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Handmade Incense Making Activity in local village from Hanoi

clock 6 hours
  • We will travel outside the Old Quarter, try the top Vietnamese food in the old streets. Enjoy some refreshing drinks in a cosy houselike restaurant. Learn about the local culture and then head to an area designed by incense village architects close to the older quarter 30 km2. Around there, we will enjoy local food, countryside village, human...Read more

The Catamaran Cruise - Luxury Day Tour in Halong & Lan Ha Bay Full Activities

clock 1 day
  • With one day on Halong Bay Catamaran, you will sail among thousands of limestone karst islands of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. That will be an unforgettable day for your holiday in Vietnam. You will not regret to add Halong Bay Catamaran 1 Day Cruise in your Vietnam Tour package for your friends or family.

    Catamaran Halong Bay brand new...Read more

String Art making in Hanoi Old Quarter

clock 2 hours
  • Come experience a very unique unique 3D art form that you can actually touch and feel.

    String art is weaving colored string, wool, wire, or yarn between hammered nails to make geometric patterns. Artists use lines of thread to create curved patterns that can form desirable 3D shapes: mandala, symbol, objects, letters, and...Read more

Private Half-Day Tour: Bat Trang Pottery Village

clock 5 hours
  • Bat Trang pottery village has produced high quality ceramics for a thousand years. Enjoy a drive into the countryside, traveling along the Red River, and see how this pottery is made by hand. You’ll have a chance to shop for some interesting...Read more

Explore Hanoi with a street photographer

clock 3 hours
  • - I will provide an instruction of how to use a camera if needed.
    - I will share my experience at doing street photography in Hanoi
    - We will enjoy walking around discussing about whatever topic: photography, art, history, culture, etc.
    - During the tour I will take environment portrait of you as well ( if you don't mind...Read more

Watercolor Painting Workshop

clock 2 hours
  • This workshop is for people who love art, watercolor painting, or just simply like to have a relaxing afternoon experimenting with art:)

    Join us for a 2 hours workshop to learn some basic techniques about watercolor painting and enjoy time practicing your new painting skills in an artistic...Read more

Discover Knife Da Sy Village By Motorbike

clock 5 hours
  • Nestled in Kien Hung Commune, Ha Dong Town, Hanoi, the small, but prestigious village – Da Sy has a long - standing history of forging profession. During wars in Vietnam, the village was the main source supporting weapons for Vietnam military. However, when peace returned to Viet Nam 40 years ago, the Da Sy people returned to making to...Read more

Calligraphy Workshop

clock 2 hours
  • Hello creative minds!

    Have you ever thought of holding a brush pen and writing calligraphy on “Dó”-paper just like the emperors wrote down their commands in ancient times-

    Cool fact: your writings are likely to last up to 200 YEARS thanks to the traditional way of making our paper, that we are preserving with this project. The...Read more

3-Hour Bat Trang Pottery & Ceramic Class in Hanoi City Center

clock 3 hours
  • As well as being an enjoyable form of art, making pottery will aid in the development of hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, spatial skills, and planning abilities. Additionally, making pottery will require concentration and discipline to complete a piece. Furthermore, this lesson will remove your tire, stress from your daily life. On...Read more

Gym Pass

clock 1 day
  • Experience a cozy private weight training environment with top-grade equipment. We are fully equipped for general strength training, crossfit workouts, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and...Read more

Survival Vietnamese Lesson for Travelers & VN Travel Tips

clock 2 hours
  • Most of Vietnamese people really like foreigners, so once you know some basic phrases, and are able to communicate in Vietnamese, you will find that nearly all Vietnamese people will open up and enjoy sharing their culture with you. Let me start with you for this interesting experience :)
    In the lesson, you will learn:
    - Vietnamese alphabet...Read more

Tie-dye workshop

clock 3 hours
  • This workshop is for people who love D.I.Y colorful clothes, and upcycling!
    In this workshop, together we can tap into your creativity and upcycle old garments or clothes into something new, through tie-dye.

    Come make crafts with us, be part of our community, and please get in touch if you want to collaborate.

    Bring your old items...Read more

Walking Street Food Tour and Hidden Music

clock 3 hours
  • Join me on a journey through Hanoi’s beautiful street food scene. For many tourists Hanoi can be intimidating and hard to explore but I will show you the secret treasures of Hanoi that many tourists may miss or do not get to see. We will start with an egg coffee at a secret and ancient cafe opposite Hoan Kiem Lake. From here I’ll take you to...Read more

Jewelry Making Workshop

clock 3 hours
  • This workshop is for people who love the art of making DIY jewelry, especially wire art jewelry:)
    Come to our workshop, pick one or more designs that you like (in our catalog or your own favorite...Read more

DIY workshops using Vietnam traditional handmade paper.

clock 2 hours
  • What will you get from our workshop:
    - Get to know the history, papermaking process of traditional Do paper of Vietnam.
    - Listen to the story of Zó Project as a social enterprise.
    - Will be guided to do one product from Dó paper then bring home later.

    "Zó project was by far the best part of our trip to Hanoi. This all-female led...Read more

Hanoi's urban art galleries&best Pho

clock 3 hours
  • We’ll explore to Hanoi’s most emblematic neighborhoods, Trang Tien street, Hang Dao street, and Hang Be Street, each with its own style, personality, and links with Hanoi’s art...Read more

Vietnam Fishing village photography tours

clock 2 days
  • - Capture the local fishing in their traditional, authentic style
    - Photograph the unique fishing tools of the local
    - See & photograph the processes of making salt
    - Our photography time from sunrise to sunset allows opportunities for portraiture, low light photography, composition and story...Read more

Tea Tasting and Traditional Music

clock 3 hours
  • Traditionally, Vietnamese tea drinking is considered a hobby of the older, more learned members in households and in society in general, although currently, it has been becoming more popular in younger demographics as well. Tea drinking would accompany aristocratic activities such as composing poems, tending flowers, or simply appreciating...Read more

Unique Ceramics Pottery Workshop in Hanoi Old Quarter

clock 3 hours
  • - Get more fun and more experience with pottery class in Hanoi old quarter

    - You don't need to go to Bat Trang ceramics village, just stay in Hanoi Old Quarter, you can play with our Bat Trang...Read more

Dong Ho Paint Traditional Village By Motorbikes

clock 5 hours
  • Dong Ho Village with its famous paintings has become an aesthetic symbol in Vietnam culture. Located to the left side of Duong River, Dong Ho stood for centuries making their unique art work. From over 100 families in the 1950s, currently there are only a handful of families still making the traditional craft. Dong Ho paintings are places for...Read more