Traditional Ayurveda Day Treatment and release the stress, helping to...Read more

Ayurveda Treatment for Dermatological Diseases

clock 5 days
  • (SKU: LK84134000)In Ayurveda dermatological diseases are mentioned as Kushta Roga under Kshudrakusta in Ayurveda...Read more

Ayurveda Treatment for Neurological Disorders

clock 5 days
  • (SKU: LK84133000)Any kind of disorder of the nervous system can be considered as a neurological disorder. Structural, Biochemical or electrical abnormalities in the brain, spinal cord or other nerves can result in a range of...Read more

Ayurveda Treatment for Gynecological Diseases and Subfertility

clock 5 days
  • (SKU: LK84135000)According to Ayurveda samhitas gynecological disorders mentioned as Yoni Dosha/ Raja Dasha due to changes in Rithu (Menstruation), Ksheshthra (Reproductive system), Ambu (Sexual Hormones), Bija (Ovum). In Ayurveda treatments & healthy diet together can cure yoni dosha & manage sexual hormone...Read more

Ayurveda Treatment for Cardiac Diseases

clock 5 days
  • (SKU: LK84132000)Diseases can occur due to vitiated doshas in the body. Nadi vignana (Science of pulse) is one of the best traditional methods to find the vitiated doshas in the body. The Consultants of Adhitya Hospital are experts at diagnosing cardiac diseases with their special skills in Nadi...Read more

Ayurveda Treatment for Arthritis and Orthopedic Disorders

clock 5 days
  • (SKU: LK84131000)Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints which can affect one or more joints in the body. It can affect small joints such as Manibanda Sandhi (wrist joints) or Gulps Sandhi (ankle joints), or major joints like Janu Sandhi (Knee...Read more

Niroga Wellness Package

clock 5 days
  • (SKU: LK84136000)The treatments are offered in a variety of durations and guests are given the opportunity to visit some of the popular attractions nearby, with the consent of their doctors who will monitor the progress of their overall...Read more

Ayurvedic Spa Massage and Herbal Garden Tour

clock 3 hours
  • this tour spa massage and you can visit herbal garden.

    1. Full body massage
    *Head, Face, foot, body ( 1 Hour)

    2. visit another place you can visit Herbal garden (1...Read more

Arugam Bay to Ella Shuttle & Upper Diyaluma Waterfall Hike

clock 8 hours
  • Key Attractions:
    Upper Diyaluma waterfall

    Door to Door Hotel transfer:
    From Ella, Haputale, Bandarawela & suburbs
    To Arugam Bay & suburbs

    We: Tuktukdude Lesirue Pvt Ltd
    Operates in 16 destinations
    50+ Villas & Bungalows
    100+ Day trips & Experiences
    8 Island wide Shuttles (Daily)

    "Guest Satisfaction is Our...Read more

Quarantine Holiday With Ayurvedic Treatment Tour

clock 35 days
  • Ayurverda tour offers an abundance of plants, flowers and medicinal oils, making it a perfect destination to enjoy a wellness retreat.During this wellness and discovery tour, you will enjoy ayurvedic therapy.
    • Our Ayurveda treatment is designed for each guest after the consultation by our resident qualified Ayurvedic Doctor.
    • The...Read more