Venice Gondola Ride, Grand Canal Boat

Best Best Gondola Rides in Venice

1.Venice Gondola Ride and Serenade

Venice Gondola Ride and Serenade Tickets

Duration: 30 minutes

Cruise City Tours 3.5 (2350 reviews) (2350 reviews)

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Tiqets: €41.00 ...GetYourGuide: €41.00 ...TicketBar: €41.00 ...Viator: €41.70 ...
  • What Is It:
  • The classic way to enjoy Venice!
  • See some of the most iconic sights float past as you\'re serenaded by a singer/musician onboard a traditional gondola.
  • Get a 30 minute ride on the Grand Canal combined with some of the most picturesque smaller canals too.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Board your shared gondola, a maximum of 6 people on each boat with up to 8-10 boats per group.
  • Ride down the Grand Canal taking in the iconic sights and travel down the picturesque back waterways too.
  • A singer/musician will serenade you with classic Venetian songs on your journey.
  • What It Includes:
  • 30 minute ride on Venice\'s canals.
  • Travel on a traditional gondola with gondolier.
  • Singer/musician onboard 1 of the boats in your group.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • ”This is a must!”
  • ”The accordion player and singer were first rate.”
  • ”The serenading was great, I would do this again.”
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • A must-do for hopeless romantics spending their first time in Venice.
  • One of those \'once in a lifetime\' things that should be enjoyed once!
  • Avoid if you dislike tourist gimmicks and want to see and experience the \'real\' Venice.

2.Venice Gondola Ride and Serenade with Dinner

Venice Gondola Ride and Serenade with Dinner Tickets

Duration: 2 hours (30 minute gondola ride and 1.5 hours dinner)

Cruise City Tours 3.0 (577 reviews) (577 reviews)

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Viator: €88.50 ...TicketBar: €99.00 ...GetYourGuide: €109.00 ...
  • What Is It:
  • Enjoy a 30 minute gondola ride before sitting down to an Italian dinner.
  • The gondola ride is serenaded so you\'ll be able to take in the delights of Venice whilst listening to an opera singer and accordion player.
  • Afterwards, make your way to the restaurant for a delicious 3 course meal.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Enjoy an evening of romance in Venice.
  • Take a 30 minute gondola ride with live musician along the Grand Canal and the smaller backstreet waterways.
  • Then, sit down to a set-menu dinner at a local Italian restaurant.
  • What It Includes:
  • 30 minute serenaded gondola ride.
  • 2 or 3 course dinner – depending on option booked.
  • After dinner coffee.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • ”It was the best way to see Venice and we had a very romantic dinner.”
  • ”Such an amazing experience. The food and the included restaurant was so good. Definitely bang for your buck with this tour.”
  • ”From beginning to end, this tour was fantastic! ”
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • Perfect for couples coming to Venice for the first time who want to enjoy a romantic evening.
  • Ideal if you want the experience of a gondola ride but can\'t afford a private boat trip.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience you\'ll want to repeat.

3.Venice Hop-On-Hop-Off Boat

Venice Hop-On-Hop-Off Boat Tickets

Duration: 24 hours or 48 hours ticket validity

Cruise City Tours 3.5 (173 reviews) (173 reviews)

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Tiqets: €20.00 ...GetYourGuide: €20.00 ...TicketBar: €20.00 ...Viator: €20.41 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A 24 hour or 48 hour pass for the hop-on-hop-off sightseeing boat.
  • Travel on the Grand Canal on the open-top boat plus out into the lagoon to reach other islands.
  • Easily reach, and see, all of Venice\'s top attractions.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Get comfortable as you watch the iconic sights of Venice pass by.
  • Hop off at any of the 13 stops to go sightseeing.
  • Onboard, you\'ll be able to upload your photos and videos in real time to show friends and family back home thanks to the free wifi onboard.
  • What It Includes:
  • 24 or 48 hour ticket for the hop-on-hop-off boat.
  • Route map and timetable.
  • Free Wi-Fi onboard.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • ”Very nice tour around Venice Grand Canal - Got to see all the beautiful and interesting places Venice has to offer - I really enjoyed this tour..!”li>li>
  • ”Had the best time on the Venice Hop On, Hop Off boat...the sights were amazing and the staff were helpful and friendly.”
  • ”Convenient for a short stay, was able to pack quite a few visits in a couple of days, including half a day at Lido beach. Good value for money”
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • An easy way to move between the top attractions in Venice including the surrounding islands.
  • Good value for money and gives your feet a break!
  • If you have enjoyed using other hop-on-hop-off boat or bus tours, this is similar but you should not it lacks commentary.

