Top Attractions In Philadelphia For Free

Philadelphia is one of the most history-rich cities in America.

It’s home to the famous Liberty Bell, the Philadelphia Museum of Art whose steps were made famous in the beloved “Rocky” movie and of course, Independence Hall where pivotal constitutions were once signed.

A trip to Philadelphia is sure to be a fun-filled adventure and if you’re looking for some inspiration on the best things to do in the city, check out our detailed guide below!

You’ll find our top recommendations of the best free attractions in Philadelphia, as well as the most highly rated paid attractions in the city of Philadelphia too!

Free Things To Do in Philadelphia

1. Rocky Steps (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Without a doubt one of the best free attractions in Philadelphia, and arguably one of the things that make the city so famous is the “Rocky” steps outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Made famous in the 1976 film “Rocky”, starring Sylvester Stallone, these 72 steps have become one of the city’s top attractions.

You can have fun timing each other running up the steps and seeing who can do it the quickest, or you can enjoy posing at the top and pretending to be your very own “Rocky” character!

Of course, you could always pay a visit to the Museum of Art while you’re there too, but the steps are where the true fun is at in this part of the city!

Address:2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130

2. Franklin Square (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

For a must-visit place in Philadelphia that’s been designed in recent years specifically with kids in mind, make sure you head to Franklin Square for a fun-filled day of adventure!

At Franklin Square, known as one of the city’s original five squares, kids can ride on the Philadelphia Park Liberty Carousel, as well as spending hours playing in the giant action-adventure playground.

The square’s park is also home to an 18-hole miniature golf course where you can get competitive as a family and see who will take the lead!

Franklin Square is one of the best free attractions in Philadelphia, simply because there’s so many things that the entire family can take part in and have fun with!

Address:200 N 6th St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

3. Liberty Bell (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Can you believe that this iconic symbol of American Independence is totally free to visit

It’s situated inside the Liberty Bell Center and is open every day of the year, so visitors can get a glimpse of arguably one of the most important objects in America’s history.

Take the kids along and tell them about the remarkable stories behind the Liberty Bell and enjoy a free video presentation inside the Center which tells you how the Bell cracked, its origins and why it holds such significant importance today.

The Liberty Bell truly is one of the most iconic things to see in Philadelphia so make sure you’ve added it to your travel itinerary when visiting the city!

Address:526 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

4. Independence Hall (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Independence Hall is yet another place in Philadelphia that holds significant importance, not just for the city of Philadelphia, but for the whole of the United States as well.

History geeks will thoroughly enjoy seeing the building where the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were debated and signed.

It’s not the most interesting place to take kids to, but it is a great place in the city to visit if you want to learn more about America’s history in politics.

You can take a free guided tour of the building which will take you around famous and notable rooms and corridors inside Independence Hall such as the East Wing and the rooms where the declarations were actually decided and adopted!

Address:520 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

5. Spruce Street Harbor Park (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

This urban beach situated in Penn’s Landing in Philly is a great place for people of all ages to hang out and enjoy themselves.

Spruce Street Harbor Park offers tonnes of fun activities such as lawn games, plenty of food and drink stalls, as well as local music performances which bring people together from all over the city, as well as the world.

It’s a great place to hang out as a family, in a couple or with a large group of friends. There’s even a Happy Hour scheduled intermittently throughout the day during the summer (you do have to pay for the drinks here) and it’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a few refreshing drinks with friends to start the weekend!

Address:301 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106

6. Elfreth’s Alley (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Thought to date all the way back to 1702, Elfreth’s Alley is an incredibly poignant historic street in Philadelphia.

There are still 32 houses on the oldest continuously inhabited street in America and it’s a great place to visit while in Philadelphia if you want to step back in time to the Colonial period and get a feel for what America was like hundreds of years ago.

It’s a history lover’s dream, and you can even take a free cell phone tour that will take you down the street and explain what each building used to be used for.

You can also go inside the Museum House and the Chairmaker’s House for a small entrance fee to learn even more about the iconic row of houses. Alternatively, just head down the street for yourself and make sure you’ve got your camera with you to take some timeless pictures!

Address:124-126 Elfreth's Alley, Philadelphia, PA 19106

7. Blue Cross RiverRink (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

What you need to know:

This incredible free attraction in Philadelphia is truly one of a kind and offers visitors a unique (and free!) way of experiencing the city both during the summer and the winter.

The riverside pop-up village features an open-air Olympic-size ice rink during the winter holidays, complete with shining festive lights, cosy fire pits and arcade games for the whole family to enjoy.

By the time summer arrives, Blue Cross RiverRink is transformed into an outdoor summer oasis, complete with classic Philadelphia food stalls, an outdoor roller-skating rink and mini carnival games.

You do have to pay a small fee for a couple of the activities, but most of the fun at Blue Cross RiverRink is actually just soaking up the atmosphere, whether it’s summer or winter!

Address:101 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106

8. Benjamin Franklin Museum (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

While you do have to pay an entrance fee to visit the actual Benjamin Franklin Museum itself, there are plenty of attractions and exhibitions around the museum that are completely free of charge!

One of the best things to do in Philadelphia if you’re a history fanatic is to visit the iconic “ghost house” where you’ll find a cool steel structure that represents the former house of Benjamin Franklin and its remaining foundations.

Alternatively, head to the Franklin 18th-Century print shop where you can watch live printmaking demonstrations and early typesetting operations.

It’s not the most fascinating place in the city, but it is full of incredible history and fun tales that history lovers will enjoy learning more about.

Address:317 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

9. Bartram’s Garden (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

One of the best free attractions in Philadelphia for those interested in all things flora and gardening, Bartram’s Garden provides a beautifully peaceful oasis where you can enjoy a morning stroll amongst the stunning shrubbery.

Set upon the riverside in Philadelphia, the beautiful botanical gardens offer a tranquil setting away from the busy and bustling streets of the city.

You can also see great views of the Philadelphia skyline from the confines of the gardens, without being immersed in the busyness of it all.

Bartram’s Garden is an idyllic free attraction to enjoy in Philadelphia and it’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for some peace and quiet away from all the noise and bright lights of the city.

Address:5400 Lindbergh Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19143

10. United States Mint (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

If you’re looking for a fun and quirky free attraction in Philadelphia, then you definitely need to head to the United States Mint.

You can enjoy a free, self-guided tour of the US Mint where you’ll see the process where almost one million coins are produced every 30 minutes!

This attraction is great fun for everyone, and kids especially will enjoy seeing how the coins are made and where exactly they come from.

Throughout the self-guided tour of the United States Mint, you will also see various displays of “important” coins throughout history, as well as the first ever coin press!

It’s definitely one of the more unusual things to do in the city but it still makes for a great day out and it’s consistently voted as one of the best free attractions in Philadelphia!

Address:151 N Independence Mall E, Philadelphia, PA 19106


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