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Top Dhaka Walking & Biking Tours


Full Day Sonargaon, Old Capital and Island Trip

clock 10 hours
  • In this trip we will explore the remaining of Bangladesh old capital(Sonargaon), the Folk Arts & Crafts Museum, abandoned city Panam, a sixteenth century's tiny mosque and life at small village on the bank of Meghna...Read more

Explore Dhaka City in a Local Way !!

clock 6 to 8 hours
  • Stimulate your senses and challenge your photographic eye by taking part in the awakening of one of the world’s largest cities. Dhaka is the political, trade, and cultural center of Bangladesh and provides endless opportunities for travelers interested in capturing the unique lifestyles of its inhabitants. Feel as though you are a local buyer as...Read more

Dhaka in One Day: Highlights of Dhaka Tour

clock 8 hours
  • Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has a rich history and diverse culture. A guided, full-day tour is the best way to explore the city's attractions and most important sights. On this 8-hour tour you'll learn about the history, traditions, and current lifestyle in...Read more

Private Tour: 5 Days - Bangladesh Nature & Culture Tour - North-eastern part

clock 5 days
  • This Tour is a great combination of Nature, Culture and Heritage of Bangladesh.
    Our knowledgeable and friendly guides work behind the scenes which is different from others. A trip with us will broaden your horizons and deepen your
    understanding of Bangladeshi tradition and...Read more

Private Day Tour: Old Dhaka Photography

clock 8 hours
  • Take professional photographs of the city of Dhaka while on this private 10-hour tour. Accompanied by a guide, you will be taken to various locations in Dhaka such as the New Market to capture the beautiful moments surrounding you. Professional and amateur photographers are both welcome to participate in this creative...Read more

Private Tour: Dhaka Full-Day City Sightseeing Tour

clock 8 hours
  • "Discover Typical life of Dhaka City with Major Attractions" 
    Explore the buzzing Dhaka; the capital of  one hundred and sixty million people. You will enjoy a full-day excursion of 10 hours including a cafe Lunch.  Discover the typical life and places of interest of chaotic Dhaka. Visit key attractions of the capital and the an unique...Read more

Food Tour In Old Dhaka : Private Food Walking Tour

clock 5 hours
  • Food of Old Dhaka is very popular among the people . If anyone ask about Old Dhaka,the first thing they will talk about the food. This tour will gives you the chance to taste Street & restaurant food of Old Dhaka like a local. This is a private tour and Starting time is adjustable. We are available from 9:00 to 22:00 for this food tour. Here are...Read more

4-Day Srimangal Adventure Tour with Cycling Excursion

clock 4 days
  • Sreemangal is the undoubted star of this region and a few days spent cycling around its tea estates, Bangladesh Tea Research Institute and exploring nearby villages and forests will almost certainly rank among your most treasured experiences in Bangladesh. The town is small and friendly, yet the surrounding countryside is the real highlights for...Read more

Allure of Old Dhaka

clock 3 hours
  • Allure of Old Dhaka is not just an ordinary walking tour, If you want to explore, experience history and heritage sites of Old Dhaka, if you want to witness of thousand years of old legacies. join us to rediscover, learn and meet cultural heritage of Old Dhaka and histories of past elegance.
    In this walk, we will explore some important location...Read more

Armenian Walk: The Story of a changing fortunes

clock 3 hours
  • Dhaka is the witness of the Armenian colony who came as a part of the migration of Armenians from Persia. The Armenian community of Dhaka played a significant role in Bengali trade and commerce. This community in Dhaka was small but vibrant. Some wealthy Armenians used to reside in European-style bungalows. Unbeknownst to many, few untold stories...Read more

Dhaka Photography Tour : Private Day Tour in Dhaka Bangladesh

clock 8 to 10 hours
  • Get the best chance to take photos of Dhaka. You can take photos of the people, Lifestyle and also nature. Your Guide and driver will show you some places where you can find the meaning of life. Also, you will get a chance of exploring the old Dhaka by local...Read more

52 Markets And 53 Alleys Walk

clock 3 hours
  • There was a time when Dhaka was called a “Bahanno Bazar Ar Tepanno Goli” (52 Markets and 53 Alleys). The naming of the areas and localities of Dhaka, a city of 400 years, is impressive indeed. From Boots, Shaheber Goli to Bhooter goli, or from Grand Area to Gandaria has some history.

    In this walk, we will explore Old Dhaka, many hidden...Read more

4-Day Bangladesh World Heritage Tour: North Bengal

clock 4 days
  • Book this 4-day tour in North Bengal to visit some of the most amazing archaeological destinations including Navaratna Temple, Behula Lakshindar Basor Ghor, Mahasthangarh, Govinda Bhita, Ramsagar National Park, Ramsagar Lake, Kantajew Temple, Nayabad Mosque, Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur, Kusumba Mosque, Chhoto Sona Mosque, Tahkhana...Read more

Sound of Silence Walk

clock 3 hours
  • Bangladesh has a rich, diverse culture. It has a deep-rooted heritage, which reflected in its architecture, dance, literature, music, painting, and clothing. In Dhaka, the performance of dances and songs by Baijees began during the Mughal rule. Once Baijees used to perform dances and songs in the court of Subahdar Islam Khan and many luxurious...Read more

Explore Old Capital Sonargaon in a local way !!

clock 6 to 8 hours
  • Old Capital of Bengal Sonargaon is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Just 30 km far from Dhaka, Sonargaon has a lot to offer. Historically it was the center of trading and people from Far East countries to come to do trade here. This fertile land was also famous of Dhakai Jamdani and muslin. With the glorious history, there are still...Read more