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Snorkeling with Sea Lions

clock 3 hours
  • We are experts in water activities. We love what we do and enjoy every moment of this activity. Snorkeling with sea lions is an incredible activity that surprises us every day and will surprise you too. This activity is carried out only in 3 places in the world and in Puerto Madryn its the place with the greatest amount of animals. they are super...Read more

CALAFATE: Southern Glacier Adventure Hike Glacier Grande

clock 11 hours
  • It starts in Calafate at 08:00 am, we travel 50 km to Lake Roca, we embark on a semi-rigid cabin with capacity for 15 people. After navigating for 45 minutes, we arrive at the southern head of the Brazo Sur, where the first stage of the walk begins to arrive at Lake Frías, a site where we embark on rubber boats with capacity for 7 pax with which...Read more

Kayak in Perito Moreno Glacier with transfers

clock 7 to 8 hours
  • The experience starts at Perito Moreno Kayak Experience’s Meeting Point, located close to the main parking area, where our team will greet you and brief you about the...Read more

Snorkeling with Sea Lions in Puerto Madryn

clock 3 hours
  • Our Snorkeling with Sea Lions tour is the best way to get up close with some of Latin America’s most striking wildlife.

    You can experience this adventure and snorkel to observe sea lions in the amazing environment of the Natural Protected Area of Punta Loma, Puerto Madryn, in the Argentinian Patagonia.

    In addition, you will enjoy...Read more

Kayak Experience on the Perito Moreno Glacier

clock 9 hours
  • Ideal activity for beginners and experts in Kayak. Unique view of the Perito Moreno Glacier. Includes photos of the day taken by the team. Visit to the footbridges of the Perito Moreno Glacier (all on the same...Read more

Kayak Tour in La Leona River from El Calafate

clock 8 hours
  • Kayak and hike along the La Leona River on this 8.5-hour tour. After kayaking for approximately an hour, we will stop for a hike of two hours where we can see petrified trees and dinosurs bones. After lunch we go back into our kayak to continue paddling throught the wildest patagonia...Read more

Darwin Experience - kayaks & adventure

clock 5 hours 30 minutes
  • Darwin Experience is a Kayak crossing on the Santa Cruz River, El Calafate. We do about 15 km of paddling until we reach a typical Patagonian stay where we will wait for you with an outdoor...Read more

Snorkeling with Sea Lions by Madryn Buceo

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • This is the main experience of Puerto Madryn, you will have the posibility to play with these awesome animals in their natural habitat. The best part about this experience is that the interaction is natural. The animals are not trained, nor fed by us, interaction is all about their curiosity (100% wild life)

    The amazing thing is that as we...Read more

Half day kayak excursions.

clock 4 hours
  • Why navigate with Patagonia Infinita Kayak & Adventure-
    We navigate safely:
    We have all the necessary equipment to perform the activity safely, we practice rowing, swimming and diving (among other out-doors activities) from our childhood and received training in accordance with international quality standards to perform rescue and emergency...Read more

Puerto Madryn Excursion: Scuba Dive with Sea Lions

clock 3 hours
  • Navigation to Punta Loma Natural Reserve, takes 25 minutes, close to the dipping zone, we will see the typical birds of this zone and the imposing shapes of the cliffs. Is very usefull before the immersion, realize some sea lions watching out of the water, to see and check the difference of behavior on the earth and on the sea. .Know you can enjoy...Read more

Kayak experience through the Perito Moreno Glacier and walk on footbridges

clock 10 hours
  • The experience begins at the Perito Moreno Kayak Experience meeting point, located near the main parking lot, where our team will greet you and inform you about the experience.
    We welcome you to our base of operations, where you will get dressed and our expert kayak guides will brief you on safety and explain how to paddle through these amazing...Read more

Bariloche Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest

clock 7 hours
  • The excursion begins in Puerto Pañuelo, in Llao-Llao. After 30 minutes of navigation you will arrive at Puerto Anchorena, located in the central and narrowest part of Victoria Island and its service center. Every corner of the island, with its wonderful landscapes, its rich history and its impressive natural environment, make this trip an...Read more

South Aventura Glacier by Patagonia Dreams

clock 11 hours
  • Departure from El Calafate on route 15, known as the Ruta de las Estancias, towards the South Glacier jetty which is located in the South Arm of Argentino Lake, on the shores of Estancia Nibepo Aike. Navigation to the bottom of the South Arm of the Argentino Lake, deeper and deeper into the Andes. Upon disembarking, the walk to Lake Frías begins,...Read more

Pioneros Navigation and Trekking Tour from El Calafate

clock 10 hours
  • This is an amazing tour for those who want to travel a rural landscape in the middle of the Patagonia and learn about the history and traditions of a local ranch and, at the same time, to be introduced into an environment of nature and to enjoy a privileged view of the breathtaking glaciers. The Pioneros navigation and trekking tour includes...Read more

Fishing in Calafate

clock 10 hours
  • Fishing in Southern Patagonia is a challenge that more and more fishermen around the world want to make.
    Climatic factors, long distances and a thorough knowledge of the region is necessary to have a fishing trip.
    We are in the constant search for new fisheries in the Province of Santa Cruz along its extensive geography of virgin and often...Read more

Horseback riding on Lake Viedma with panoramic view of Mount Fitz Roy

clock 8 hours
  • Horseback riding along the coast of Lake Viedma where you can see the imposing Mount Fitz Roy and the Viedma Glacier.
    A lunch in the matera of the...Read more

Perito Moreno Glacier with guide, walkways and -optional- navigation

clock 8 hours
  • Explore "Los Glaciares National Park" with a full-day excursion.

    Listen in depth to a guide authorized by "National Parks".

    I learned the history of this Glacier and why it is known as the most "famous".

    I discovered and toured the "Andean Patagonian Forest".

    Optional: You can improve your experience with a 1h...Read more

Kayak in the Redonda Bay by Patagonia Dreams

clock 3 hours
  • The excursion consists of a coastal kayak navigation on LAGO ARGENTINO (opposite EL CALAFATE) or BAHIA REDONDA accompanied by kayak guides, starting and ending at the same point. Due to climatic factors, it will always be evaluated if the conditions allow the activity to be carried out, otherwise the departure is canceled.
    The activity has...Read more

Kayaking on the La Leona river

clock 7 hours
  • I discovered the La Leona River, one of the most beautiful rivers in the Patagonian steppe and go trekking through Cerro los Hornos, one of the oldest formations on the...Read more

Perito Moreno Kayak Experience

clock 9 hours
  • We invite you to live a unique experience! Our excursion gives you the chance to discover the Perito Moreno Glacier, declared a natural heritage site, from a totally different perspective: through a kayaking adventure. Our professional guides will provide all the necessary equipment to perform the activity, ensuring your safety and enjoyment,...Read more

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