Craft Beer & Seafood Trail with a Local

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    Do you know there about edible creatures in the sea? Now, what would you say to a chance to indulge in the freshest of seafood available in the Howth. Take this tour to taste the best locally caught seafood in Ireland, washed down with an ample amount of local craft beer. You would feast like a local, enjoying the best of Ireland.

    To enjoy this experience at its maximum, a true local will be appointed to you to point you in the right direction. After meeting your tour guide, you will wander (not aimless) through a picturesque fishing village, stopping off along the route to sample the delights of Howth. Following the guidance your local guide, you are sure to enjoy the best of Howth that you couldn’t have gotten any other way.

    As you row through the sea, you’ll hear tales Howth’s past Including Viking invasions, kings landing, the 700-year-old castle, gun running of Howth and so forth. Marvel at the grand sight of Ireland’s Eye and the Irish Sea. Under the guidance of your tour guide, you will taste the finest and freshest of locally caught seafood in Ireland.

    You get to choose from a vast array of seafood, including Oysters, Calamari, Mussels, Dublin bay prawns, Seafood chowder. You will also sample over 5 locally brewed craft beers. Sample from an array of delicious locally caught sea food. Listen to this kind advice from a previous tourist. “If you like beer and seafood you don't have to miss it. The guide was great with a lot of interesting stories and anecdotes”. Take this tour and enjoy the most enjoyable of Irish seafood and beer

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