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Top Chengdu Bike & Mountain Bike Tours


One-Day Private Country Biking and Panda Tour Around Qingcheng Mountain

clock 12 hours
  • Would you like to see the countryside without having to travel very far before getting a glimpse at mountainous regions and charming villages- This tailored 1 day biking trip is the perfect solution for having a fun but relaxed day trip where you can escape from reality by admiring the gorgeous hilly landscapes, learning more about the province's...Read more

Private Bamboo Bicycle Tour in Chengdu

clock 3 hours
  • Experience the best of Chengdu on a relaxing 3 hour bike tour! Hit the streets on a local hand-made bamboo bicycle to absorb the local flavors of this laid-back city. Cruise through back streets and alleys, and along the Jinjiang River past tea gardens full of locals displaying their pet birds. Along the way, spot Chengdu's historical landmarks...Read more

Private Chengdu Half Day Bike Tour

clock 3 to 4 hours
  • Get a good workout on this half-day bike tour while learning about the daily customs of Chengdu locals. Visit People’s Park, where the locals come to relax and pursue their daily leisure activities. See the Qingyang Palace and the Wenshu Temple to learn about the importance of religion. Absorb Chengdu’s special atmosphere and see the sights of...Read more

Half-Day Private Chengdu Countryside Bike Tour

clock 5 hours
  • This is a good way to see parts of the city and the countryside in one tour. Its also safer then just biking in the city, which can have a lot of traffic. There are no motorized vehicles on the bike path and its continuous so you don't have to stop at traffic lights or unusual intersections etc. Its about a 40-50 km bike ride and we go thru...Read more

14-Day Bike and Hike in Panda Kingdom and Kham Tibet, Sichuan province, China

clock 14 days
  • This tour combines cycling and hiking in the beautifully tranquil rural area around Chengdu Plain as well as Sichuan’s spectacular Tibetan area such as Kham Tibet and Gyalrong Tibet. During this trip, you will not only visit the well-known tourist attractions such as the panda base, Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei, Xinduqiao, Tagong and Danba,...Read more

9-Day Cycle Panda Kingdom, Sichuan province, China

clock 9 days
  • Our Panda Kingdom Cycling Tour has been designed to offer cyclists an intimate look at rural Sichuanese countryside, as well as the rich cultural and religious history this province has to offer. Taking you through ancient towns which formed the beginnings of the ‘Old Tea Horse Road’ and religious sites with over 1500 years of history, we have...Read more

Private Half Day City Bike Tour

clock 4 hours
  • You can get a good feel of Chengdu as we take some back roads and ride along the riverside to pass by some of the highlights of the city on this 4 hour 30 km bike tour. We will first pass Anshun Bridge, take a short walk thru the Peoples park, then pass by Tianfu square and Chuanxi road before returning where we...Read more

Private Overnight Guilin and Yangshuo Tour by Air from Chengdu

clock 2 days
  • Discover the dramatic scenery around Guilin and Yangshuo on a private overnight tour from Chengdu. You'll enjoy a 4-hour sightseeing cruise on the Li River; explore Yangshuo on foot and by bicycle; visit charming villages such as Fuli and Liugong; and see traditional artisans and Ming-era architecture. This 1-night tour includes round-trip...Read more

NIGHT TOUR on a Bamboo Bicycle - plus Taste Local Snacks at Food Alley

clock 3 to 4 hours
  • Feel the vibe of this laid-back city at night time on a relaxing 3.5 hour bike tour! Hit the streets on a hand crafted bamboo bicycle to mix with the locals in the designated bike lanes and back streets of Chengdu. Take in the city lights as you cruise along the Jinjiang River, and weave your way to the city center for an opportunity to taste...Read more

Half day outdoor life glamping cooking/food campervan experience

clock 3 to 5 hours
  • nature/ outdoor survive skills learning near city by half day trip

    learning outdoor cooking and roasting your own coffee by primitive way .

    cooking food picking organic vegetable at wild

    make ur own outdoor life at beautiful nature countryside with river /forest and camping .

    half day trip from Chengdu downtown...Read more

Splendid Chengdu - Into The Local

clock 4 hours
  • Cycling in the most beautiful area of the city, a 4-hour journey, understanding of city and the stories behind it. We'll have a lot of stops to relax, and taking your best photos. Taste classic Chengdu delicious, drinking covered-bowl tea. We'll travelling through the splendor of ancient time Chengdu, experiencing the local lifestyle....Read more

Southwest China 14-Day Bike Tour: Chengdu to Guiyang (pandas,dinosaurs,liquors)

clock 14 days
  • Crossing two provinces, our Chengdu – Guiyang trip offers riders an up close and personal look at the diverse rural life, history and cultures of both Sichuan and Guizhou. First taking you deep into the heart of rural Sichuan, we will slowly wind our way towards the most important Baijiu producing regions of China, found in southern Sichuan and...Read more

Eat Like a Local: Chengdu Street Food Night Tour

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • • A friendly, knowledgeable and passionate English-speaking tour guide
    • Stroll through hidden alleyways and away from visitors
    • Eat like a local, with a guide for added insight and to avoid getting lost
    • Learn more about Chengdu unique food...Read more

Private Guided Cycling Tour in Chengdu

clock 4 hours
  • Cycling in the city and explore Chengdu freely. Our local guide will take you to the secret corners on the wheel. Stop over at various spots to enjoy a true urban...Read more