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The island of Tenerife was attacked in 1797 by the British. Horatio Nelson attacked Santa Cruz de Tenerife which was the capital town of Tenerife. This place were the headquarters of the army, subsequent to a bloody encounter, the British were driven back. But amid this fierce engagement between the two rival parties, Nelson lost his right arm when he tried to disembark near the shore. Less violent people landed at the island in subsequent centuries. The naturalist Alexander von Humboldt arrived here and "remarked on the beauty of the island." Tourism began to flourish here in the 19th century. Visitors started to come into Tenerife in large numbers in the 1890s. Francisco Franco was placed in Tenerife in 1936.

It was years before he assumed to the power. Republican government put him into Tenerife being worried of his influence and political leanings. The Canaries fell to the Nationalists in July 1936, when Franco attempted the military coup. The post-war miseries forced thousands of the island?s populace to flee to Cuba and Latin America. The Tenerife disaster occurred in 1977 at Los Rodeos airport. The airline collision accident was the most fatal aircraft disaster in history until 9/11.

If you want to know the actual history of Tenerife then it is better to hire a car in Tenerife and visit such places and try to meet with the guides over there.

Weather of Tenerife

Tenerife is known for its wonderful and widespread beaches.  If you have chosen Tenerife for a holiday, then you definitely do not want to miss out on the fun playing on the beaches.  For this you should know the weather of Tenerife because you don’t want to land up there during the wrong time where your entire trip is ruined.

The weather at Tenerife is wonderful.  The island is popularly called as “The Island of Eternal Spring”.  It is called so because; you will not find major changes in weather during any part of the year.  It has a soothing weather throughout the year.  At Tenerife you will find little rain, enough sun and the right level of vehemence. 
The weather at the south coast is warm all through the year.  The summers are hot though.  The resorts that come along the south coast are the Playa Paraiso, Los Cristianos and Playa de Las

Americas.  The average temperature during the summer is about twenty degree centigrade; the highest has been twenty six degrees.  During the winters, the temperatures do not fall below eighteen degree centigrade.  The lowest has been twelve degrees.

The weather at the north coast is wetter and cooler.  The resorts that fall in the north coast are the El Sauzal, Puerto de la Cruzand Garachico.  The density of tourists is less when compared to the south coast.  This place is the best for people who love golfing and walking. The temperature here in summers is about twenty four degrees. The north coast is not affected by the Sirocco winds.

Overall, the weather of Tenerife is extremely pleasant. It is moderate throughout the year; you can spend your holiday at Tenerife during any part of the year.  There is no specific rainy season at all at this island.  The Mount Tiede will be covered with snow for three full months.  So if you want to enjoy snow bowling you can choose to visit this place during winters.


Situated in the south of the mainland in Spain, it is almost close to North of Africa. This place has plenty of sun, and low level rainfall, which makes it a perfect spot for holidays, and summer is one of the best times to visit the place.


Tenerife Transport

Though Tenerife is an island among the Canary Islands, the transport system is well developed.  All three modes of transport that is the airways, roadways and waterways are available at Tenerife.

Air Transport: Tenerife has two International Airports, the Los Rodeos airport located in North Tenerife and Reina Sofia airport situated in South Tenerife.  The Los Rodeos airport handles more of the domestic flights from other destinations of Spain, whereas the Reina Sofia airport handles more Internationalflights. The air carriers who fly to Tenerife are British Airways, Air Europa, Air Berlin, Finnair, Iberia and others.

Sea transport: Tenerife is one of the tourist destinations which welcome a large number of tourists through its sea transport.  The Santa Cruz de bunk receives the largest number of tourist cruises.  This harbor is the main link between other islands of Spain.  Jet links are available to commute travelers to the different Canary Islands. Some of the shipping lines of Tenerife are La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. All these shipping lines usually wander from the Los Cristianos port. 

