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Orne for beginners. Let's experience a corsage that makes you happy when you travel to Japan!

clock 3 hours
  • Do you have a special Japanese experience?

    You become beautiful when you wear orne.

    It is recommended to decorate at home.

    It is also good to give handmade orne to important people.

    We create a "rare...Read more

Japanese Yukata try on workshop

clock 1 hour
  • This work shop is not only a renting traditional costume.

    You can feel Beautiful Japanese Culture more than it.

    Yukata is simple version of beautiful Kimono.

    Isn't it exciting if you can wear it by yourself and go to summer festivals.

    But just one problem is it’s so different from western style costumes.

    Most...Read more

PRIVATE Calligraphy in Osaka Shodo Experience in Osaka

clock 1 hour
  • Calligraphy Osaka.  Enjoy a unique Japanese cultural activity of SHODO calligraphy in Osaka. A shodo expert will kindly explain the connection between meditation and Japanese calligraphy and teach you how to use the brush to create strokes like the Japanese. Enjoy cultural activity of Japan on a 60-minute calligraphy class in Osaka. Lessons will...Read more

[Osaka / Tennoji / Ceramics] Recommended for dates! Couple pottery plan

clock 1 hour
  • - Create a slightly deeper dish! Perfect for soups and curries-A ceramic art class that is about a 5-minute walk from "Abeno Harukas" and "Tennoji Station". A pottery plan to enjoy every month What you can make every month is a plan that changes. Recommended for those who want to enjoy seasonal events or do something different from usual! If you...Read more

Furoshiki experience in Osaka (PRIVATE) MAIKOYA

clock 40 minutes
  • Furoshiki is the act of wrapping important items in Japanese cloth. The cloth used for wrapping is referred to as furoshiki. In this fun activity you will discover how the Japanese find beauty in a simple piece of cloth by folding it ceremoniously in an aesthetically pleasing...Read more

[Osaka city handmade miscellaneous goods] Cute with a bunch! Making tassel bag charm

clock 2 hours
  • The bunch and beads are the points! Make a tassel bag charm
    Looking for accessories to attach to your bag- Then tassel bag charm is recommended! Let's make a charm by combining tassel (bunch) of your favorite color and beads. The calm and simple design is perfect for adult accessories. A small but prestigious product will be completed. With the...Read more

[Osaka city, handmade miscellaneous goods] Hanging plants to watch! Plants hanging

clock 2 hours
  • A cute interior! Plants hanging
    “I want to decorate plants more cutely!” Plants hanging is recommended! Simply tie a potted plant with a string to make it. If you learn how to tie, you will be able to make plants hanging at home.

    Decorate the finished plant hanging from the wall or ceiling. The appearance of hanging and hanging is...Read more

[Osaka / Tennoji / Saibutsu] “Petit Singing Buddha” & “My Amulet Making” Experience

clock 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Good match fulfillment! - Experience Buddha with a pink brush pen! Copying Buddha experience to copy the figure of Buddha. Copied by Aizen Myooh of Aizen Shoshoin, who is worshiped by matchmaking. There are benefits of marriage and good marriage. It is a Buddha who also gives me good luck in Ehime. Even if you are not good at painting, you can...Read more

Try Japanese traditional tea! Chado / Chanoyu tea ceremony ABENO

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Make your own tea! We will tell you how to drink it, and also serve you traditional Japanese...Read more

Badminton in Osaka with local players!

clock 3 hours
  • We are the largest international sports community in Osaka and Kansai. Come meet local Japanese and foreigners living in Osaka; we love to play sports and meet new friends. You can come alone or with friends, we will make you feel...Read more

[Osaka / Tennoji / Ceramics] Make My Bowl! Hand-neck experience

clock 2 hours
  • - Approximately 5 minutes on foot from Tennoji Station! Easy-to-access pottery class. Up to 15 people can participate simultaneously! You can make a reservation on the day. The rice will be more delicious! Let's make pottery My bowl. It is also a feature of our workshop that you can use plenty of 1 kg of soil. A large soil dumpling is formed with...Read more

Learn The Katana 'Sword' Technique of Samurai and Ninja

clock 1 hour
  • How about learning the techniques of Samurai and Ninja during your stay in Osaka?

    Professional instructor will teach you the movement of katana and shriken...Read more

Basketball in Osaka with local players!

clock 3 hours
  • We are the largest international sports community in Osaka and Kansai. Come meet local Japanese and foreigners living in Osaka; we love to play sports and meet new friends. You can come alone or with friends, we will make you feel...Read more

Origami Jewelry Crafting workshop

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • - Duration: 2.5 hours
    - Materials: Japanese traditional paper (Washi) hand colored by craftman, LED resin, and jewelry parts (K16GP)
    - The staff shows and tell you the techniques step by step.
    - The Jewelry you make will be only one in the world and it will be perfect gift for you, your family or friends back...Read more

[Osaka City Handmade Key Chain] Butterfly Heart Key Chain Made with Knobwork

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • - Create one heart keychain with butterflies with a cute Japanese taste- Easy knob work to fold cloth and fix with bond. Even beginners can make it relatively easily. Recommended for...Read more

Lights when shaken! Handmade jellyfishium experience

clock 1 hour
  • You can make memories of coming to Japan. It is a handmade experience workshop that can only be experienced in Tokyo Craft Town. Why don't you make the memories of the excitement you have seen in Japan? There are many famous building figures such as Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Asakusa Kaminarimon, Castle, and Five-storied...Read more

After the workshop experience production of Japanese sweets production with clay + smartphone photo session of town house

clock 2 hours
  • Please make Japanese sweets with clay. After that, at the town house in the TV · film location

    A sophisticated townhouse rental space * You will be able to hold a smartphone photo session freely in Marumoto.
    * Current townhouse use selection: shooting studio (movies and TV), workshop venue, cosplay shooting party, mom friend...Read more

[Trial plan] Welcome beginners! Feel free to experience pottery in Osaka / Kyobashi |

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Experience the fun of pottery! In the trial experience plan, 500 grams of clay is used to make a cup of tea or a bowl of tea. Please enjoy the charm of pottery that can only be made by hand. Let's finish to the size and shape you like while imagining the finished work! Since the staff is nearby, it is an environment where you can feel free to...Read more

Sano-machiba Walk and Japanese Postcard Art Experience

clock 4 hours
  • Enjoy Japanese postcard art experience at the traditional merchant house in Sano-machiba near Kansai International Airport. Instructors will give you tips on traditional postcard art. Make your own postcard with your own design. Take the postcard home with you as a memory of your visit or send it to your loved ones. This tour also includes...Read more

Kaiyukan only! ! Handmade jellyfishium experience

clock 1 hour
  • It is a special handmade experience that can only be experienced at the Kaiyukan. Use the original Kaiyukan products that can only be purchased here, and bring them back in the form of memories of your visit to Kaiyukan or your travel memories.
    With over 1000 kinds of original items and Kaiyukan limited items, you can make your own jellyfishium...Read more