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Top Puno Day Trips & Excursions


Bus Ticket from Puno to Cusco with Stop.

clock 10 hours
  • We have modern buses to transport tourist service, Our companies  have all the standards of both safety and quality to provide the best service experience in ground transportation from and to Puno, passing through four tourist places of which we assure you will not be bored, thanks to their history, culture and countless beautiful landscapes that...Read more

Full Day Guided Tour of the Aymara Route from Puno

clock 7 hours 10 minutes
  • Aymara Route is the set of tourist attractions such as the fertility temple, which is very famous for finding 6 minor phalluses and one larger one.After visiting the fertility temple, the group will go to the chullpas of Molloco, which are known for having a different style from those of Sillustani where you can see 3 square towers and a circular...Read more

Full Day Private Tour to Quechua from Puno

clock 8 hours
  • We do this tour by van, mini bus depending on the number of passengers. It is the best option to visit The Church of Santiago and The Catacombs.
    We will see the beautiful replica of Michelangelo's La Pietá Sculpture in Lamba and the Historic Pyramid of...Read more

Afternoon : Chullpas of Sillustani from Puno

clock 4 hours
  • Sillustani is a pre-Incan cemetery on the shores of Lake Umayo near Puno. The tombs, which are built above ground in tower-like structures called chullpas, are the vestiges of the Qulla people, who are Aymara conquered by the Inca Empire in the 15th...Read more

Private Full Day Tour of Ruta del Sol from Puno to Cusco

clock 540 to 570 minutes
  • Route of the Sun; when the sun god "Wiracocha" descends from the heavens to earth, traveling through different places to meet the Inkas, places that were marked by the Inkas with temples and sacred places in honor of the Sun god. In this trip we will be able to appreciate and feel closely these temples and sacred places that were built in a...Read more

Full Day Tour to Lake Titicaca with Floating Islands and Taquile

clock 9 hours
  • Explore the idyllic floating islands of Lake Titicaca on an exciting full-day tour from Puno. Visit Uros and Taquile to learn more about the indigenous inhabitants of the islands. You will navigate the calm waters of the highest lake in the world in a boat and enjoy an authentic experience of a culture that has not been touched by continental...Read more

Lake Titicaca (Day Trip) Uros & Amantani

clock 9 hours
  • The shimmering blue waters of Lake Titicaca are home to the famous, man-made Floating Islands of Uros. These islands and their dwellings, which date back to a pre-Incan time, are made completely out of totora reeds, a native bulrush plant that grows in the lake. With a guided tour, get to know the inhabitants that have formed a small community and...Read more

Uros and Taquile Islands on Fast Boat

clock 1 day
  • Full day tours to Uros and Taquile on fast boat. Enjoy a beautiful day on Lake Titicaca visiting the two most impressive islands on there. Transfers, entrances fees, lunch, guide and motor fast boat are included on...Read more

Uros floating islands & Taquile island Titicaca Full Day

clock 8 hours
  • Discover two of Lake Titicaca’s famous islands on this full-day tour from Puno. Embark on a cultural journey and explore the islands of Uros and Taquile, and learn about their indigenous people and traditions. While in Peru, don't miss out on this unique opportunity to interact with the Uru and...Read more

Lake Titicaca Day Tour from Puno

clock 11 hours
  • Visit Taquile Island where you will see an indigenous community that has conserved its original traditions and organization. And in addition make a stop at the famous Uros reed...Read more

Lake Titicaca and Sun Island Catamaran Cruise from Puno

clock 12 hours
  • Explore Lake Titicaca on a full-day catamaran cruise from Puno! First, travel across the border into Bolivia where you'll board a catamaran that will take you across Lake Titicaca, the sacred lake of the Incas. Then, visit Sun Island and Inti Wata before lounging on the boat and enjoying a delicious lunch. There's no better way to experience Peru...Read more

Route from Puno to Chivay

clock 6 hours



Uros Amantani Taquile Full Day tour

clock 12 hours
  • In this exclusive 12-hour tour, we will gives you the opportunity to visit these three magnificent islands. This tour is ideal for those who are short time for a visit to Lake Titicaca and have excellent physical conditions.

    On this tour you will learn the essentials of each island:

    Amantani Island: ceremonial temples Pachamama and...Read more

Isla del Sol Full-Day Tour from Puno

clock 12 hours
  • See and understand what everyone else wants. Be one of those select chosen ones to get the meaning of the most important religious and spiritual site of the Inca Empire on a great day tour that starts either from Puno.

    This tour starts with a bus ride pretty early and arrive in Copacabana close to midday where one of our team will be...Read more

Tour to the Chullpas De Sillustani

clock 1 day
  • The Sillustani is a place that is located 40 minutes outside of the City of Puno, the Qolla culture was established here, which was characterized by the elaboration of its "chullpas" tombs of different sizes where the ranges they had in that culture are clearly...Read more

Tour Uros Floating Islands - Half Day Puno

clock 4 hours
  • Let's share this tour across the 

    Uros floating islands in the Lake Titicaca. Along with our expert guide, we will discover more about these people and their way of life in this big mass of water located in the middle of the...Read more

Lake Titicaca (Uros & Taquile islands) full day tour

clock 8 hours
  • Explore the unique floating islands of Lake Titicaca on an exciting full-day tour from Puno. During this tour you will visit the Uros floating islands and Taquile Islands, navigate the world’s highest navigable lake on a boat, and enjoy meeting locals and learning about their...Read more

Private Tour to Tinajani from Puno

clock 1 day
  • Visit the natural and cultural attractions north of Puno on this private full-day tour. With a guide, you'll check out the cemetery site of Sillustani, the town of Lampa, and the archaeological site in Pukara (Pucará) before arriving at Tinajani, a canyon formed by large rock formations. Visit a 17th-century church, learn about pre-Inca history,...Read more

Tour Uros and Taquile Islands in Speedboat (full day)

clock 8 to 9 hours
  • It differs by the speed of the boat, unlike the normal boat travels 3 hours to Taquile, the speedboat does it in just 1 hour, so we will gain more time in navigation and...Read more

Full-Day Tour to the Floating Islands of Uros & Taquile Including Lunch

clock 10 hours
  • Enjoy a complete day of sailing in the highest lake in the world: Titicaca lake.

    Learn about the culture and history of the Uros floating Islands and the traditions in Taquile...Read more

FAQs about Puno Day Tours

What are the best day trips & excursions tour in Puno?

Puno day trips are special, professionally-guided tours which are designed to take you on long hour trips outside Puno city or sometimes combine various Puno main attractions together at a low cost just to occupy your day with fun-filled moments and interesting activities.

Tripindicator did a thorough research to provide the best Puno day trips by comparing price and also carefully reading all travellers reviews and feedback - subsequently following FAQs about Puno day trips.

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