4.Venice Sunset Boat Tour

Venice Sunset Boat Tour Tickets

Duration: 2 hours

Cruise City Tours 5.0 (156 reviews) (156 reviews)

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Viator: €80.30 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A 2 hour small-group tour on a traditional boat to admire Venice at sunset.
  • Travel around the Venetian Lagoon admiring city from the water.
  • Cruise through St Mark\'s Basin and along the Lido, passing beautiful islands.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Admire the breathtaking scenery as your skipper takes you to the best viewing spots to enjoy sunset.
  • Learn about the sights your seeing from your expert local skipper come tour guide.
  • Enjoy a half bottle of Prosecco out on the water as the lights turn on.
  • What It Includes:
  • 2 hour boat ride.
  • Half bottle of Prosecco.
  • Local multilingual skipper/guide.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • “This was one of the best tours we did in Venice. The tour guide was amazing, informative and funny. The Prosecco was also good, a very relaxing evening.”
  • ”This trip exceeded our expectations. Gian showed us corners of the Venetian Lagoon that we would never have seen.”
  • ”Tommaso our guide and captain was brilliant and had so many suggestions for our visit, absolutely great!”
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • A truly memorable experience – A must if visiting Venice for the first time.
  • Great for photographers!
  • Good for couples, family, or friends seeking an enjoyable (not romantic) tour.

5.Murano, Burano and Torcello Day sightseeing tour

Murano, Burano and Torcello Day sightseeing tour Tickets

Duration: 4-4.5 hours

Cruise City Tours 4.0 (243 reviews) (243 reviews)

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GetYourGuide: €18.00 ...Tiqets: €20.00 ...TicketBar: €20.00 ...Viator: €20.30 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A half day boat trip to visit 3 of Venice\'s islands; Murano, Burano, and Torcello.
  • Spend approximately 45 minutes on each island.
  • A multilingual guide gives information during your boat journey.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • See a glass blowing demonstration in Murano with free time to shop and explore.
  • See the lace making and colourful painted houses in Burano.
  • Visit Torcello cathedral and other architectural sites.
  • What It Includes:
  • Return boat trip from Venice to the 3 islands.
  • Glass blowing demonstration on Murano.
  • Commentary onboard from an English speaking guide.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • ”Excellent, well paced and plenty to see.”
  • ”The photo opportunities were plentiful and it gave us a good opportunity to do a bit of cruising on the water without having to fork out a small fortune.”
  • ”This was a very nice tour of some of the islands of Venice. I truly recommend it.”
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • A great way to get an overview of the top 3 outer islands in Venice.
  • Perfect if you\'re limited on time but still want to see the highlights of these iconic locations.
  • A photographer\'s dream, Burano particularly!

6.Grand Canal venice Boat Tour

Grand Canal venice Boat Tour Tickets

Duration: 1 hour

Cruise City Tours 4.0 (640 reviews) (640 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

TicketBar: €32.00 ...Tiqets: €39.00 ...Viator: €39.70 ...GetYourGuide: €325.00 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A 1 hour boat trip on the Grand Canal.
  • Small group tours (up to 10 people) travelling on a motorboat.
  • Live commentary on all the sights you\'ll pass on the Grand Canal.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Delight in Venice\'s best and most historic scenery viewed from the water.
  • Journey along the Grand Canal plus some minor waterways.
  • Learn the history and culture of Venice from your guide.
  • What It Includes:
  • 1 hour motorboat ride.
  • Commentary from live guide.
  • Travel on the Grand Canal and minor waterways.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • ”I only had a short amount of time in Venice and I learned and saw so much this way!”
  • ”Really nice to see another side of Venice from the water. Our guide was knowledgeable and full of interesting bits of information about the sights. ”
  • ”We learnt so much about Venice in such a short time. The guide was very friendly and passionate about the area.”
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • A great way to see the Grand Canal.
  • Good for first time visitors.
  • Photographers may have restricted views depending on seating and if the boat is full.

7.Murano glass experience plus Visit to a Burano Lace Laboratory

Murano glass experience plus Visit to a Burano Lace Laboratory Tickets

Duration: 5 hours

Cruise City Tours 4.5 (92 reviews) (92 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

GetYourGuide: €35.00 ...Viator: €35.60 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A half day boat trip with guided tours.
  • Travel by private water bus from Venice to the islands on this small group tour.
  • Visit a glass blowing factory and watch local lace makers.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Get a guided tour around the islands of Murano and Burano with free time to explore too.
  • See a glass blowing demonstration at a working glass factory.
  • See the art of lace making.
  • What It Includes:
  • Transfer to the islands by water bus.
  • Small group tours.
  • Professional multilingual guide.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • An exhilarating trip which gave me a new perspective about the lagoon
  • ”Great experience that our whole family thoroughly enjoyed!!”
  • ”Awesome experience, even if you are not interested in lace making or glass blowing!”
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • A must if you enjoy demonstrations and guided tours by passionate guides.
  • A great way to understand more about Venice and its lagoon islands.
  • The whole family will find it interesting.

