Top Theatre Shows & Concerts in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is popularly known for its mouth-watering cuisine: cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, hoagies, and the list goes on. With all the awesome stuff you can experience in this city, it is natural to feel a bit hyped-up. Planning will greatly help you get the most out of your travel. In Philadelphia, you can relish several theater shows, concerts, and musicals that would suit your taste. You don’t want to miss watching Hamilton, Anastasia, and Les Miserables during your trip.

There are a lot of shows Philadelphia can offer. Check our list and you’ll see that you will never run out of choices. You can make comparisons between prices and ratings from audiences to come up with the best show to watch. Doesn’t this make you want to explore more of this wonderful city?

A journey in a huge and unfamiliar city is never complete without exploring the waterways. Browse through several options of Philadelphia boat tours you can enjoy during your stay. If you struggle to choose a way to spend the night, the Spirit of Philadelphia Dinner Cruise is a highly rated tour and might what be you’re looking for. Get entertained by a DJ, enjoy the food, and admire the lovely view of Philadelphia at night while riding on a comfortable cruise.

The Philadelphia hop on hop off bus tours gives you the exciting option to discover the marvelous spots of Philadelphia on land. Lie comfortably on a sightseeing bus as it brings you to popular tourist attractions in the city, such as Liberty Bell, Philadelphia Zoo, and Masonic Temple.

You wouldn’t want to blow your pockets during your trip, so there are a lot of free things to do in Philadelphia you can check on. There are also affordable Philadelphia city tours available that would help save-up some of your money. Exploring would not be fun with an empty stomach, so you might want to check-out some famous cuisine Philadelphia is proud of in Philadelphia food tours. If you’d also like to explore the area on foot and take great photos, take time to check these Philadelphia walking tours.

Best Philadelphia Theatre Shows Price

PHRIENDS: The One With Murder €36.76
The Undercover Unit Presents The Seance €29.34
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PHRIENDS: The One With Murder

1. PHRIENDS: The One With Murder

clock Duration: 2 hours
  • It’s been a few years since everyone’s favorite group of friends have all been together at the same time, but this calls for a celebration! Gunther has successfully opened a chain of cafes and his six best customers have taken a trip down to Philly for the grand opening of “Fairmont Perk.” The party isn’t all fun and games, however. Ross...
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The Undercover Unit Presents The Seance

2. The Undercover Unit Presents The Seance

clock Duration: 1 hour 30
  • Are you brave enough to join The Undercover Unit's rookie squad- Well, you won't have much time to exchange pleasantries before you are thrown into your first case.  In our current game, you are a psychic detective attempting to solve the mystery surrounding the H.H Holmes Murders. Did he kill 20 or 200- That's what you are here to find out! ...
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