Road transport: As mentioned above Tenerife is a small island, so the best means of local transport is by road.  Traveling from one end of the island to the other is very easy.  There is a highway which links the north and south coast of the island.  Though there are excellent bus services like the Titsa bus service which is quick and cheap, commuting by a car is the best.  There are plenty of


Tenerife is a Spanish island. It is the largest of the seven Canary Islands. Public transport facility in Tenerife is very organized. Tenerife is mainly an island in Spain. The island of Tenerife is connected to the outer world with Tenerife North Airport and Tenerife South Airport. It is one of the major tourist destinations in the World. In the year 2005 alone almost around 9,276,963 tourists came to the Canary Islands. Tenerife is the largest of the 7 Canary Islands. Tourism is one of the most powerful businesses in Tenerife. Tenerife area is all crammed with restaurants, bars and shops. You will find all favorite extravagant cabaret and karaoke bars. And even family entertainment packages as well. There are many interesting and popular eating out places in Tenerife. Daisy Burger is Cheerful and bustling burger bar. This bar is inexpensive and remains open all day through. El Caldosa is a small seafood restaurant away at the end of Playa Jardn.The Costa Adeje is a popular tourist destination in Tenerife. It consists of many world-class facilities and leisure opportunities other than sea and sand. The variety includes; quality shopping centre, golf courses, restaurants, and a theatre suitable for musicals and a Congress Hall.

The Tenerife is the best place to see the natural beauty; it is recommended to the tourists to hire a car in Tenerife in order to see the worth of the place. Tenerife is the most popular island having all the facilities of life and even the tourists from different places love to see this place by rent a car in Tenerife.

Attractions of Tenerife

Tenerife, a beautiful island in the state of Spain is of course a beautiful place of tourist attraction. A tourist requires fun, frolic and food and Tenerife has them all. It is a place where we can see beautiful ancient architecture. Moreover its valleys, ravines, beaches, parks make it all the more attractive. It is also famous for its resorts. All the features of this island make it a place of tourist attraction. It’s over whelming beauty is the reason that about five million tourist visit this place every year. As located in the latitude of the Sahara Desert this island experiences a warm climate throughout the year. It is really interesting to know that this island originated due to the volcanic eruptions in this place.

Other than sun, drinking and hangovers Tenerife has many more attractions to its credit. It has the fantastic submarine safaris by which we can see what we always wanted to, under the water. This submarine safari is of course a complete family entertainer. A landscape, Mount Teide is the highest point in Spain with active volcano. A must see in Tenerife is the Loro Parque where you can find the dolphins, gorillas, jaguars, parrots etc and thus is  considered the best wildlife centre. Europe’s newest and the most adventurous park was opened in the South of Tenerife recently. If you are an adventure freak then, the rustic terrain is the place for you. The off road squad bike can thrill you to the most. Adventure also includes the Jungle Park which is considered to be one of the most adventurous parks. You can see the bird prey show, bob sleigh ride, jungle raid, animal kingdom and botanic in this park. The Free bird will stop your search of dolphins and whales and also you can enjoy the fishing and deep sea games.

If you are looking for a great evening outing for the whole family then the great Medieval Knights fulfills your search. It includes all fun and frolic that a tourist requires and serves as a must see place of Tenerife. The Aqua Club in Tenerife is a place where you can find peace and relaxation. If you are a music freak then the Showtime is the place for you. Not all places can be visited at the break of the day, but, Journey to Teide is more attractive during the night time. Be it a gentle walk a horse ride or a thrilling gallop Tenerife has them all. The recently opened water kingdom seems like a nightmare to the travelers. Not to be forgotten is the carnival here. Tenerife’s carnivals are world famous and of course biggest tourist attractions too.

Cheap day trips around the island, adventurous rides, beautiful beaches, mind blowing carnivals, amusement parks all are a part of this beautiful island. The spectacular scenery of this island makes it worthy to visit.

