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Top Guatemala City Cultural Tours


Guatemala City Complete Day Private Tour

clock 8 hours
  • The Guatemala City Tour by a native travel guide is the safest way to know the city. Our travel guide drive you around all the highlights and historical points of the city, with a nice and comfortable vehicle. Your safety is our greatest concern.

    Immerse in the mystical Mayan civilization with a visit to The Archeological Museum with a...Read more

Panoramic Tour of Guatemala City + Urban Gastronomy Experience

clock 3 to 4 hours
  • In this tour of Guatemala City, you will appreciate the main cultural, commercial and financial infrastructure of the city. This is a panoramic tour that includes the Civic Center, Old Town, and the newest part of the City, Cayalá District.

    As if the history of the Mayan culture isn’t interesting enough, more recent events in Guatemala...Read more

Half Day Experience in Antigua Guatemala - Collective tour

clock 4 to 5 hours
  • Youtube Video Experience: https://youtu.be/tpSymGu6yf8

    Visit this magnificent colonial city of over 400 years old, and just one hour from Guatemala City. Beautifully preserved with its convents and churches, stately homes and gardens that evoke the tranquility and splendor of past epochs.
    Antigua is today a center of much activity. It...Read more

Chichicastenango Ancestral Mayan Market & Lake Atitlan with Lunch in Panajachel

clock 9 to 10 hours
  • Chichicastenango is an indigenous Town in the Guatemalan Highlands where a kaleidoscope of colors takes place. You'll are able to interact with Local people, dressed the original Mayan gowns.
    Home to one of the largest outdoor markets in Latin America, is not only Guatemala’s biggest and best market, but also its most historic. This little...Read more

Full Day Tour: Chichicastenango Maya Market and Lake Atitlan from Guatemala City

clock 12 hours
  • At Chichicastenango Maya Market you will witness ancient Indian rituals at the Santo Tomas Church,also enjoy the picturesque outdoor market where locals from the region gather to buy and sell fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains, animals, textiles and handicrafts....Read more

Guatemala City Tour

clock 4 to 5 hours
  • The tour is guided by local people who want to share with you their knowledge and experiences of living in this great city. The route has been specially designed to show you the city in an authentic and fun way. You will discover a vibrant city, full of color, with people always ready to give you a smile. Book this tour with...Read more

Chichicastenango and Lake Atitlan Day Trip

clock 11 hours
  • Today is market day in Chichicastenango!  Visit the most colorful and picturesque Indian open-air market in the country. Hundreds of Indians from the surrounding countryside gather to barter their goods and...Read more

UNESCO JEWELS: Antigua Half Day Tour from Guatemala City

clock 5 hours
  • Depart from Guatemala City to explore the fascinating city of Antigua Guatemala, declared World Heritage Site for its historical value, wonderful architecture and colorful landscapes, learning about history and culture. You will visit some buildings with unique architecture style of the once consdered the third most important Spanish colony in the...Read more

Lake Atitlan, Panajachel and Santiago Village Day Trip by Boat from Guatemala City

clock 12 hours
  • Departing from Guatemala City, visit Lake Atitlán and some surrounding villages, a winning combination of scenic beauty and a relaxed atmosphere, immersed in Mayan culture. In particular, visit Santiago Atitlán, a small town on the south side of Lake Atitlán, famous for a shrine to...Read more

Chichicastenango and Panajachel Day Trip from Guatemala City

clock 9 hours
  • Take a day trip from Guatemala City to the towns of Panajachel and Chichicastenango. In Chichiscastenango, discover the star attraction, the local open-air market, where you can browse handmade goods like wood products and ceramics. You’ll see the historical Iglesia de Santo Tomas (Church of Santo Tomas) and the Calvary Church, also located in...Read more

Antigua Guatemala City Tour

clock 6 hours
  • Antigua Guatemala, commonly referred to as just Antigua or La Antigua, is a city in the central highlands of Guatemala famous for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque influenced architecture as well as a number of spectacular ruins of colonial churches.

    It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage...Read more

Antigua Guatemala & Surrounding Villas from Guatemala City

clock 9 hours
  • Visit the Colonial City of La Antigua, a UNESCO World Hertiage Site
    Enjoy of the colonial architecture of La Antigua Guatemala and learn the History of the Former Capital of Spanish Guatemala
    Appreciate the wonderful landscape of La Antigua Guatemala and the Agua Volcano
    Visit the villages just outside of LaAntigua...Read more

Guatemala city Personalized Private Tour

clock 4 to 12 hours
  • Ever thought of exploring this country but want to do it in your own way- In that case, join us on our Guatemala tours and personalize your own travel!
    With this personalized tour, you can plan your own itinerary and the tour operator will help you out to complete the travel you have always dream of. Tours can include going to a museum, the...Read more

Full day tour in Guatemala City

clock 7 hours
  • Private tour of the cosmopolitan Guatemala City, during the tour you will be able to get to know Guatemala City passing through avenues and important monuments to understand its history through the explanations of our guide, taking with you pleasant experiences where you visit: Avenida Las Américas, Reforma Avenue, Civic Center, Historic Center,...Read more

Lake Atitlán and Chichicastenango market tour

clock 12 hours
  • The tour of the Guatemalan highlands is a contrast of nature and unique culture, our first point to visit is the Chichicastenango Handicrafts Market, which is only held on Thursdays and Sundays, in the place we will know the daily life of the Mayan Quichés, thus Even the respective time for shopping for handicrafts is very important, in the...Read more

Chichicastenango Market Tour

clock 10 hours
  • Visit to the most important handicrafts market in the western region where syncretism can be visualized on a large scale since the local people have preserved their Mayan beliefs which are mixed with Catholic practices, this place is multicolored since the Quiché people He still wears his regional costume, on our visit it is contemplated to enter...Read more

Full Day Tour of Antigua Guatemala

clock 8 hours
  • The beauty of this ancient colonial city, Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, lies in each of its details. Those who visit it are amazed by its historical attractions. Ancient temples and monasteries are part of their...Read more

10 Days - Guatemala Mayan Explorer

clock 1 to 12 hours
  • Enjoy a holiday for 10 days by an organized adventure trip in Guatemala get an great experience with Organized hotel, local tours, guides and transport, the live mayan cultures, ruins, and natures of Eternal...Read more

Chichicastenango and Lake Atitlan

clock 8 hours
  • You will visit the famous outdoor market of
    Chichicastenango and the Church of Santo Tomás, Chichicastenango Cemetery. This is a market
    which appears every Thursday and Sunday, disappears as one of the ancient traditions
    Highland commercials in Guatemala and now delights its visitors. The best days to visit the municipality are Thursdays...Read more

Antigua Guatemala Full Day Tour

clock 8 hours
  • Founded by the Spaniards in 1543, nowadays Antigua is a beautiful blend of ruins, restored colonial buildings, and new buildings in colonial style. It was declared “Monument of America” in...Read more