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Panoramic Vltava River Cruise in Prague

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clock55 minutes


    A short 55-minute cruise that takes you through an immersive experience of Prague. During the tour, you'll sail along the Vitava River and learn about the major sites in the country via live commentary. There are stunning views of different historic landmarks and skyline of the city. Local attractions around include Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Kampa Island and so on. The view from the Vitava River is an enjoyable one and it takes you through the city in a short period of time. The whole cruise starts and ends at pier 17 which is located on the banks of Vitava River. The boat cruise also contains a climate-controlled indoor cabin or outdoor deck where travelers would rest and observe the views from the boat. The deck is heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer. The boat cruise is a great idea for vacation for small groups, families, children or anyone. It's a great idea if you just want to spend an hour away from the busy city. There's also some food from the staff; light snacks along with some coffee on the deck. This way, you'll enjoy every part of the action and not miss anything. It also allows you to learn so much about the city in just a short time.

    This tour starts at pier 17 on the banks of the Vitava river. Impressive and high-end facilities for travelers to enjoy. There is a comfortable climate-controlled indoor cabin or outdoor deck. The inner deck is designed to comply with external environmental conditions, that is, it is heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer. This means that travelers are always comfortable regardless of the time of the year. The tour guide provides live commentary and useful details about the city.

    The tour offered a quick way to learn a lot about Prague by the river. The tour guide was also awesome and offered some great information about the area. The large boat was nice and the food served was delicious with foods and drinks. There was a lot of information to learn on the trip and enjoy the value of money.

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