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City Tour Fortaleza - Full Day Cumbuco Beach Tour by Nettour

clock 8 hours
  • Our Tour is very different because it combines the same day cultural and historical tour including one of the most beautiful beaches of the coast of Ceará.
    This tour lasts a full day. The tour begins with the main sights of Fortaleza with a stop for shopping in the Old Public Jail (Today Handicraft Center). After we follow towards Cumbuco...Read more

Canoa Quebrada from Fortaleza

clock 8 hours
  • Traveling along the Sol Nascente Highway, a scenic 95 mile (156km) ride from Fortaleza, you'll reach Canoa Quebrada for your full day adventure. Known as one of the most popular beach destinations in Ceara, this area seems to have stopped in time. Don't miss out on trying one of the many seafood dishes sold in the beach huts and prepare for the...Read more

Lagoinha Beach from Fortaleza

clock 8 hours
  • Take a full day trip from Fortaleza to the district of Paraipaba where the beautiful Lagoinha beach is situated! This area is one of the largest and most popular attractions because it used to be the ancient hiding place for French pirates. Now, Lagoinha is a quiet colony of fisherman, set amongst paradise landscapes dotted with palm trees,...Read more

Full Day Tour to Jericoacoara from Fortaleza

clock 16 hours 30 minutes
  • Approximately 1:40 am after leaving Fortaleza, we will stop for a small breakfast (not included). Then we will continue towards Jijoca, city where we will change to typical vehicles with 4 × 4 traction (vans) for the crossing through the National Park of the Dunes (included) knowing its charming lagoons. Upon arriving in Jericoacoara, we will...Read more

Cumbuco Beach with City Tour from Fortaleza

clock 8 hours
  • Take a day trip to the beautiful beach of Cumbuco from Fortaleza! Take part in some of the adrenaline pumped activities or relax on the white sands of the secluded beaches. Discover the stunning scenery and explore the many bars and restaurants before finishing off this spectacular day with a refreshing swim in the Parnamirim pond. With enough...Read more

Jericoacoara in 1 day

clock 10 to 13 hours
  • Enjoy JERICOACOARA Paradise in just 1 day.
    Voted the 3rd most beautiful beach in the world and the most sought after destination by Americado Sul by TripAdvisor, Jericoacoara is today the best destination in the Northeast to meet.

    On the same day round trip, you get to know and enjoy the main sights, the most popular on the...Read more

Jericoacoara Tour in a Full Day - Leaving Fortaleza by Girafatur

clock 15 to 17 hours
  • Departures from 03:30 Praia do Futuro, Avenida Beira Mar, Praia de Iracema and hotels near to them. Our first stop is in Jijoca from where the passengers go by van to visit the Paradise Lagoon, Preá Beach (Preguiça Tree), Pedra Furada and Vila de Jericoacoara returning to Jijoca after sunset and from there following in return to...Read more

Walk to Morro Branco Beach & Praia das Fontes

clock 6 hours
  • The two beaches are part of the municipality of Beberibe - east coast and are 85 km and 90 km from Fortaleza respectively. They make up a unique landscape formed by cliffs, which are immense hills by the sea, orange in color and which make a beautiful contrast with the sea. Dunes and small sources of fresh water are also part of this...Read more

Tour to Canoa Quebrada Beach

clock 10 hours
  • This tour is for those who want to enjoy the beach on the outskirts of Fortaleza. Canoa Quebrada is located 163 kilometers from the capital of Ceará, in the district of Aracati.In addition to the historical differential, the beach has a perfect infrastructure to receive tourists and a look that amazes anyone. The trip takes about two and a half...Read more

Tour to Lagoinha Beach

clock 10 hours
  • We will leave the hotel in the direction of Lagoinha Beach, which is approximately 110 kilometers from Fortaleza, in the Paraipaba district, on the west coast of Ceará. The ride lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes. The region has already been covered by several covers of tourism magazines and is considered a paradise of Ceará.

    The...Read more

Full Day Tour to Cumbuco From Fortaleza

clock 8 hours
  • Former colony of fishermen, with vast coconut groves and immense dunes, Praia do Cumbuco, 37 km from Fortaleza, offers the most diverse options for recreation. Here nature reveals itself surprisingly. At each step, the wind shapes the landscape. Suddenly, the crescent-shaped dune is cut abruptly, forming the so-called funnel. Another dune, another...Read more

Canoe Quebrada Full Day Tour - Departure from Fortaleza by Vitorino Turismo

clock 9 to 10 hours
  • This tour will be full day, leaving the hotels in the morning and returning in the late afternoon. Located 167 km from Fortaleza, considered one of the most exotic, paradisiacal, rustic and primitive of the Ceará coast. Discovered by tourists from various parts of Brazil and abroad, looking for mystical and high-spirited places. Canoa (as it is...Read more

Tour to Morro Branco & Fontes Beach

clock 8 hours
  • The beaches of Morro Branco and Fontes, together, make up a scenario of enormous orange-colored cliffs by the seaside that contrast perfectly with the sea. The landscape also enchants by the presence of the dunes and the small sources of fresh water, besides the colored sand in Morro Branco and the small caves in Fontes.

    The tour consists...Read more

ParaMotor Instruction Double Flight

clock 10 minutes
  • Paramotor is the most comfortable way to fly, not to mention the look your flight position gives you: you'll be seated in a seat with full visibility.

    Takeoff and landing are smoother, since they need less speed, and are usually done while walking.

    The flight is smooth and stable.

    Live this exciting adventure in the...Read more

Cumbuco-Leaving Fortaleza by Girafatur

clock 6 to 7 hours
  • Excursion to the beach of Cumbuco. Departure from 08:00 with boarding at hotels in the border of Fortaleza. Return from 16:00. Route accompanied by tour guide and driver duly regulated. We use as a point of support the beautiful tent-restaurant Chico do...Read more

Free Flight towed in the northeast of Brazil - Complete Assistance

clock 9 days
  • Come to northeast Brazil and experience why this is the best place in the world for cross country. Eager to go far- Dare to challenge yourself and break your personal...Read more

Tour to Cumbuco Beach

clock 8 hours
  • Cumbuco beach is very close to Fortaleza, just 38 kilometers away, in the district of Caucaia. It is considered one of the most traditional in the state. The attractions that make so many people fall in love with the place vary: there are those who love natural beauties, those who like the adventure options and those who choose the comfort of a...Read more

Tour to Aguas Belas Beach

clock 9 hours
  • For those looking for a trip on the outskirts of Fortaleza that completes the trip with a day of tranquility and beautiful views, this tour is ideal. Going to Águas Belas is one way to make the trip even more memorable and to make it stand out from any other. 55 km from Fortaleza, the beach "where the sun kisses the moon and the river embraces...Read more

4 Days Coast Package - From Fortaleza To Natal in Buggy or 4WD

clock 4 days
  • This package is the ideal tour that will allow you to explore the beautiful coast between the cities of Fortaleza and Natal, an ideal trip to enjoy the incredible beaches offered by these destinations.
    If you have some extra days on your vacation plans, don't hesitate to book this promotion!

    This package will guarantee the best...Read more

Tour to Mundau Beach

clock 8 hours
  • We will leave the Hotel towards the beach of Mundaú, 154 kilometers from Fortaleza in approximately two hours. During this route, the enchantment begins with the surrounding nature. That's because it is mostly made at the coastal road.

    The natural beauty of the beach is striking because it has been little explored by man. A highlight of...Read more