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Hiking El Morado Natural Monument

clock 6 to 8 hours
  • Cajón del Maipo is a stunning mountainous gorge.
    It’s an outdoor lover’s paradise, with endless amounts of fresh air and beautiful trails to explore.
    Together with our local guides who love Cajón del Maipo, you will can enjoy and know everything you need to know about the...Read more

Private Tour: El Morado Hiking and Hot Springs Day Trip from Santiago

clock 12 hours
  • A hike with views of snow-drizzled peaks, followed by soaks in thermal pools — can you picture a more perfect day- On this private tout led by an expert guide, drive through the breathtaking canyon of Cajón de Maipo at the Andes mountains. Then undertake a 5-hour medium-level hike through El Morado Natural Monument to enjoy a glacier-side...Read more

Half Day private Hike to Manquehue Hill, Incredible view of the Andes

clock 5 hours
  • Enjoy a guaranteed view of the Andes mountain range and the city of Santiago, after a 90 minutes hike of low difficulty. The guide will lead you through a typical trail of the pre-andes. At the summit we will share a Box Lunch already included and we will 30 minutes on the summit, time to relax before starting our return to the starting point. We...Read more

Private 3-Day Hiking in the Andes with pikcup from Santiago

clock 3 days
  • This expedition is a must see in Santiago for mountain lovers. During 3 days we will be in the Valley of the Cepo, mountain range of the Andes. The ultimate goal is to reach the summit of Cerro El Plomo, 5,424 meters above sea level. It is demanding, but with a little training and effort you will be able to reach the top. We will spend the 2...Read more

Hiking & Hot Springs / Private excursion to Cajon del Maipo

clock 9 hours
  • Explore beyond the urban limits and escape to the depths and discover the indomitable Chile. Take this exciting 10-kilometer hike in total, surrounded by colossal mountains and glaciers high above. Hiking is an activity that stimulates the senses and generates emotions that only in this place so beautiful and at the same time rugged, you can...Read more

Juncal Andean Park: Hiking over a Glacial Tongue

clock 10 hours
  • Explore the Andes hiking along the Juncal Andean Park, which has unique natural features and a remarkable beauty. Emplaced just two hours from Santiago, this private park created in 1911, comprises the Andean wetlands, a focus of conservation for its vital importance as a source of life which provide shelter to a wide variety of birds. The main...Read more

Darwin's Route: Traversing the Chilean Palm Forest

clock 10 hours
  • Let’s cross La Campana National Park hiking through the Chilean Palm Forest, and explore these lands of great biodiversity, like Charles Darwin did in 1834. This activity offers the chance to contemplate and be enchanted by a rich flora proper to the Chilean mediterranean climate, set in the Coastal Mountain...Read more

El Morado Glacier - Maipo Valley - Private Guided Full Day Hiking Tour

clock 12 hours
  • Hiking to a hanging glacier and lagoon - Incredible mountain canyon with a very interesting geology

    We will take you for a day hike in the Maipo Valley very close to Santiago.

    The final point of the hike is at 3,200 m (10.500 ft) with a hanging glacier and its lagoon.

    The hike lasts 2:30-3:00 hours going up climbing 600...Read more

Volcano & Hotsprings 4K from Santiago Private Tour

clock 12 hours
  • A remote, majestic and quiet place at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Baños Colina is located about 100 kms (62 miles) away from Santiago and at an altitude of 2.500 meters (8.200 ft) . The waters of these natural pools can reach temperatures up to 50°C (122 F°) and are arranged as outdoor terraces, thanks to the calcareous deposits and the...Read more

Half-Day Private Andes Hiking Tour from Santiago, carbon neutral.

clock 5 to 6 hours
  • Get out of the city and head for one of the hundreds of summits surrounding Santiago on this half-day hiking tour and donate a tree plantation! Test yourself with a challenging hike to the top of Mount Alto del Naranjo. At an altitude of 6,200 feet (1,890 meters), the peak offers panoramic views of the Central Andes, as well as the Chilean...Read more

Pacific Ocean Hike Private Tour 7K

clock 12 hours
  • Wonderful hike, starting with a viewpoint on Isla Seca, where you can visit the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve viewed. Discover hidden beaches suitable for swimming, through a 2-hour walking path, always next to the Pacific Ocean, starting in Cachagua and ending in Zapallar. Be amazed by one of the most beautiful walks in the central area, the...Read more

El Pintor - 4000 meters summit close to Santiago - Guided Full Day Hiking Tour

clock 11 hours
  • Cerro Pintor is a

    day tour to the Andes behind Santiago. You can experience a

    hiking activity at high-altitude with beautiful views to the surrounding peaks and Santiago in the lower central valley.

    The hike starts at 3000 msnm (9850 fts), dry air and warm sunny conditions may be demanding, otherwise the trail doesn’t...Read more

Andes Day Volcano 8K - Cajon del Maipo

clock 12 hours
  • Explore the heart of the Andes and discover, with a 8 kms hike (5 miles), a volcano of 5,800 meters of altitude (19,000 ft), just a 100 kms (62 miles) away from Santiago. A trip to the past, discovering the creation of the South American continent. Admiring stunning views of mountain rivers, glaciers and the amazing Andes...Read more

Half day Cerro Manquehue guided hiking tour - Iconic mountain of Santiago, Chile

clock 4 hours
  • Hike Cerro Manquehue "The Iconic mountain of Santiago" "Condors nest" in Mapudungun: Mapuche's local language.

    The short distance to the city and the views that you can get in a relatively short time makes this hike a "must do" if you got a day in the city.

    It is much better early on weekdays, on weekends usually, it's...Read more

Private Guided Cerro Manquehue Sunset Mountain Hike

clock 6 hours
  • Hike to the summit of the most iconic peak in Santiago, Cerro Manquehue, which means Condor’s Nest in the Mapuche Indian language. Enjoy the best view of Santiago’s skyline from high above and relax as you witness a breathtaking sunset over the city and...Read more