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Lalibela Churches Day Tour

clock 8 to 9 hours
  • Discovor the 12th century UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the ‘new Jerusalem’ and the holiest town in the whole of Ethiopia with our professional tour guide!

    The still active rock-hewn churches of the 12th Century attracts so many visitors and it sometimes consider as the 8th wonder of the world which we are...Read more

Lalibela Churches and Asheton Monastery

clock 2 days
  • For the morning Arrival tour to the churches of Lalibela will start after check in from the Hotel, but for the afternoon arrival start the tour after Lunch and visit the first and third group of...Read more

Day Trip to Age-Old Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela

clock 11 hours
  • This is full day visit to Lalibela rock hewn churches. Lalibela is located in the northern Ethiopia in the Amhara national regional state. The total duration of this tour is 11 hours. On this tour you will visit 11 rock hewn churches commonly known as the 8th Wonder of the World!

    Services included in this tour:
    - pick up and drop off...Read more

Private Tour of the 11 Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela

clock 2 days
  • For the morning Arrival tour to the churches of Lalibela will start after check in from the Hotel, but for the afternoon arrival start the tour after Lunch and visit the first and third group of church. The visit to the second group of church will be continued on the next...Read more

Full Day Tour in Lalibela

clock 6 to 8 minutes
  • It is a history and mystery frozen in stone, its soul alive with the rites and awe of Christianity at its most ancient and unbending. Lalibela has one of the highest concentration of Churches of such architectural elegance and overall engineering sophistication in one spot. The 13 Churches in two complexes are said to represent a reproduction of...Read more

5-days Denakil Depression & Lalibela Churches Tours

clock 5 days
  • Discover the hidden beauties of Ethiopia and its people culture, history, traditions, daily activities, beliefs and life style!

    The best way to discover the churches of Lalibela, Volcano and Denakil...Read more

3-days Scheduled Lalibela Churches & Abune Yosef Trekking

clock 3 days
  • Discover the Local Side of Ethiopia, With an Eco friendly Trekking, community based, sustainable tourism tour and travel around Lalibela!

    Discover the local communities culture, history and daily routine!

    Departure : Every Monday and Friday

    Grade: Easy

    Altitude: 4280 mts.

    Total Trekking: 45 km. 

    This...Read more

4 Days Lalibela Tour with Day Trek to Hudad

clock 4 days
  • In this 4 days tour, you will see that the masterpiece of rock-hewn churches of King Lalibela, which is unique for their way of excavating from top to down from one solid rock and it is one of the world heritage sites since 1978.

    Hudad, meaning Big Farm, was named by King Lalibela in the 11th century when he first visited the area. It's...Read more

6 days 5 nights Lalibela & Danakil historical adventure tour

clock 6 days
  • Lalibela and Danakil tour is a unique experience brought to you by zagol ethiopia tours, Lalibela, Danakil depression and Erta Ale, a part of tour is hiking and camping and another part...Read more

The Holy Temple Ceremony (Annular Eclipse)

clock 7 days 12 hours
  • This eclipse will be an opportunity to connect and share ideas and experiences with many talented and professional people from all walks of life and destinations. The times we live in are changing spiritually, professionally, and technologically. Some of these changes are amazing, incredible, and astonishing; while some of these shifts are dark,...Read more

Day Trip from Lalibela to Asheton Mariam Monastery, Landscape, Lifestyle

clock 5 to 7 hours
  • The Beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountain, the life in the countryside, The Flora and the bird life, and the first work of King Lalibela Asheton Mayam Church makes this place not to be missed.

    Our well experienced guide are always there to assist you and to show you the life of the Ethiopian Country men and women who live on the...Read more

Full Day Tour in Lalibela

clock 7 to 10 hours
  • We arrange air-conditioned vehicles in excellent conditions, clean and commodious. Our guides are...Read more

4 Days / 3 nights Eco Trekking Around Lalibela

clock 4 days
  • Hike with us from one highlander village to the other on the massif of Abune Yosef conservation area, experience the way life of the highlander farmers, take part on their daily activity, enjoy the magical mountain view, observe the wildlife the massif has to offer, like the endemic and rarest Simien Wolf, Gelada Baboon, mountain Leopard, many...Read more

4 Days Lalibela Eco Community Based Trekking Tour with Meals

clock 4 days
  • This eco trekking tour around villages Lalibela is an opportunity to make a 4 days hiking to local community.
    You will trek from Lalibela to Ber Metebekiya, enjoying the outstanding panoramic views of the area. Pass through a few villages and farms, know how local communities live in the mountains, learn about local life and farm activities and...Read more

Lalibela Nature, Bird, Wildlife, Church (Hiking To Mount Abune Yoseph Lalibela)

clock 3 days
  • What To expect - Get an Exercise, Spend sometime with the Locals, get some training on how to bake Injera, see the Galada Baboons, Witness the daily life of the Ethiopian Highlander, see the stuning view, and...Read more

5 Days Lalibela, Axum and Danakil Depression, All Inclusive

clock 5 days
  • This tour combined two of the Historical site in Ethiopia and the exotic Dankill depression, The tour will give a perfect insight in History, Architecture, Culture and the beauty of the nature hidden behind the unbearable Climate of the Dankil...Read more

Asheton Maryam Monastery Day Tour

clock 6 to 8 hours
  • This trip offers a unique combination of spectacular scenery, culture and history. You will pass through the Afroalpine forest, remote villages, farmland and looking the local communities doing the routine of life.

    You will be in the middle of the small village. If you wish we offer you a short time of visit the village and if you are...Read more

2-days Lalibela Churches & Yemrehanna Kristos

clock 2 days
  • Discover About the Hidden Beauties of the Country.

    Best way to Discover the country's historical heritage, Culture, Ancient History, Beliefs, Daily routine of the local community and Zagwe Dynasty.

    Discover the hidden beauties Yemrehanna Kristos church ancient Architecture which is the only historical evidence between the Axumite...Read more

Day Tour History in Lalibela

clock 7 hours
  • On this tour, after pick up from the meeting point; travel to your first stop. Visit the Rock cut churches, world-class architectures and Chain Mountains, Lalibela is a small city that knows its way around the finer things. The impressive Rock cut churches, the underground monoliths include huge Bet MedhaneAlem, and cross-shaped Bet Giyorgis....Read more

FAQs about Lalibela Walking & Bike Tours

There are the best walking tours in Lalibela :

What are the best walking tour in Lalibela?

Lalibela walking tours are unique in that they permit tourists to take a closer view and enjoy Lalibelas main attractions alongside roaming the local streets and neighbourhoods, stopping off at a pub or local cafe. It's a great way of sightseeing in Lalibela because it takes you to areas where you won't be disturbed by road noise and motors can't go.

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