Exploring Tenerife

Tenerife is a Spanish island. It is the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The population of this island is 852,945 according to a census conducted during 2006. Tenerife is the second biggest city in the archipelago. It is the capital of the island. It is also the center of the cabildo insular or island government. Tenerife is the official co-capital of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands. With Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Tenerife shares governmental institutions, Parliament and ministries. La Laguna University, founded in 1792, is located here. Tourism is the most projecting industry in Tenerife. The island is located at 28?19'N, 16?34'W. Tenerife has a surface area of 2,034 km. Similar to other Canary Islands, the city of Tenerife has volcanic origin. But the last eruption occurred about 3.5M years back. The island is the locale of the highest point of Spain, Teide.

The island has two very distinctive parts, a very dry southern part and a very humid and green north. Public transport facility in Tenerife is very organized and has an extensive bus network. There is a plan to build a light-rail network that would link the capital with the South. The most exciting thing is to explore the Tenerife, the best way to do that is to go for the facility of car rental in Tenerife by our company.

Eating drinking Tenerife

There are many interesting and popular dishes in Tenerife. Some of them are really very famous among the tourists. Daisy Burger is Cheerful and bustling burger bar. It is also very popular with the locals. Omelet and a few tapas are included in the offer. This bar is inexpensive and remains open all day through. Azucar is mostly a rice-based dish. But it includes black bean stews, fried green bananas, croquettes and tapas-like snacks. This dish is mainly served in a restaurant in the centre of the old town. These restaurants usually have stylish ambience. Lively soft Latin American music is played here. But the service is quite a bit slow at times.

El Caldosa is a small seafood restaurant away at the end of Playa Jard?n in Punta Brava. This place serves nice fish and seafood. It has a stylish atmosphere with large windows. El Lim?n.is a Vegetarian place serving great veggie burgers, soups, salads, sandwiches. One thing for sure, that is Tenerife never lacks in its nightlife. The night life variety starts from cabaret to nightclubs. You name it, you have it here. Nightlife in Playa De Las Americas is the nightlife capital of the island.


One thing for sure, that is Tenerife never lacks in its nightlife. The night life variety starts from cabaret to nightclubs. You name it, you have it here. It has it all. In this part of the Tenerife travelogue, the focal point of the site we concentrate lies on Playa De Las Americas. Nightlife in Playa De Las Americas is the nightlife capital of the island. Nightlife is split up into 3 different areas; the patch, Veronicas and Starco Commercial Centre. The patch mainly put up all those complete family entertainment. It delivers the pack of entertainment in a small commercial centre. That area is all crammed with restaurants, bars and shops. You will find all favorite extravagant cabaret and karaoke bars and family entertainment packages. This segment of the nightlife bonanza continues till 3am. There are hundreds of bars that are children friendly and some also serve food during the day.

Next come Veronicas and Starco. These two areas are really next to each other. The entrance is free and there is no dress code. Yet bare chests are strictly forbidden. Bars remain open until 4am. Actually, the quality of the bars and night clubs vary in this place. Mostly people wants to travel from one place to another place, and these tourists are in fact very joyful and excited towards the places, but Spain car hire facility is worth for the enjoyment, mostly the tourists like to hire a car in Tenerife airport in order to enjoy the late night life in bars and night musical clubs. The nightlife for the tourists become very exciting and joy able with the services of car hire in Tenerife.

Disabled visitors Tenerife

Disabled people have the right to avail the good facilities as the normal people like to have, Tenerife is playing an essential and more we can say a vital role in offering the best services to the disabled people in Tenerife. At the airport Terminal s the handicap people can avail the facilities. In Tenerife many hotels offers wheel chairs to the disabled visitors so that they don?t have to get their selves. Here in Tenerife the visitors can enjoy the independent vacations.In Tenerife, a safe environment used to be given to the disabled people so after this the disabled wants to visit this place, the accommodation in resorts and hotels offers support service to those people. Hotel Mary Sol??, San Marino, provides great services to the people including accessibility of the wheel chairs towards the pools etc.

