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Okinawa Ishigaki Sunrise SUP / Canoe Tour in Ishigaki Island

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • It is a plan to cruising early morning mangrove with SUP or canoe. In addition to the gently flowing rivers and mangrove forests, the clear air of the morning and the singing of wild birds color the morning. Finally, look at the pleasant sunrise from the top of the SUP / canoe, and take a full morning sun and charge is complete. We will create a...Read more

Ishigaki Island unexplored subtropical mangrove sap experience

clock 2 hours
  • In the wilderness surrounded by subtropical plants, you forget that you are in a situation where you can only hear the sounds of the creatures and the wind, and you have the illusion of time slipping back to the primitive times. Some people have a difficult image of SUP, but it is very simple and has great buoyancy, so you can enjoy it regardless...Read more

SUP or Canoe Tour at Kabira Bay & Snorkeling Tour at Fantom Island

clock 6 hours
  • A good-value tour of SUP / canoe cruising at the scenic spot “Kapira Bay” representing Ishigaki and snorkeling at the popular snorkeling spot “Blue Cave”! In Kabira Bay, cruising the beautiful sea with the hot topic of new activity “SUP” or the standard activity “canoe”. Snorkeling plays with the fish in the Blue Grotto and its...Read more

Phantom Island & Snorkeling Half Day Tour from Ishigaki

clock 3 hours
  • The coral reefs around Ishigaki and the other Yaeyama islands are famous for their beauty and for the variety and number of fish and marine life that live there and are supported by the coral and its fellow inhabitants. In addition, there are several pathways for manta rays as they pass through the area. This tour will not only seek out the best...Read more

[Okinawa Ishigaki] Snorkeling tour at Phantom Island

clock 3 hours
  • - "Phantom island" that changes shape depending on conditions
    Appears only at low tide and varies in size depending on the tide. There is nothing obstructing the view, so the marine blue sea is as far as 360 °. Great location!

    - Experience snorkeling in the sea around the phantom island!
    The sea around the phantom island is called...Read more

[Okinawa Ishigaki] Sunset SUP/Canoe tour in Ishigaki Island

clock 2 hours
  • -Cruising in the mangrove river of a natural monument! [Free photo data]
    A new activity SUP that came from Hawaii, a canoe of super-standard activity, at the "Hirugi Forest of Miyara River", a nationally designated natural monument! The sea is not the only attraction of Ishigaki Island!

    - The guide will firmly support you! Even beginners...Read more

[Okinawa Ishigaki] Night SUP/Canoe tour at Mangrove Forest in Ishigaki Island

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • It is a plan to cruise the mangrove at night with SUP or canoe. Because it is a calm field, you can cruise safely at night. The quiet night river is also a great starry sky point. You can be healed by the sky full of stars or you can enjoy an adventure. How to enjoy is free. Recommended for those who do not have a plan after dinner or who do not...Read more

[Ishigaki] SUP/Canoe tour at Mangrove Forest + Snorkeling tour at Phantom Island

clock 6 hours
  • - Cruise the mangrove river of natural monuments! [Photo data free]
    At the national monument of the natural monument "Hiragi Forest of Miyara River", a super-standard activity canoe / New activity SUP from Hawaii! The charm of Ishigaki Island is not just the sea!

    - Landing & snorkeling on a phantom island! [Photo data free]
    "Phantom...Read more

[Okinawa Ishigaki] Snorkeling tour at Ishigaki-Blue Cave

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • It is a plan to snorkel around the popular spot "blue cave" located in the northern part of Ishigaki Island. As the name implies, the water inside the cave is clear blue, and reflects blue sky and sun to shine more blue if conditions are met. The inside of the cave can land and explore, and it is possible to observe the natural products of...Read more

