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Mt Kilimanjaro 6 days Marangu route hike

clock 6 days
  • This is the most popular and easiest route to summit the Kilimanjaro Mountain given its gradual slope and direct path, its that path that you will surely reach the highest point in...Read more

Hiking Mt Kilimanjaro 7 days scenic route & moderate challenge

clock 7 days
  • The Machame route, also known as the "Whiskey" route, is the most popular route on Kilimanjaro. Machame’s draw is in its scenic beauty. However, the trail is considered difficult, steep and challenging, particularly due to its shorter itinerary. Therefore this route is better suited for more adventurous folks or those with some high altitude,...Read more

Mount Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route

clock 7 days
  • At 5895m, Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain of Africa and is the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

    There are seven established routes for a Kilimanjaro trek. As Moana Tanzania, we organize Kilimanjaro treks for all different routes. We make sure that the mountain trek will be enjoyable and a once-in-a-lifetime...Read more

Private Multi day Safari tour in Tanzania

clock 9 days
  • This is is one among of the excellent tour that give you enough time to explore the Northern Tanzania Wildlife Parks, as you will have the Canoeing and walking with armed ranger at Arusha Park, wonderful night game drive, walking and day game drive at Lake Manyara National Park and proceed to Serengeti National ParK for a game drive, the finish...Read more

4-Day Tour to Tanzania's National Parks

clock 4 days
  • This safari takes you to Tarangire National park for a whole day, almost 2 days in the Serengeti and 6 hours for crater tour in Ngorongoro. The safari takes you around the best places in Tanzania, The Ngorongoro Crater which is known also as the Garden of Eden, Serengeti National Park the home of wildlife, and the home of elephants in Tarangire...Read more

5 Days Group Tour in Tanzania

clock 5 days
  • On this safari, you will visit the best places in Tanzania including Lake Manyara and the amazing plains of the Serengeti. You will have choice spottings of the amazing tree-climbing lions! The safari includes a visit to the Ngorongoro Crater, known as the “Garden of Eden”, in Serengeti National Park. Come explore Africa with...Read more

8-Day Small-group Lemosho Kilimanjaro Summit Trekking

clock 8 days
  • With our 98% Summit Success Rate, the 8-Day Lemosho route it perfect for the beginning trekker as well as the advanced climber. Providing a little more time acclimating and enjoying the five climactic zones you'll experience on the way to the...Read more

Climb Kilimanjaro Lemosho route for 8 days

clock 8 days
  • As a newer route, it is more remote and arguably more beautiful, but a bit longer and slightly more expensive. It starts on the Western side of the mountain at the Londorossi Gate which is a further drive from town, and was introduced as an alternative to the Shira route.

    After beautiful forests and moorlands it crosses the Shira Plateau on...Read more

10 Days Machame Route Kilimanjaro Climb

clock 10 days
  • The Machame route is now the most popular ascent route on Mt Kilimanjaro. Compared with the Marangu route, the hiking days on the Machame route are longer, the trail steeper.

    The scenery is spectacular and the landscape stunning. The Machame route is considered a challenging route and is better suited for more adventurous trekkers and...Read more

6 Days Kilimanjaro via Machame route affordable price

clock 6 days
  • The Machame route, also known as the Whisky Route is one of the most scenic and recommended routes on Kilimanjaro. This popular route with paths through magnificent forests to gain a ridge leading through the moorland zones to the Shira Plateau. It then traverses beneath the glaciated precipices of the Southern Ice fields to join the Barafu Route...Read more

7-Day Private Mount Kilimanjaro Hiking by Lemosho Route

clock 7 days
  • The Lemosho Route is a standout amongst the most heavenly route to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro because of its grand trail and the wonderful pleasant view on both sides of the mountain.

    As one of the new routes, it is increasingly best because of a low group, and higher achievement rates. It permits the incorporation of the all-encompassing...Read more

6 Days Marangu Route.

clock 6 days
  • Marangu Route:

    The Marangu Route is also known as the "Coca Cola" or "tourist" route. It is the easiest and shortest route to the summit. This is also the only route with the comforts of sleeping huts with solar lights and comfortable beds. The huts are communal, and the bunks have a sponge mattress and pillow.

    All climbing groups,...Read more

5 Days Marangu Route

clock 5 days
  • Rongai Route:

    The Rongai route is the only route that approaches Kilimanjaro from the north, close to the Kenyan border. Though gaining popularity amongst climbers, Rongai has low traffic. It is the preferred route for those looking for an alternative to the crowded Marangu & Machame route, for those who would like a more remote hike, and...Read more

Mt kilimanjaro (highest in Africa) hike 6 days Rongai route

clock 6 days
  • The Rongai route is the only route that approaches Kilimanjaro from the north, close to the Kenyan border. Though gaining popularity amongst climbers, this route still experiences low crowds. Rongai has a more gradual slope than the mountain’s other routes. It is the preferred route for those looking for an alternative to the popular Marangu...Read more

7Days the Adventures of Tanzania Biking Safaris

clock 7 days
  • We are experienced Company in making bike safaris. Our experience and hard working have made us able to offer unusual routes and classic...Read more

Adventure safari private 4 days

clock 4 days
  • To visit wildlife in Tanzania national parks they will see animals and old things history available in our...Read more

8 Days (7 Night) Lemosho Route

clock 10 days
  • Majali tours offers a variety of tour packages, all promising that added personal touch. Our trips guarantee an action-packed itinerary, while delivering a truly knowledgeable and authentic travel experience to what you’re looking for to enhance your next trip with an exciting and engaging tour, consider working with Majali tours an Experts in...Read more

Kilimanjaro 7 Day Private Trekking Experience

clock 7 days
  • With over 10 years of experience, our professional guides, porters, chefs, camping crew have extensive experience trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro offering a personalized exceptional service to our esteemed customers. Our unparalleled services will give you lifetime...Read more

7 Day Kilimanjaro Climb - Rongai Route

clock 7 days
  • Only route that approaches from the North

    Possible in the rainy season

    Usually offers the clearest views of the mountain

    Panoramic views

    Quieter than the other routes

    High chance of seeing wildlife

    It’s recommended to do the seven-days Kilimanjaro Climbing as the topography of this trail doesn’t...Read more

Mountain Kilimanjaro Day Trip

clock 10 hours
  • It’s impossible to climb this famous highest Mount Kilimanjaro in a day, but our day trip to this majestic iconic snow-caped mountain will give you a shot to scramble up the first leg of the well-known Marangu route. On your way through the thick rainforest you will come across twittering and chattering bird life, colobus monkeys and don’t...Read more

FAQs about Moshi Walking & Bike Tours

There are the best walking tours in Moshi :

What are the best walking tour in Moshi?

Moshi walking tours are unique in that they permit tourists to take a closer view and enjoy Moshis main attractions alongside roaming the local streets and neighbourhoods, stopping off at a pub or local cafe. It's a great way of sightseeing in Moshi because it takes you to areas where you won't be disturbed by road noise and motors can't go.

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