For the disabled people there are lifts at the airport so that the people can go up and come down by exerting less, they can also physically able to reach to the toilets as they are also customized according to the physical requirements of the disabled. In Tenerife the disabled visitors can inform the airline at the first-hand what their requirement is at least seventy two hours on early basis so that the airline can arrange those requirements timely. A badge scheme is also available here in Tenerife and those can register for this who are having problems while walking, blinds, can?t move the wheel chair by hand etc can avail the benefits while parking. The countries that come under European community are offering such schemes for the people living here.

The Disabled people should be happy enough after getting these facilities as they can enjoy in real all the exciting things and sites in Tenerife, so enjoy Tenerife just now.

People of Tenerife

A majority of the people of Tenerife are native Spanish speakers. You should be able to get along in the island with English and some basic Spanish.  Tenerife stands first in terms of population among the Canary Islands.  The population of this island has increases steady through three percent each year for the last decade or so. This has been due to the economic development that is rampant in the Spanish cities.

The Tenerife people love fiestas, parties and carnivals. The people of Tenerife spend most of their free time in social gatherings and other stuff. If you are looking for a fun filled vacation then Tenerife is just the right choice for you.  Most of the festivities occur without any religious relevance but are a mark of their culture and society. The Mardi Gras is celebrated in this part of the world. Probably the only place where this carnival is celebrated in a more grandiose manner is the Rio in Brazil.

One thing that you might not have known about the Tenerife people is that they are crazy about sports. Wrestling is one of their all time favorite games. The canary islanders in general take great pride in the beauty of their island. They are extremely helpful and silent at the outside. If you are a tourist they will be more than happy to help you around.   The history of the canary islanders is quite old. Most of the native people are said to have migrated from Africa before the Stone Age. During that age many of the native inhabitants are said to be cave dwellers and the climate of the region does not suggest otherwise! The Tinerfeños or the people of Tenerife are an ethnic mix these days. They are an easy group to mix with.

There are many ways to could observe and enjoy the culture and mores of the people of Tenerife. But the best way is to be at the right place at the right time.

Accommodation in Tenerife

Tenerife is an island in Spain. It is the largest of the seven Canary Islands. Tenerife is the most populated of all the islands as about one million people reside on this island. It is also considered the busiest tourist place as you have around five million people visiting this island every year. Tenerife also has the world’s biggest carnivals. Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, now aspires to be a World Heritage Site. The oldest mountain ranges in Tenerife rose by volcanic eruption from the Atlantic Ocean. The island is located in the north of the Tropic Of Cancer. It occupies a centralized position between the other Canary Islands of Gran Canaria, La Gomera and La Palma.

The nest best thing about this island is its valleys and ravines. Its valleys and ravines add more beauty and worth to this island. It is interesting to know that this island is known as the ‘Island of Spring’. As it is located on the latitude of the Sahara Desert this island experiences warm climate throughout. As said earlier, the Tenerife is a wonderful tourist attraction and hence the accommodations here are also varied depending on your ecstasy. Some of the preferable accommodations of this island are:

  • H10 Conquisdator Hotel Tenerife: This hotel has an excellent beach front location. It also has all the facilities and services that a tourist desires for. It is considered the best accommodation place of this island.
  • Hotasa Semiramis Grand Hotel Tenerife: This hotel of Tenerife is considered a cozy 5 star hotel. It is located in the residential area of the island.
  • H10 Gran Tinerfe Hotel Tenerife: This hotel gives you a warm welcome. It also offers you a huge array of facilities and services. But, if you are going with children then this is not the place you should opt for as it does not have any recreational facilities for them.
  • Botanioco and the Oriental Spa Garden Hotel Tenerife Island: This hotel provides you excellent discounts. It is located opposite to the Botanical Gardens and very close to the town centre of Puerto de la Cruz.
  • Maritim Hotel Tenerife Island: This hotel is situated in the Orotaya Valley. It is considered as a quality priced hotel because of the view and the facilities it provides. This hotel is surrounded by banana plantations and sub tropical plants.

