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Top Eilat Scuba Diving


Private Diving Experience for Beginners in Eilat

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • If you do not have enough time to go through a full scuba-diving training course or you are not certain if you want to go in for sports like this, then IntroDive will introduce you to Eilat underwater world and will help you make your final decision.

    What is IntroDive-

    IntroDive is the fastest and easiest way to make a trial tour...Read more

Introductory Dive in Eilat

clock 45 minutes
  • This introductory dive gives you a look into the underwater life in the Red Sea. The dive has been designed to give you a taste of the beautiful world under the water. This is a great activity that one person or the whole family can enjoy. If you ever wanted to see marine life up close this is definetly for you. The whole strip of coral beach is...Read more

PADI Open Water Diver Course - 5 Days Scuba Diving

clock 5 days
  • There is probably not a single person who is indifferent to the beauties of the sea depths. Bright colorful coral reefs, varied schools of party-coloured fish and other sea inhabitants, unknown secrets that lay deep down – all this you can reach doing scuba diving in Eilat. Experienced instructors of our diving center will help everyone see all...Read more

Guided Dive on Coral Reefs for Certified Divers

clock 5 hours
  • Why does an experienced diver need an instructor-

     The majority might think that having a certificate, an insurance and experience is enough to not use the help of an instructor. In this case the help of a professional is not in teaching and giving advice. An instructor is more of a guide, companion or friend that knows all the secrets of...Read more

Aqua Star Diving

clock 30 minutes
  • Take an amazing hour out of your day to go on the Aqua Star at the Aqua Star diving center in Eilat.  No diving equipment needed.  See the colorful fish, the beautiful coral.

    suitable for all ages for those who want to discover and explore the rich Red Sea marine life and have no previous diving...Read more

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course

clock 5 hours
  • Our unique programm will help you open the diverse world of diving. In just one day every participant will be able to get a year certificate that proves training in a professional club. Having finished this course, you will receive a diving certificate that allows you to take part in next level course OPEN WATER (5 DAYS). What is more, everyone...Read more

Refresh Dive for Certified Divers

clock 3 hours
  • What is this additional course for-

    The laws of many developed countries including Israel forbid independent scuba diving for those who haven’t been practicing diving for the last six months in any part of the world. The proof to complete this requirement is a record in a diver’s logbook, otherwise dives do not count.

    Our diving...Read more

Open Water Diver Course [5 days/18m] and Advanced Open Water Diver [2 days/30m]

clock 7 days
  • Open Water Diver course is 5 days long. Underwater practice is absolutely safe, because it is carried out under the guidance of an experienced and certified instructor. There is no need for an additional insurance, as it is already included in the price of the course. The diving center also provides you with equipment that is required to dive for...Read more