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Top Hiroshima Water Sports


Explore Beautiful Hiroshima via SUP Exclusive Tour

clock 3 hours
  • Tour around Hiroshima City Center via SUP. Overlook the crystal waters adorned with calming views of the surrounding scenery. This plan will take you around Hiroshima’s vivid riverbank site, awarded for its stunning emerald-green tint and timeless beauty, further advancing to various other iconic sites, such as the colossal apartment building -...Read more

Explore the Nature that Inspired Ghibli Movies by Kayak (Half Day)

clock 3 hours
    Tomonoura is a beautiful and picturesque port town that served as the inspiration for the town in Studio Ghibli’s anime “Ponyo” and is also where Hollywood’s “Wolverine” was filmed. Explore and discover Tomonoura on this special tour, whose history is intimately entangled with the nature surrounding it. Enjoy a picturesque...Read more

Explore the Nature that Inspired Ghibli Movies by Kayak (Full Day)

clock 8 hours
    Enjoy Tomonoura, which is said to have the most beautiful landscape of Japan, by sea kayak. This is also the town where the Ghibli movie 'Ponyo' and the Hollywood movie 'Wolverine' were filmed. From Tomonoura's port town scenery seen from the sea, Abuto Kannon Temple, which seems to protrude from the sea to desolate beaches to which...Read more

Miyajima Sea Kayak Short Course (1 hour)

clock 1 hour
  • Get a stunning view of the  Itsukushima Shrine, a World Heritage Site, from the sea on the sea kayak.  A short 1-hour tour starting at the beach near the great torii gate.  Recommended for visitors to Miyajima or those who try sea kayaking for the first time.  Enjoy the breathtaking view of the great torii of the Itsukushima Shrine from the...Read more

SUP Tour to see the Great Torii Gate of the Itsukushima Shrine Up Close

clock 3 hours
  • Let's cross the sea by SUP and aim for the World Heritage site Itsukushima shrine. This plan is a premium experience where you can go through the torii gate floating in the sea by SUP. A calm lesson is provided for beginners and an exciting course where you can cross the sea for experienced participants. A gently and beautiful sea where a lot of...Read more

2 Day Trip to the Island with a Population of 7 & Fishing in Hiroshima, Setouchi

clock 2 days
  • Setouchi Islands are attracting attention from travel magazines around the world. Stay overnight and have relaxing two days on a remote island of Setouchi with only seven residents. Go fishing on a recreational fishing boat, and eat the fish you caught at dinner.

    -Stay on a remote island and enjoy the scenery of Setouchi, beautifully dotted...Read more

Night Kayak Tour Relax Under the Natural Glow of Sea Fireflies

clock 4 hours
  • Kayak on the cool evening ocean to discover a glowing blue world of magical wonder. The stunning blue glow is from a cluster of sea fireflies that light up the ocean.

    -Take beautiful photographs of the blue, glowing sea fireflies.
    -Witness sea fireflies, which are uncommon in Japan and only active during the summer months (June to...Read more

Private Cruising through Setouchi Islands

clock 1 to 2 hours
  • This is a private cruising tour. We make your own tour of visiting attractive spots at islands in Setouchi area according to your request. There are two choices of tour duration, one hour and two hours. You can enjoy the various kinds of view spots of Setouchi Islands, and you never get bored!

    -You can visit unexplored islands accessible...Read more

Exciting River Trekking Tour in Hiroshima's Countryside

clock 3 hours
  • Jump into the countryside and experience excitement by shower climbing with an experienced guide. Located only an hour away from Hiroshima Station, you can enjoy a river trekking adventure. Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to relax at a local hot spring!

    Escape from bustling city tourist spots and adventure in a countryside town...Read more

A day of ultimate relaxation by renting an island which holds modern highest art

clock 7 hours
  • Reserve a hidden uninhabited island where the best artists and richer works are exhibited. This is a day where you can enjoy receiving high-quality hospitality for all meals, transportation to enjoy ultimate relaxation, and stay time.

    -Reserve an uninhabited island and enjoy the ultimate relaxing time and services (viewers may come to the...Read more

Sea kayaking tour with lunch! A one-day adventure by sea kayak in Hiroshima

clock 8 hours
  • -custom made tour-Sea Kayak tour enjoying the beautiful view of Seto Inland Sea

    Sea kayak experience. Go around the various islands of Shimanami Kaido by sea. Let's experience sea kayaking at sea with typical warm climate islands in the Seto Inland sea. Every island has its own recommended spots and you're able to choose your favorite...Read more