[Ishigaki]SUP/Canoe tour at Natural-Monument-Mangrove-Forest in Ishigaki Island

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • It is a plan to cruise the mangrove river “Miyara River” designated as a national monument as a natural monument by SUP or canoe. During the tour, you can observe the magnificent mangrove forest and the creatures that inhabit it, and enjoy a relaxing time with the nature of Ishigaki. The field is protected by a mangrove forest and is not...Read more

[Okinawa Ishigaki] Fantom Island Snorkeling+ Taketomi Island Sightseeing

clock 6 hours
  • - Phantom Island landing & snorkeling [Photo data free]
    A "phantom island" is an island made of sandy beaches floating on the west coast of Ishigaki Island. It is named because it changes its shape depending on the tide. In the surrounding sea you can swim with many fish and corals! No experience required! Guides support!

    - Relaxing...Read more

Stand Up Paddling and Canoe Tour at Kabira Bay in Ishigaki

clock 2 hours
  • This is a plan to cruise on the popular new activity “SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)” in the scenic spot “Kawahira Bay”, which is one of the three star stars selected by the Michelin Green Guide. There is a high degree of freedom in a spacious field, and you can fully experience SUP while watching the beautiful sea. The canoe has an excellent...Read more

[Okinawa Ishigaki] Snorkeling Tour at Ishigaki-Blue Cave and Phantom Island

clock 6 hours
  • - Blue cave snorkeling
    It is a snorkeling tour around the hotspot "Blue Cave"! The inside of the cave shines blue as its name suggests. Let's swim with many fish! After snorkeling, play with water in a clear stream waterfall pot!

    - Phantom island landing & snorkeling
    "Phantom Island" is an island made of sandy beaches floating on the...Read more

Half-Day Guided Stand-Up Paddle Experience at Ishigaki

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • A “must-do” Stand Up Paddle Tour of 3.5 hours, at Ishigaki, for all guests levels.

    From beginners to advanced paddlers, we will guide you through the best and idyllic locations of the island for an unforgettable experience and a lot of...Read more

Guided Standup Paddle Experience in Nagura Mangroves

clock 3 hours
  • Immerse yourself in a preserved environment, rich in endemic wildlife. The mangrove is a unique ecosystem where specific vegetation grows, offering a protected area for a lot of birds, crabs, and...Read more

Adventure in Ishigaki with Stand Up Paddle and Mountain Hike

clock 6 hours 30 minutes
  • The adventure pass is the ideal combination for those who want to make the most of fun activities while being in the heart of nature. Enjoy the green side by riding your SUP in a peaceful river or exploring the unique ecosystem of the mangrove and end with a hike where great view over the lagoon just avaits you. According to the high tide time, we...Read more

Guided Stand Up Paddle Experience at Kabira Bay

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • A stunning bay with perfect white sand and beautiful rocks emerging from the sea.

    The most popular Stand-up Paddle Boarding tour for beginners and those looking for an idyllic scene of Japanese southern...Read more

[Ishigaki]SUP/Canoe tour at Kabira Bay+ Snorkeling Tour at Phantom Island

clock 6 hours
  • - A popular day packed tour to enjoy Ishigaki Island! [Photo data free]
    Enjoy the nature of Ishigaki Island with two activities: canoeing (you can also choose SUP) and snorkeling! No experience with both activities! Feel free to join us as your guide will support you! During the tour, your guide will take a picture and give you a free...Read more

Adventure on Ishigaki Island with a mangrove canoe Let's go see the mangrove creatures and scenery!

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • You can see the scenery that can only be seen in mangroves.
    You can observe mangrove creatures.
    Children can participate, so the whole family can make memories.
    Canoeing is safe because it has a sense of stability.
    The guide takes a picture and presents...Read more

Private SUP Cruising Experience in Ishigaki Island

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • SUP is the fastest growing water activity which is really easy to get started.
    It's just like taking a walk on the water sharing the moments with your friends or family and so on.
    The board is quite big,wide and stable though you can enjoy taking pictures above the water view.
    We have the Sekisei Lagoon which is the Japan's biggest coral...Read more