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Prague Boats 3-hours Crystal Dinner Cruise

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    Glide slowly through the narrow waterways and enjoy the views of Prague's illuminated action attraction. Enjoy the views of castles and cathedrals as you move along the Vltava river. The dinner is a vital part of the whole tour and while on the boat, you'll be asked to pick from a selection of delicious buffet lineup. Travelers are free to pick from a selection of Czech appetizers and entrees at a buffet. There's also a chance for travelers to dine under a glass dome that gives you panoramic views of the Prague castle, national theater and passes under the famous Charles Bridge while the boat passes under it. Start the tour with a welcome drink and live music will make sure that the mood for the tour is soothing. The tour will allow you to enjoy a memorable dinner in Prague. There's a romantic restaurant for couples and a group of friends. Also, enjoy the soothing atmosphere through a retractable roof. The tour is also a great idea for a vacation plan for a small group of friends or family. The whole tour kicks off from Dvorak Embarkment.

    This trip includes a welcome drink by the tour operator to set travelers in the mood for the tour. There's also a buffet-style dinner which is comprised of a variety of Czech appetizers and other meal types. Travelers get to enjoy music from a live band as the trip progresses. There are also printed guides that describe the whole tour in detail. It makes it easier for travelers to go from the beginning to the end of the tour. Travelers also enjoy a complimentary dinner with a world-class menu. The tour is also designed to host a total of 580 travelers. A tour guide will also be available to provide live commentary in English and other language types.

    The tour was a great experience, the guide was knowledgeable about the whole area and history of Prague. The dinner, buffet and welcome drink gave travelers a lot to munch on. In the long run, the whole tour was worth it.

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