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City Tour Mexico City

clock 2 hours
  • The walking tour in Mexico City aims to make you'r experience the most likeable possible in your city, our job is to introduce you to the city with our history, traditions, and local folklore that you can only experience with us.

    Our guides will always try the best to put a smile on your face and at the same time teach you about this...Read more

Cultural walking tour of Historic Center and Mexican lunch

clock 2 to 3 hours
  • The tour we offer is 100% interactive and personalized.

    Each guide is nice, attentive and passionate.

    Travelers will receive a tour in the historic center of Mexico City in an entertaining and dynamic way.

    The story can be tedious depending on the way it is transmitted, we have verified that with this tour it is transmitted in...Read more

History and Legends Tour with "El Monje de Tepotzotlán"

clock 1 hour
  • It is the only pedestrian route that is made within the Center of Tepotzotlán, where they are guided by the monk who is our character, we were pioneers in venturing with this type of fun and cultural routes for 10...Read more

Tour of Coyoacán: Callejones, Historia y Leyendas

clock 2 hours
  • The tour of Coyoacán will take place in a very picturesque area of the neighborhood, we will walk among cobbled alleys, volcanic stone constructions and old houses in a colonial environment full of nature and province airs.

    You will understand why this area fell in love with its first settlers and the Spaniards to found the first city...Read more

Xochimilco Over Night: Dinner and night walk through Xochimilco

clock 7 hours
  • With more than 600 years of history Xochimilco has remained one of the most relevant points in Mexico City. During the day, this place declared a World Heritage Site is full of excitement, party and color, but at night things are very different. Witness the stories accumulated in its channels and chinampas where strange things happen and spectra...Read more

Villages of stone and water: Huasca and Basaltic Prisms

clock 12 hours
  • Discover old English villas dating back to the 18th century, rock formations carved in whimsical ways and 30-meter waterfalls on this wonderful tour. Walk the emblematic streets of Huasca de Ocampo and Real de Monte where you will discover beautiful buildings of English architecture, alleys with history and gastronomic points that will delight...Read more

Mystical Mexico: Legends and Temples of Mexico City

clock 9 hours
  • Mexico City still hides many places to visit. Board a comfortable van that will take you to know the archaeological zone of Cuicuilco, where you will observe a mysterious round pyramid and you will know that Pompeii was not the only city consumed by a volcano. He visits Diego Rivera's home studio, initiator of the muralist movement and where he...Read more

Legends of Coyoacán

clock 4 hours
  • Every ancient town has stories to tell and discover, Coyoacán is no exception. Marvel at this amazing night tour that will begin aboard a van that will pick you up at your hotel and transport you to the center of the Del Carmen neighborhood. Once there you will meet the Countess of Lourdes who lived 400 years ago and met all the personalities who...Read more

CDMX Legends

clock 5 hours
  • Imagine a place with more than 400 years of viceregal history, where the streets and squares are full of energy and the buildings are a faithful witness of the past. Start your journey in a van that will transport you to the Historic Center of Mexico City. There you will meet the Marquesa Rivera de Lizarra character who rubbed shoulders with the...Read more