8.Private Venice Gondola Ride Romantic

Private Venice Gondola Ride Romantic Tickets

Duration: 20-30minutes

Cruise City Tours 3.5 (64 reviews) (64 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

GetYourGuide: €140.00 ...Viator: €142.00 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A romantic gondola ride perfect for couples.
  • See some of Venice\'s most beautiful sights in the most iconic way.
  • A private gondola ride just the two of you and the gondolier.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Enjoy a relaxing and romantic private gondola ride.
  • Escape the crowds of the Grand Canal by travelling along the smaller back canals too.
  • Toast your love for each other with a glass of Prosecco.
  • What It Includes:
  • 20-30minute gondola ride.
  • Private tour for 2.
  • Small bottle of Prosecco.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • ” Lovely gondola ride through the quiet canals, the prosecco was a lovely added touch!”
  • ” At first I was kind of sceptical that this was going to be a flop, since not all the comments were totally positive. But I really enjoyed it!”
  • ”The gondola ride was romantic, peaceful and fun. I\'d definitely recommend your own private gondola ride.”
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • Something that has to be done once if you\'re in Venice as a happy couple!
  • Perfect for honeymooners and those celebrating anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Not the best way to \'see\' Venice but the best way to enjoy the atmosphere!

9.Venetian Lagoon Tour and Galleon Dinner

Venetian Lagoon Tour and Galleon Dinner Tickets

Duration: 3 hours

Cruise City Tours 5.0 (263 reviews) (263 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

GetYourGuide: €100.00 ...Viator: €101.00 ...TicketBar: €110.00 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A 3 hour evening dinner cruise.
  • Sail around the Northern Venetian Lagoon passing a variety of islands before journeying up the Grand Canal.
  • Enjoy gourmet dining onboard with a fish menu.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • Relax over a delicious candle lit gourmet dinner.
  • Watch the sights of Venice pass you by, lit up in all their glory.
  • Savour the romantic, sophisticated atmosphere on a night to remember.
  • What It Includes:
  • Fish dinner with wine.
  • 3 hour cruise on the galleon.
  • Aperitif plus after dinner coffee.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • ”Excellent!! Beautiful food, scenery and service, couldn’t be better!”
  • ”Wonderful from the service to the food and everything in between. Had a great time!”
  • ”Delicious food and a lovely cruise around the bay”
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • If you\'re looking for a sophisticated and romantic evening in Venice, this is the trip for you!
  • A memorable way to see Venice at night – Including the outer islands, usually only seen during the day time.
  • Not suitable for kids/families – This is quality adult time!

10.Venice Walking Tour and Gondola Ride Combo

Venice Walking Tour and Gondola Ride Combo Tickets

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Cruise City Tours 3.5 (2749 reviews) (2749 reviews)

Compare Tickets:

GetYourGuide: €56.00 ...Viator: €57.00 ...
  • What Is It:
  • A guided walking tour with gondola ride afterwards.
  • The best way to see and understand Venice, from its streets and its canals.
  • Small group sizes, limited to 35 people per tour.
  • What You’ll Do:
  • See and learn about Venice on a 1.5-2 hour walking tour.
  • See the famous sites plus the picturesque hidden corners with narrative from your guide along the way.
  • Take a gondola ride along the grand canal and some of the smaller canals after the walking tour.
  • What It Includes:
  • 1.5-2 hour walking tour.
  • Professional English speaking / multilingual guide.
  • 30 minute shared gondola ride.
  • What Travellers Say About It:
  • ”This was a perfect tour for us. Our guide was local and brought us great background in introducing us to Venice. Highly recommend!”
  • ”Loved the walking tour through Venice. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable.”
  • ”You can\'t go to Venice without this Walking Tour and Gondola Ride. The streets are so narrow in Venice and it\'s easy to become confused. Our guide walked us through these narrow streets and told us quaint stores about the different neighbourhoods.”
  • Is It Right For Me:
  • Great if you\'re the type of person who enjoys guided walking tours.
  • A great introduction to the city – A must for first time visitors who want to see hidden corners and learn about Venice from a local guide.
  • Must be able to walk 1.5-2hours.