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Day tour toTRANSNISTRIA, Winery Cricova + lunch in local house

clock 6 to 8 hours
  • * Come with us to experience an unexplored corner of Europe. Moldova;

    * Our Tours are wonderful and they cover an incredible range of opportunities; --culture, nature, pleasure, sports, religion, adventure. This will transform your tour into an experience of taking lunch in a local Moldovan house with eco greengrocer and ecological meal...Read more

Private Soviet Era History Tour of Transnistria from Chisinau

clock 5 hours
  • This private tour in Moldova is focused on the non-recognized by the Moldavian authorities Republic of...Read more

Private tour to Milestii Mici Guinness winery and Hancesti Noble Mansion

clock 5 hours
  • If you want to dive deeper in Moldova's history join me for this tour and let's drive to Hancesti town to see the Manuc Bey Mansion and it's museum, where the local guide will explain in details how this small country appeared on Europe's map. The mansion itself is a French-style castle, complete with a winter garden, guard towers, and a park. It...Read more

Return to the USSR - Excursion in Transnistria

clock 7 hours
  • The Republic of Moldova was Soviet for almost 50 years and it has left its mark, one is Transnistria. And why not a trip to the pro-Russian separatist region of Transnistria- A small return to the USSR for a day, to say "I was there" .., to discover a territory without territory ... .., a country without a country ...

    The political...Read more

1 Day Monasteries Of Capriana And Hincu Tour From Chisinau

clock 5 to 6 hours

    Established in medieval Moldavia, C-priana is situated in a picturesque forested area once called Codrii L-pu-nei.

    Moldova Monasteries Tour allows you to discover some of the most important monasteries on Moldova territory such as, Hincu,...Read more

2 Excursions in One Day - Cricova Winery,Tiraspol City and Bender Fortress!

clock 8 hours
  • Excursion to Cricova winery and Tiraspol city, Transnistria, 2 excursions in one day. You will depart to one of the most fascinating places in the  world, Cricova cellars. Founded in 1952, the cellars are situated underneath the small Cricova town and form an underground city.

    Your trip will continue in the Transnistria region, Tiraspol...Read more

Best of Moldova: Cricova Winery & Old Orhei Tour including Curchi Monastery

clock 8 hours
  • You will get an excellent opportunity to visit one of the oldest wine productions in Moldova - the wine cellars of Cricova Winery, most visited in Moldova. It represents an unique underground city, well-known all over the world by its huge labyrinths of streets, & especially by its excellent wines. It's also a good way to visit the most valuable...Read more

2 Excursions in One Day-Milestii Mici Winery, Tiraspol City and Bender Fortress

clock 8 hours
  • Excursions to Milestii Mici Winery and Tiraspol Transnistria. We will be driving a distance of approximately 20-miles (30 km) from Chisinau. Once there, you'll have an excellent opportunity to visit one of the oldest wine production sites in Moldova – the wine cellar "Milestii Mici". The total length of underground streets reaches approximately...Read more

Private tour to Transnistria! Back in USSR!

clock 7 hours
  • Today I invite you to discover Transnistria. The old USSR is still alive and well in this autonomous region. It is a breakaway territory within the internationally recognized borders of Moldova. The country's national coat of arms still includes the traditional hammer and sickle and the Lenin statue hasn't yet been pulled down. This communist...Read more

Cricova & Milestii Mici Wineries

clock 6 hours
  • The plan is next:
    - Pick up at your Hotel/Apartment
    - 30 minutes drive to Milestii Mici
    - 1 hours excursion on Milestii Mici winery
    - 40 minutes drive to Cricova Winery
    - 2,5 hours excursion on Cricova winery
    - 30 minutes drive to Chisinau from Cricova Winery
    - Arrival at the...Read more

Orhei Vechi Monastery Complex Tour from Chisinau

clock 4 hours 30 minutes
  • You will visit the most beautiful and famous sites in Moldova: Old Orhei Open Air Museum and Orheiul Vechi Cave Monasteries
    You will have a perfect dinner in the resturant near Monastery and you will taste traditional moldavian food and moldovian wine( all is included in price)

    (Chisinau - Orheiul Vechi -Chisinau -120 km) duration of...Read more

5 days: Forgotten Corners of Europe Moldova,Transnistria, Bender,Odesa Tour

clock 7 to 24 hours
  • Be Our Guest in Moldova.
    We prepare this wonderful tour that gives you to discover 3 countries in 5 days with accommodation included!!!

    Forgotten Corners of Europe Moldova, Transnistria, Tiraspol, Bender, Ukraine , Odessa City

    Moldova is one of the least known countries in this part of the world.

    Moreover, its borders...Read more

Half-Day Private Guided Tour of Orheiul Vechi and a Farmhouse

clock 5 hours
  • Remember the last time you fed the animals on a farm- Most probably not. Now you can join one of our tours to Butuceni and experience lots of countryside activities at Ferma Veche guesthouse. Besides that, you will enjoy a hike through the limestone outcroppings dug by Raut River in Orheiul Vechi and explore a medieval cave monastery hidden in one...Read more

Tiraspol and Bender Back in the USSR Private Tour

clock 6 hours
  • Transnistria has preserved a lot of Soviet monuments, equipment, attractive places and facts that will be interesting for everyone to learn. Visiting Transnistria is like traveling on a time machine – not much has changed there since nowadays. The cities of Bender and Tiraspol, keep many soviet monuments, with a specific architecture. You should...Read more

GROUP - Transnistria and Bender Fortress

clock 6 hours
  • Explore Tiraspol, the capital of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldovan Republic and a hub of culture and commerce in Moldovia.You will visit Bender, Novo-Neamt Holy Ascension Monastery and Tiraspol city.

    Be our guest, be positive!

    A small group...Read more

Old Orhei With Lunch & Master Class

clock 4 to 6 hours
  • One of the most popular places of interest in Moldova is a touristic zone called Old Orhei(Orheiul Vechi), which is situated on the Raut River (R-ut R-u). It is a nation’s patrimony, which is located about 60 km away from the capital city Chisinau, among three villages: Butuceni, Morovaia and Trebujeni. Orhei Vechi is an archaeological...Read more

GROUP - Cricova Winery, Old Orhei and Curchi Monastery

clock 8 hours
  • Excursion to Cricova winery and Monastery Curchi and Old Orhei, 3 excursions in one day.

    You will departure to one of the most fascinating wonders of the world - Cricova cellars, that was founded in 1952. They are situated under of the small Cricova town and those cellars form an underground city.

    The excursion will continue in...Read more

1Day: Chisinau Private Sighteeing Tour with Wine tour degustation

clock 5 to 6 hours
  • Leave your map behind and follow with us.
    See all of Chisinau's highlights in a single private sightseeing tour. This excursion is a great option for first-time visitors or those travelers with a tight schedule, enabling you to see the landmarks and attractions on three different routes.
    On this walking tour of Chi-in-u, take the stress out...Read more

Unrecognized Country - Transnistria

clock 6 hours
  • Have you been visiting country within another country- Do you know the place where Lenin is still main personality- Right, that is unrecognized territory called Transnistria. No worries, it is very peaceful country within official borders of the Republic of Moldova, no matter what they...Read more

Tour to Soroca Town

clock 8 to 9 hours
  • Soroca fortress is one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in the Republic of Moldova. It is located in a small Moldovan town (bearing the same name) close to the Ukrainian border. The famous landmark of Soroca town is a well-preserved Middle Age fortress with stout stone walls right down by the riverside, intended to daunt unwelcome...Read more