Apart from the above there are various other hotels on this island which serve as best accommodation places to the tourists. Tenerife also has excellent roads which provide an access to almost all towns, villages and beaches of the island.

City of Tenerife

A beautiful island in the state of Spain called Tenerife is considered as the largest of the seven Canary Islands. This city of Tenerife was formed due to the volcanic eruptions. Its area ranges about 2034.38 square kms. It has a population of about one million which makes it the most populated island of the Canary Islands. Tenerife is located in the north of the Tropic of Cancer. It is situated on the latitude of the Sahara Desert and hence the city faces a warm climate throughout the year. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital city of Tenerife. This city has the governmental institutions and shares an autonomous community of Canary Islands.

Around five million tourists visit Tenerife every year which makes it the busiest Spanish resorts. Tenerife also has one of the largest carnivals. Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is now aspiring to become a World Heritage Site. The island is a home to the La Laguna University which is the oldest university for the canaries. The city of Tenerife also has many valleys and ravines which make the island look all the more beautiful. Of all the valleys, Valle de La Orotava and Valley de Guimar are important. The ravines of the island are the characteristic element of the landscapes caused by erosion.

The importance of this island comes from the development of its port. Its commercialization has also helped in its development. The city grew due to the intense increase of the free ports in 1852. The city, Santa Cruz de Tenerife has large landscaped areas which preserves the charm of modernized architecture. Its treelined avenues, parks and squares are ideal for strolling because the greenery of Santa Cruz compliments its peacefulness. The city enjoys a sunny climate throughout.

It also had a maritime park for few years which was designed by Cesar Manrique. It was a place where old trade docks were used for recreation.

Tenerife Useful Contact

Are you planning to visit Tenerife in your next holidays?  Then, you have taken the right decision.  Tenerife the largest island among the Canary Islands is one of most preferred tourist destinations.  This place is heaven for nature lovers.  If you are fed up with your hectic schedule then Tenerife is the right place for you.  But before you pack your bags, here is some information, which will come handy, as you are going to a new place.

  • There are two International Airports at Tenerife one is the Tenerife North Airport and the other is Tenerife South Airport.  The contact number of Tenerife North Airport is 922 635998. You can contact the Tenerife South Airport by dialing 922 759200.
  • In case you need to contact the police then the number to reach them is 091.
  • To call the ambulance dial 061.
  • For any emergency you can dial 112.
  • The Titsa bus service is the most popular bus service at Tenerife.  They offer the best and quick service.  To reach them punch 922 531300.  You can even check their website titsa.com for good deals.
  • In case you are having problems with your cards, like Diners Club, American, Visa or Master  then dial 901 101011, 902 375637, 902 114400 respectively.  The number for Visa and Master card remains the same.
  • If you are looking to get in touch with the Spanish Embassy then dial 020 7235 5555.
  • The number of the British Consulate is 922 286863
  • Festivals of Tenerife

    Tenerife, the party and Festival Island, is where a variety of festivals and regular events take place. It is simply the largest and most spectacular event happening place anywhere in this world. This is a place where you must plan a visit. There are summer festivals as well as winter fiestas take place in Tenerife. The kind of fun and enjoyment that one would have in these festivals of Tenerife will not be the same in other cities. Other events that take place in summer are the Corpus Cristi and several folk festivals that are celebrated in honor of the saints of every village and town.  The most elaborate festival is Christmas which is celebrated in winter.

    Some festivals, such as the annual celebrations for the Fiestas de la Cruz, San Juan, or the three king’s parade in January and Christmas & New Year are held on set dates every year regardless of the day of the week they will fall on. If you want to check out the New Year’s celebration then you should look for Nochevieja parties. They are lAvish street parties which also includes giant firework displays. These kinds of street parties take place all over the Tenerife Island.  In the month of March Tenerife becomes a busy place as it is a big festival period with the Tenerife Carnival in the city of Santa Cruz. This festival is where you can see typical Canarian costume, dancing, music and cultural traditions. There is a parade through the city streets that leads to a big street party at the end of the day's parade.

