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Get EANx Diver Certification in 4 Hours

clock 4 hours

    Malapascua Island situated in the Visayan Sea, northernmost tip of Cebu Island, about 2.5Km by 1.2Km land, small in size, but great place to learn diving and enjoying the white sand beaches up north of it.

    Visibility can reach up to 20m and 4m when bad condition of the weather.

    Your gate to have a day trip to...Read more

Try and Discover scuba diving

clock 3 hours
  • Meeting with you when you arrive at our Scotty's Action Sports Network dive center.
    Register and signing papers.
    40 minutes watching a video in a lounge ( it's a refresher about laws of physics, how the scuba diving equipment works).
    Choose your scuba diving equipment, try wetsuit, fins, and booties, mask.
    40 to 50 minutes practice at...Read more

Discover Diving

clock 30 minutes
  • Boasting beautiful tropical waters, the Mactan area of Cebu, Philippines has a natural sea environment and is a place where you can see beautiful tropical seas and various aquatic life that you cannot enjoy in Korea.

    If you want to experience scuba diving before learning, or if you want to take a few moments to experience the beautiful...Read more