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Esoteric Naples: Hidden History&Real Mysteries

clock 3 hours
  • Naples is wrapped...

    while its food and scenery command devotion, the city’s skulls and castles offer a glimpse into its violent past. Napoli, is an occult city, full of magic. A city where the mystery is hidden behind the art. A city where legends of ghosts still survive among seventeenth-century palaces.Naples is a city founded by a...Read more

Esoteric Naples: Stories and Mysteries

clock 2 hours
  • Naples is shrouded in mystery ...
    while food and scenery dominate devotion, the city's skulls and castles offer a glimpse of its violent past. Naples is an occult city full of magic. A city where mystery is hidden behind art.
    A city where the cult of Isis was the center of esoteric life. Sacred and profane, this is the city, with two faces,...Read more

Saga i Misteri di Napoli: la Tomba di Dracula

clock 2 hours
  • Il Complesso, di fondazione angioina (1279), racchiude nelle sue mura dalla storia plurisecolare, un vero scrigno di storia, di arte e di religiosità.
    Comprende il bellissimo Chiostro di S. Giacomo, con la Tomba di Matteo Ferrillo ed il mistero di Vlad III di Valacchia, la grande Cappella di S. Giacomo con la mostra sul presepe napoletano, la...Read more

Private Tour of the Cimitero delle Fontanelle a Mater Dei and the Sanità

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Go off the beaten track and visit one of the most peculiar neighbourhoods of Naples with a local guide. You will be introduced to one of the most famous districts of the city – eternalized in The Gold of Naples, the movie that made Sofia Loren a star.

    Your guide will bring you through the streets of Mater Dei, to show you one of the...Read more

Tour of Naples Fontanelle Cemetery Catacombs & Sanità Quarter with Local Guide

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Not far from the historic center of Naples is one of the most fascinating places in the city, it is the Fontanelle Cemetery.

    The cemetery was built inside an ancient tuff quarry when in 1656, because of the Plague, the bones of a large part of the Neapolitan population were thrown away, which could not resist the serious epidemic. Over the...Read more

Private Guided Tour of Naples Catacombs Fontanelle Cemetery & Sanità Quarter

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • The Mater Dei district houses one of the city's jewels of the city, the Fontanelle Cemetery, which was carved out of a natural tufa cave just outside the walls of the Greco-Roman city.

    The cave was used as a cemetery when in 1656 a severe plague raged in the city making numerous victims, and the bodies continued to be stored during other...Read more

360 ° Naples. THE historic center of the city

clock 2 hours 40 minutes
  • Experience, sympathy (the Neapolitan) professionalism are essential requirements for those who rely on my tours...Read more

Dracula and the mystery tour

clock 2 hours
  • A unique tour because it is highly rich in esoteric content that combines the art and history of Naples with Egyptian...Read more

Dark Legends, Myths, Gothic Art - Dare YOU to take this Tour of Naples, Italy

clock 2 days
  • In the historical district of Napoli, this 2 day experience is the perfect blend of local flavor, unique sightseeing, and historical phenomenons. DiVita Tours takes you on a deep and dark spiritual adventure of the underground of Naples that leads to some of your own soul searching. From the ancient cemeteries, to the Gothic Churches, and...Read more

The human archive of Naples and the Rione Sanità

clock 3 hours
  • Because of these characteristics, the centuries-old relationship between man and death is still strong and tangible, as evidenced by places of unique charm such as the Fontanelle Cemetery. Walking through the Rione Sanità, one cannot help but be overwhelmed by its sounds and the voices of the market, the scents of ancient patisseries like...Read more

Visit to esoteric Naples

clock 2 hours
  • Naples is an occult city, where mystery and art merge with the Neapolitan vernacular culture. Legends, ghosts, illustrious and mysterious historical characters, all hidden in the ancient buildings of the historical center.

    The route will begin with the esoteric symbols inscribed on the Obelisk of Piazza del Gesù Nuovo and on the facade of...Read more

Ghost Tour - Dark Naples

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • The tour offers a unique and unusual point of view of the historic center of Naples by night. There are stories that are hard to imagine on sunny days, when the squares and the streets of Naples shine with colours, resonating with voices and music, crowded with tourists and...Read more

Private Walking Tour of the Ghosts and Souls of Naples

clock 2 hours
  • Naples is surrounded by an aura of mystery: houses, cathedrals, palaces, theaters and even subway stations are said to be haunted by ghosts, mysterious characters, legends and love crimes that have marked the history of the city.
    A walk that starts with the witch of port Alba, crossing Piazza Dante, Piazza del Gesù and passing through the...Read more