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Fuentes Georginas Hot Springs from Quetzaltenango

clock 5 hours
  • Visit these hot springs that emanate from the Zunil Volcano and which flow into the place known today as Fuestes Georginas.

    These thermal sources were discovered by two laborers from Zunil in the year 1902 and they changed it into communal bath, where people who lived around there or near the thermal baths took a bath when they considered...Read more

Trek to Chicabal Volcano and Lagoon

clock 7 hours
  • Spend the day exploring the ceremonial center of the Mam Mayan culture on your visit to the Volcano and Laguna de Chicabal. View Mayan altars where ceremonies were held celebrating important dates on the Mayan...Read more

Gastronomic Tradicional TOUR

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • We have the permissions for the local people to show you the culture. you will get an espress cooking...Read more

Half-Day Sightseeing Tour of Fuentes Georginas Hot Springs

clock 4 hours
  • A beautiful half-day tour to the Fuentes Georginas hot springs. Soak in 4 thermal pools heated by the nearby volcanoes, surrounded by cloud...Read more

Chocolate Tour

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  •  This Tour wants to tell us the history of chocolate worldwide, its origins here in Guatemala and especially the Mayan culture. The process is an experience and what to say about the tastings that will leave you asking for more. Quetzaltenango, is in Guatemala the place where you will find the best chocolate to drink and eat. These traditions of...Read more

Rock Climbing Cerro Quemado Volcano Guatemala

clock 8 hours
  • We are a group of friends, experienced rock climbers and travelers that are looking forward to maximize your experience in this beautiful country that has so much to offer.

    We want to introduce you to the climbing world and its community which is the best part of it. We wanna make a lifetime experience out of this. We want you to learn,...Read more

Rural Tour (cantel)

clock 4 hours 30 minutes
  • This TOUR includes the wonderful experience of living a day or several with a local family. Family full of deep-rooted traditions. Where you can even have an embroidery class of the place, where you can also express your own creativity. You will also know the traditional cuisine of the place and even a glass of a special liquor. You will love the...Read more

Artistic Tour

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • The art tours give us the magnificent historical panorama of the city of Quetzaltenango, we are a city of artists of different types. A great influence of different cultures is observed in its architecture, frescoes, etc. And currently there is a wide variety of emerging artists and it is felt throughout the city. It is necessary that the visitor...Read more

7-Day Private Cultural Tour in Guatemala: Volcanoes, Coffee Farm, Charity Visits

clock 7 days
  • Our private tours include exploration, cultural activities and volunteering in Guatemala!

    Gain an inside access into local life and a greater understanding of Guatemala's diversity. You will be interacting with people and organisations making a real change in Guatemala. Learn how these organisations are tackling social issues and interact...Read more

Traditional Textile Tour

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  •  The Guatemalan Guipil (Huipil) is a type of blouse worn by indigenous women and is unique in the world, made with cotton thread and woven by various techniques. Throughout Guatemala there are many weavers of the güipil who do it themselves with their looms. So weavers have also developed these beautiful traditional costumes with their loom...Read more

Wheat or Bread Tour

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • We tell you the story of the creation of bakeries in Guatemala. Especially the artisan bakeries of Quetzaltenango. We are famous for the good bread, the "shecas and threads" quetzaltecas. You will have an express class of traditional...Read more

3-Days of Trekking from Xela to Lake Atitlan

clock 3 days
  • This hike is one of the most popular and beautiful in the Guatemalan Highlands where you will witness volcanoes, mountains and of course, the beautiful Lake...Read more

Tour to Cenotes de Candelaria and Hoyo Cimarrón

clock 8 hours
  • It is an interesting tour knowing the geological formations known as cenotes, these structures are presented in the lower parts of the Huehuetenango territory in warm weather and are the product of the system of underground currents from the Sierra de los...Read more

Romantic tour in Quetzaltenango

clock 2 hours
  • An exclusive tour for all the romantics of the world! Together with the professional local guide, you will visit the most romantic places in the city. What legends are hidden in Quetzaltenango Cathedral- You will feel spellbound in a charming atmosphere. What is considered as one of the best places to have a date in the city- Where can you make...Read more

Rural Tour With Embroidery Class

clock 4 hours 30 minutes
  • On this tour you will visit the municipality of Cantel, where there will be a small traditional embroidery workshop. The history of guipil is described, a traditional Guatemalan blouse, unique in the world. As well as living with the family of the instructor in her own home, a rural place full of nature and...Read more

Tajumulco Volcano

clock 2 days
  • It is the highest volcano in Central America, reaching an elevation of 4,220meters and has 2 peaks. It is one of the best places to climb and camp. The highest peak is placed at the East and has a crater of 75 meters, the smaller peak is known as Cerro Concepción and it has an altitude of 4,100 meters. Its slopes cultivate potatoes, vegetables...Read more

Stained Glass and Murals Tour

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • In these tours you can discover how these exquisite stained glass windows are made, the essence of what to make of a stained glass window and also how the most colorful and creative murals of the city of Quetzaltenango were made. Colorful throughout the tour. In addition to taking out all the accumulated creativity, they can make their own...Read more