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Las Vegas Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour Map

1. Big Bus Las Vegas Hop-On Hop-Off Tour- Big Bus Las Vegas Hop-On Hop-Off Tour (1038 reviews)

Bus Tour Highlights:

  • Las Vegas hop on hop off bus tour takes you to all major attractions and shopping and entertainment areas, from where you can conduct your hassle-free exploration.
  • While enjoying your open-top double-decker bus tour, learn about the city from a live, expert guide.
  • Discover the city in no time during the sightseeing and make further plans based on your preferences.
  • Optionally, upgrade the bus ticket to admire the illuminated night sky from various locations.

What Bus Tour Includes:

  • Knowledgeable local guide
  • Hop on hop off bus ticket
  • Optional night sightseeing bus tour

Bus Tour Verdict:

  • Whether you are a first-time visitor to Las Vegas, a shopaholic, a fan of entertainment, gourmand, or an explorer, you will find this double-decker bus tour quite valuable.

2. 3 Day Hop on Hop off- 3 Day Hop on Hop off (7 reviews)

Bus Tour Highlights:

  • Join the open-top bus tour of Las Vegas to get around efficiently and discover top attractions of the city.
  • Climb off the double-decker bus whenever you wish, explore the area, and catch the bus again to continue the ride.
  • Quickly get to shopping areas, entertainment facilities, and top city attractions as you enjoy the sightseeing tour.
  • Listen to the informative commentary of the professional guide on board the hop on hop off bus.

What Bus Tour Includes:

  • Sightseeing bus ticket with the three-day validity period
  • Live guide on board the double-decker bus

Bus Tour Verdict:

  • This sightseeing bus ticket offers a bigger convenience than the other because of the prolonged validity period.
  • Whether you are interested in shopping, sightseeing, dining, or something else, you will find this open-top bus ticket invaluable.

3. Shop and Shuttle Las Vegas- Shop and Shuttle Las Vegas (4 reviews)

Bus Tour Highlights:

  • During this hop on hop off bus tour, you will combine exceptional sightseeing and extravagant shopping.
  • Besides admiring top attractions of Las Vegas, such as Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty replicas, you will benefit from discounted fares at specified stores.
  • Some shopping hotspots the double-decker bus takes you to are Fashion Show Mall and Forum Shops at Caesars.
  • You will also get around efficiently and hassle-free on board the hop on hop off bus.

What Bus Tour Includes:

  • Conveniently deployed bus stops
  • Booklet granting discounted entries to Las Vegas attractions
  • VIP shopping offers

Bus Tour Verdict:

  • As a holder of this open-top bus sightseeing ticket, you save time and money.
  • The package proves valuable to explorers, shopaholics, and, ultimately, to any traveller visiting Las Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas! Who would not want to see the city of lights? Vegas is simply one of the most popular vacation spots for anyone. It boasts of culture, history, and an enigmatic glamour that draws people. Availing of the Las Vegas Hop on Hop off Bus Tour is the best way to experience the city.

Visiting Vegas will be one of the unforgettable trips you will ever have. One of the first stops of the Las Vegas Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour is the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” signage and you will instantly feel the vibrant life of the city and what is yet to come of your exploration. There is simply no way that you will not drop by the world-famous strip where you can have a fill of all the glamorous hotels, ritzy shops, never-ending food from every culture known to history.

Take a dip in Hoover Dam to refresh your body before going to The Neon Museum where you will get to see the old, but preserved business signage that resided in Las Vegas. You will certainly feel its nostalgic history as you explore the museum.

Once you hop on the Las Vegas Bus Tours in the evening, you will also see the famous Freemont Street where you can snap a quick picture and enjoy a good dinner, as you adore character people on every spot of the place. Make sure you experience a once in a lifetime exhilarating ride in the High Roller to have an overview of Vegas. 

The Printable Las Vegas Open Bus Tours Maps will make sightseeing an enjoyable time for you and the Las Vegas Open Bus Tours will give you the value for your money and lesser hassle to go around the city.

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