     Holy week or Semana Santa is another big celebration in the March which lasts for a week. This celebration takes place all over the Spain. There will also be a parade where huge floats depicting the scenes from Easter week will be carried around the city streets. Musicians follow these processions and street outlets will sell the mouth watering traditional foods. City of La Laguna is where largest and most impressive processions can be seen. But there are similar celebrations taking place in Santa Cruz, Garachio and Puerto de la Cruz as well.

    Museums of Tenerife

    Tenerife, one of the most beautiful islands of the Atlantic Ocean has become a major tourist destination over the recent years.  Though everybody knows about its weather and beautiful scenery, this place is also popular for museums.  Tenerife has some of world’s best museums. To name a few are the:

    Museum of Science and Cosmos:  This museum is the best for somebody who is looking for a hand on experience on everything in the universe. Hundreds of experiments are conducted every year. Apart from experiments, there are a lot of activities that are organized on a day to day basis; all of them are meant to woo your interests. The museum remains open from Tuesday to Sunday from ten in the morning to eight in the night. 

    Museum of Nature and Man:  This museum located at Santa Cruz is the best of its kind.  From the year 1983, the museum is considered as a historical monument.  When you drop into this neoclassical museum, surrounded by flora and fauna with a combination of Columbian art, you are sure to get justified as to why the museum has become a historical monument. It is open on all days except on Mondays, from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

    Island museum of natural sciences:  As the name suggests, this museum has the largest stockpile of fauna like the fishes, birds, insects and others.  If you are a nature lover, then this is the right place for you.  Unlike the above museums, this one is open on all the days of the week.  The timings are from nine in the morning to one in the noon and opens back at four in the evening to seven in the night.

    The above are some of the famous museums of Tenerife.  They are a must see in any of the tourist directories.  All the museums are well connected by good transport system.

    Kids attractions in Tenerife

    Among the seven Canary Islands of the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife is the largest one. It covers the largest area and has the highest population. Tenerife is known for its wonderful backdrop and amazing weather. It plays the host for more than five million travelers every year.  It is because of this reason, Tenerife is considered as the busiest island of Spain. Amid, so many sightseeing attractions of Tenerife, there are special kid’s attractions that your child should not miss.

    Here are some of the must see places for your kid:

    Park Las Aquilas Jungle Park: This jungle park is located about seventy five thousand square meters amidst the high hills of the tropical gardens.  As the name jungle suggests, this park is dedicated to wildlife.  If your kid loves to watch alluring birds, penguins and big cats, then this park is the right place to take him.

    Loro Parque:  This is another popular wildlife park at Tenerife.  The park is known to have the world’s highest collection of parrots.  A lot of animals are trained to entertain the tourists. Therefore, there are lots of shows conducted by different animals. Don’t miss taking your child to watch the performance of the whales.  It’s amazing!

    Botanical Gardens: The Puerto de la Cruz floral garden is the right place for you to relax and play with your kid, after a tiring day of sightseeing. The camel rides here are sure to give your little one a wonderful time.

    Cable car: There is the cable car to commute you and your kid to the highest peak of Spain.  The Mount Tiede is three thousand seven hundred meters high and gives a breathtaking view of the Canary Islands.

    Tenerife Beaches

    Tenerife, an island in Spain is a place of tourist attraction. It has the most beautiful valleys, ravines, modern architecture, beaches, and churches which is why about five million tourists visit Tenerife every year. Tenerife, organizes the best of carnivals and the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is aspiring to be a World Heritage Site. Tenerife is sculpted by the volcanic eruptions. The best thing about these islands is that they do not face the problem of air pollution due to the lack of factories and industries. The water there is of high quality and hence all the beaches of Tenerife are catalogued by the Ministry of Health and Consumption as the water suitable for bathing.

