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Civic Museum of the White Coral Leukòs

clock 1 to 3 hours
  • The sea museum adds the missing story to Santa Maria di Leuca.
    A journey through corals and shells from seas around the world is completed with the narration of the places and characters who have inhabited them and made them grow over...Read more

Street Food Tour of Lecce & City Sightseeing with Local Guide

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Is the first time you visit Lecce and want to know the city and its food specialties- This tour is the perfect solution forr you!

    Stroll into the city center and taste the best known local street food. Your guide will tell you the histories related to the main highlights such as the Basilica of Santa Croce, considered the emblem of Lecce...Read more

Private Tour: Gallipoli 2-Hour Guided Walking Tour

clock 2 hours
  • 2-hour guided tour to Gallipoli, one of the most important town of Salento, in the Apulia region. Discover the historical center of Gallipoli with a certified tour guide. Enjoy a pleasant walk through the street in old town, visiting to the local craft shops, the main Cathedral and the...Read more

Tour Lecce

clock 90 to 180 minutes
  • Being able to discover the secrets of the city, to experience all that makes it unique in the world: a walk to let yourself be enchanted by the millennial history of...Read more

Otranto Private Walking Tour with a Local Guide

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • From the glittering waters of its pristine harbor to the intricate mosaic floors of its curious Cathedral, the quiet town of Otranto in Puglia is brimming with beautiful - and often bizarre - features begging to be explored. On this 2.5-hour tour, stroll by the artisanal boutiques and postcard-perfect white houses of the Old Town and spot the...Read more

Lecce Private Walking Tour with a Local Guide

clock 2 hours
  • Lecce, situated in southern Italy and off the radar for most travelers, is affectionately nicknamed "The Florence of the South" On this two-hour private tour, your expert guide will unveil the details of Lecce's impressive Baroque churches and buildings, its rich history, and offer you a new appreciation for this city in the Puglia region. You'll...Read more

2-hour private walking tour of Lecce with a local guide

clock 2 hours
  • From the Messapic and Roman era to the great period of the Lecce Baroque, a walk through the historic center of Lecce will take you to discover the wonders that make the city one of the most beautiful cities in Southern Italy.

    The itinerary of this private tour led by an expert guide begins at Porta Napoli and continues towards Piazza...Read more

Otranto: private walking tour with a local guide

clock 2 hours
  • Book this private tour with a dedicated guide to explore the beautiful coastal town of Otranto, a real gem of Puglia with its stunning Romanesque cathedral, its little Byzantine Chiesa di San Pietro, the famous Castello Aragonese and so much...Read more

Lecce Street Food Tour

clock 2 hours
  • Southern Italy is also known for its strong culinary and gastronomy traditions that are still very visible and tangible nowadays. Do not miss the chance to experience the town from another perspective and discover what locals really eat. With this 2 hours guided tour you'll have the chance to discover the heart of Lecce admiring its main landmark...Read more

Otranto and Surroundings Full-Day Bike Tour

clock 8 hours
  • Riding through secondary roads and a pleasant dirt patch, we will discover one of the most fascinating and typical areas of Salento: the surroundings of Otranto.

    Crossing the Valley of Idro we will bump into his Byzantine crypt of Saint Angel, and we will reach the foundation “Le Costantine” a center dedicated to organic farming and...Read more

Gallipoli Inland and Surroundings Full-Day Bike Tour

clock 8 hours
  • Gallipoli was the starting point of the Salento’s big commerce of oil. Frome there, the oil was ferried all around Europe, than was used to light up cities and houses. So the city and their surroundings were rich, and traces of this prosperity are still there.

    We will cycle towards Sannicola, in the hinterlands: here we will visit an...Read more

Lecce Bike Tour

clock 2 hours
  • Experience a pleasant bike tour of Lecce and let your expert multilingual guide show you the most important attractions of the Apulian Baroque capital. Visit the Basilica of Santa Croce and piazza del Duomo, home to Lecce...Read more

Lecce walking tour at the sunset

clock 2 hours
  • Enjoy the sunset walking in the city center of Lecce with a local tour guide and with a final sweet...Read more

Group visit: A Virtual Journey between Dolmen and Menhir

clock 2 hours
  • The Association, in an area of enhancement of the territory, proposes a different visit from the usual. In a splendid walk, through the use of tablets, the participants challenge each other in a game enriched with multimedia contents, to discover the history of dolmens and menhirs. At 7 km from Otranto rises Giurdignano, the Megalithic Garden of...Read more

Augmented and Virtual Reality Small Group Tour in Lecce

clock 50 minutes
  • Technology and history come together for the first time in the territory to offer a unique cultural...Read more

Cycling Across Salento: Capo di Leuca 4-Hour Bike Tour

clock 3 to 5 hours
  • Capo di Leuca, located at the end of Puglia region, is an area of Salento made of numerous small and fascinating villages.

    With this bike tour you will cycle along secondary streets that link these villages, and discover some hidden treasures, like the defence tower of Salignano, the funeral monument Centopietre in Patù, the medieval...Read more

Horse excursion: Otranto, the Cava di Bauxite and the Baia delle Orte

clock 2 hours
  • Riding our beautiful horses we will explore surprising coastal scenarios within the Otranto-Leuca Natural Park. Accompanied by an Equestrian Guide and an Environmental and Hiking Guide, on our horses we will ride immersed in the Mediterranean scrub and surrounded by centuries-old olive groves. We will ride on horseback along the route of the...Read more

Private guided tour in Santa Maria di Leuca - Puglia

clock 2 hours
  • Private guided tour of Santa Maria di Leuca, the southernmost town in Puglia. An expert guide will accompany you to discover its center, the Basilica, the monumental waterfall and the lighthouse from which you can admire beautiful sunsets over the...Read more

Guided evening visit to Lecce

clock 2 hours
  • private walking tour that will allow you to visit Lecce with a local guide in the evening, to appreciate the charm of one of the most beautiful art cities of southern Italy with city lighting and the...Read more

Guided Walking Tour of the Historic Center of Lecce

clock 2 hours
  • We will take a 2-hour tour of the streets and alleys of the historic center, among classical buildings, baroque churches and Roman monuments ...! Lecce is a precious gem, with a clear blue sky and golden palaces, it amazes us with the elaborate facades of the buildings and churches in the Baroque style and with the interiors that explode in a...Read more

FAQs about Lecce Walking & Bike Tours

There are the best walking tours in Lecce :

What are the best walking tour in Lecce?

Lecce walking tours are unique in that they permit tourists to take a closer view and enjoy Lecces main attractions alongside roaming the local streets and neighbourhoods, stopping off at a pub or local cafe. It's a great way of sightseeing in Lecce because it takes you to areas where you won't be disturbed by road noise and motors can't go.

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