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EMS Training

clock 30 minutes
  • EMS technology stimulates the muscles with impulses causing them to contract and relax in the same way as conventional exercise. When used while training EMS activates up to 90% of your body’s main muscles achieving highly effective...Read more

Dirt-Bike Tour

clock 6 hours
  • Discover Madeira Island in a whole different way!

    We are excited to offer you unlimited fun, riding the new Honda CRF450RX. Discover the trails and venture off-road on the hills of Madeira Island, guided by a local experienced rider.

    If you're a seasoned rider, or just a beginner, we will customize your tour according to your taste...Read more

Yoga & Sound Bath by the Sea

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Practicing in the nature, increases wakeful relaxation and internal focus. I've fallen totally in love with outdoor yoga, and hope you give it a...Read more

Yoga & Sound Bath in the Enchanted Forest

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Just imagine yourself, practicing Yoga in a magical scenery. In a stunning place where you are surrounded with magnificent trees, some with more than of 500...Read more

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