    Some of the very famous beaches of Tenerife are:

    • Jardin Beach: This beach is located on the road that leads from Puerto de la Cruz to Loro Park. It is a beach with calm waters.
    • Martianez Beach: Like the Jardin Beach this beach is also located in Peutro de la Cruz. It is located between the Martianez cliff and the public complex Costa de Martianez. Certain areas of this beach have layers of black sand which gives a perfect scenic look to the beach. These layers make the beach look more convincing. Another landmark for this beach is it is situated beside the very famous, Martianez pond.
    • Teresitas Beach:  This beach is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is located by the fishing precint of San Andres. This beach offers varied fish and seafood restaurants. It was enlarged in 1973 and was also conditioned with the addition of golden sand from the antique Spanish province of Sahara. Recently, it is being protected by a breakwater. It is interesting to know that a few Canary palms and sea grapes have been planted near this beach.
    • Roque Beach: The sand of this beach is dark and is more abundant during low tides. Moreover it is suitable for practicing surf, though a little dangerous due to the frequent currents and sudden swells.

    Only a few beaches have been named above but Tenerife has numerous beaches. Most of the beaches there are famous for their water based activities like surfing, sunbathing, swimming etc.

    Parks in Tenerife

    When you check the attractions of Tenerife, you will undoubtedly find a list of parks among the top attractions.  Tenerife is also famous for theme parks.  The parks at Tenerife are meant for all age groups. So, this is the best place for your entire family. Given below are some of the most popular parks that should be on the must visit list, while spending your holiday at Tenerife.

    Loro Parque (Parrot Park): Situated at Puerto de la Cruz in the north coast, this park is known for its resplendent collection of parrots.  It has the world’s largest collection of parrots.  Apart from parrots, this park also has a good collection of wildlife which includes sea lions, dolphins, penguins and orcas.  The submarine shaft around the aquarium is wonderful. 

    Monkey Park: This Park is located on the south coast of the island.  It takes only about five minutes to reach this park from the resorts Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas. This park boasts of having a wide variety of monkey species.

    Chayofa (Camel Park):  Reaching the camel park will only take ten minutes from Los Cristianos.  Camel rides are famous at this park. For a change why not try it.  You are sure to enjoy the ride.  Aside from camel rides, you can also see other farm animals like grey parrots, donkeys, goats, ducks and hens.  The park also has a relic shop, where you can buy presents for the camels and other farm animals.

    Jungle Park: The Jungle Park is also called as Eagle Park; it is located on the south coast of Tenerife.  It has over three hundred animals.  Not only animals, it has an exotic collection of birds.  This park is not just a place of flora and fauna.  It is a lot of activities for the kids like the jungle hunt. There is so much to watch at this park that one day is not enough. 
    Some of the most popular and must see parks are mentioned above.  Once you are at Tenerife, reaching these places are very simple. 

    Tenerife Real Estate

    If you loved your experience at Tenerife and would like to visit the place over and over again, then buying a property there would be a wonderful idea, instead of staying at a hotel every time.  Real estate business is flourishing in Tenerife.  Most of the tourists prefer to buy their own property. There are lots of advantages of buying property in Tenerife, given below are a few of them for your consideration.

    • One of the most important advantages of buying a property in Tenerife is that the cost of living here is very cheap when compared to the United Kingdom.  At the same time for the same cost the standard of living is very high.
    • The climate at Tenerife is an added advantage.
    • If you are not going to completely settle at Tenerife, then you can rent the property out.  The rental income is really high as there are tourists coming in, all round the year when compared to other tourist destinations which has seasons.
    • In case you are planning to mortgage the property at Tenerife, you will be taken aback to know that the interest rates charged for mortgaging is the lowest when compared to other European destinations.
    • Investing in Tenerife will guarantee a steady income for the capital you have invested.
    • Later, if you decide to sell the property for some reason, selling will also be easy as people are interested in properties here are increasing day by day.

    Therefore, investing in Tenerife means you will not lose your money.  Any day you will enjoy only profits. Getting a property at Tenerife is no big deal, once you have located the property you want to buy, there are a lot of real estate firms to assist you further.

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