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    Would you love to discover how the spirit, Whiskey rose to global prominence an how it has evolved over time? Well, here’s your chance. This a crash course into the history of the historical Irish spirit, whiskey. At the Irish Whiskey Museum, a master blender will talk you the rich heritage of Irish whiskey. This lecture is combined with sightseeing around the Museum. Guided by the master blender, you’ll learn to make you unique blend of whiskey.

    You will have a professional guide You’ll trace the origins of whiskey or as it is affectionately called by the Irish, uisce beatha (water of life). Get ready for storytelling time where you will listen to your guide share stories about whiskey through the ages. After a fully guided tour of the museum, you get to relax while sampling 4 types of Irish whiskey. You will sample a premium aged whiskey and take home a souvenir as a memento of your experience.

    Guided by the master blender, you will practice crafting and sampling your own unique blend of Irish whiskey and take a home a personalized miniature bottle as keepsake.

    One tourist thought it good to leave your note: “Book with the Irish Whiskey Museum. It’s that straight forward - absolutely excellent!” Another said “4 delicious tastings of the different whiskeys of Ireland. We also learned the history and traditions of making the various types. Quite fun” And there’s more where those came from. If you’re into drinking Whiskey then this for you! If the prospect of becoming a real connoisseur of Irish whiskey sounds like music to you, then this is your chance.

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