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Explore Osaka with a Local: Private & Personalized

clock 3 to 8 hours
  • Spend the day with one of our hosts to discover the true nature of Osaka - head’s up, it’s got a wild sense of humor and is obsessed with food. Explorer (not tourist) is what we’re aiming for here, and in that spirit, you could explore neighborhoods like the fashionable Shinsaibashi or crazy Dotonbori and maybe you’ll discover hidden gems...Read more

Sushi Cooking Class in Osaka

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 2.5-hour sushi-making lesson takes place.

    Watch as your instructor prepares sushi rice, followed by a demo on how to make sushi the professional way, which includes rolling sashimi (thinly sliced raw fish) and other fresh ingredients into dried seaweed called

    nori. When it's your turn, enjoy plenty of practice using the various...Read more

sushi-go-round experience in Osaka

clock 1 hour
  • Do you know sushi-go-round?

    “This restaurant is the place where you pick sushi from a rotating conveyor belt.”

    “Please don’t grab sushi itself but with the plate.”

    “Please don’t leave your seat to go grab sushi dishes.”

    “If you pull a plate off the line, you can’t put it back.”

    in japan...Read more

Osaka's Namba District Street Food Tour with a Local: Private & Personalized

clock 3 hours
  • You’ll join one of our hosts to hit the streets and eat your way around the city’s street food stalls. You’ll explore the Namba district as well as the famous Dotonbori area, Osaka’s renowned destination for all things food, wandering through tiny lantern-lit alleyways and neon-lit streets to discover where the best local delicacies are...Read more

Family day in Osaka with a local: private & personalized

clock 5 hours
  • Make life-long memories with your tribe as you follow our local Osaka host on a family-friendly adventure through the city. From the animatronic giant crabs of Dontonbori to wild and wacky cosplay costumes - there's something for everyone! Explore the city, or enjoy a picnic on Nakanoshima island and feast on local food! Just let us know what your...Read more

Kickstart Your Trip To Osaka With A Local: 100% Private & Personalized 3 Hours

clock 3 hours
  • You’ll join one of our hosts as they help you to get comfortable in Osaka - we know it can be daunting when you don’t speak the language and you have no idea what those signs on the subway say! You’ll feel like you’re being welcomed into the city by a friend who can’t wait to show you their energetic city and find your feet. Depending on...Read more

PRIVATE Kimono Tea ceremony in Osaka MAIKOYA

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • This is a private kimono tea ceremony session.

    Traditional tea ceremony

    Drinking green tea and eating Japanese sweets

    Wearing a Kimono (You can choose Yukata as well in the summer season)

    The best cultural experience with the combination of kimono, meditation, harmony, matcha and Japanese sweets

    You will make a...Read more

Maid Cafe Maidreamin in Tokyo,Osaka and Nagoya

clock 1 hour
  • Maid Cafes were originally designed for male otaku, fans of anime, manga and video games. Waitresses at this coffee shop dress in maid costumes that remind animation fans of popular female characters. Everyone enjoys the make-believe atmosphere. Now Maid Cafes are loved by not only male otaku (anime or manga fans) but also by women and...Read more

PRIVATE Calligraphy in Osaka Shodo Experience in Osaka

clock 1 hour
  • Calligraphy Osaka.  Enjoy a unique Japanese cultural activity of SHODO calligraphy in Osaka. A shodo expert will kindly explain the connection between meditation and Japanese calligraphy and teach you how to use the brush to create strokes like the Japanese. Enjoy cultural activity of Japan on a 60-minute calligraphy class in Osaka. Lessons will...Read more

Kimono rental in osaka

clock 60 to 390 minutes
  • Renting kimono in Osaka can be a fun and memorable experience. Lockers for your belongings, free hair styling(simple style), various choices of flower, plus size kimono.

    Kimono should be returned by 5pm at MAIKOYA...Read more

Takoyaki Cooking Class in Osaka

clock 1 hour
  • You will get to make your own takoyaki - octopus balls- in a traditional Japanese kitchen at a heritage house. You will be given kimono style chef jacket to be worn during the experience. This is a premium takoyaki cooking experience in...Read more

Osaka Private Tour: From Historic Tenma To D|tonbori’s Pop Culture - 8 Hours

clock 8 hours
  • Spend the day with one of our hosts to discover the true nature of Osaka - head’s up, it’s got a wild sense of humor and is obsessed with food. Explorer (not tourist) is what we’re aiming for here, and in that spirit, you could explore neighborhoods like the fashionable Shinsaibashi or crazy Dotonbori and maybe you’ll discover hidden gems...Read more

PRIVATE Japanese Cooking Class in Osaka MAIKOYA

clock 1 hour
  • This is a unique 1-hour Japanese cooking experience for tourists and residents alike. Participants will make either Maki rolled sushi, tamago yaki (or rolled omelette) and miso...Read more

Learn The Katana 'Sword' Technique of Samurai and Ninja

clock 1 hour
  • How about learning the techniques of Samurai and Ninja during your stay in Osaka?

    Professional instructor will teach you the movement of katana and shriken...Read more

Tea Ceremony in a Kimono in Osaka MAIKOYA

clock 60 to 90 minutes
  • You will make Green tea (Matcha) in an ancient style tea ceremony room wearing Kimono. Kimono is prepared for both males and...Read more

Kobe Walking Tour (Round Trip from Osaka)

clock 8 hours
  • See the best of Kobe on this full-day walking tour. You’ll learn about one of Japan’s largest cities, known for its vibrant street culture. With your guide, take the train from Osaka to Kobe, where your immersive walking tour begins. You’ll spend the day traveling around Kobe’s historic districts on a city cute bus, cruising scenic...Read more

Kimono rental in Nara Park ( Deer Park) On the town course

clock 1 to 2 hours
  • Kimono Rental Leisurely Stroll in Nara in Kimono.

    Kimono rental service. You can rent Kimono and take a leisurely stroll in Nara. Please come as you are , there is no preparation...Read more

After the workshop experience production of Japanese sweets production with clay + smartphone photo session of town house

clock 2 hours
  • Please make Japanese sweets with clay. After that, at the town house in the TV · film location

    A sophisticated townhouse rental space * You will be able to hold a smartphone photo session freely in Marumoto.
    * Current townhouse use selection: shooting studio (movies and TV), workshop venue, cosplay shooting party, mom friend...Read more

Japanese In-Home Cooking Lesson and Meal with a Culinary Expert in Osaka

clock 3 hours
  • Before you get started with your cooking class, your host Yoko will introduce you to Japanese cooking techniques and the five different tastes. She will also show you key ingredients you will use throughout the cooking process such as seaweed and dried fish. The class will be both - a cooking demonstration and a hands-on class, where Yoko will...Read more

Private Tea Ceremoney at Jiko-in Zen Temple

clock 3 hours
  • Tea ceremony with a friendly instructor in historical Zen Temple.

    Jiko-in Temple was founded in 1663 by tea master Sekishu Katagiri, whose school of tea ceremony became the official style of the Tokugawa shogunate.

    The feature of this temple is that the precincts was built for the purpose of enjoying Japanese tea ceremony.

    A...Read more