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Classical Massage Session in São Paulo

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Our team of therapists is truly different. There are several comments from our customers that report this.
    Our interest is to donate to the maximum, so that each client leaves with their best energy and always...Read more

Body Lymphatic Drainage - by Venus' Secret Spa - Sao Paulo

clock 1 hour
  • Especially suitable for those suffering from fluid retention, lymphatic drainage is a great ally for people who have undergone liposuction, after surgery it is common for the body to retain more water than necessary. As it is a treatment that helps in weight loss and cellulite reduction, it is much sought after by women looking to feel more...Read more

Modeling Massage - by Venus' Secret Spa - Sao Paulo

clock 30 minutes
  • Suitable for people dissatisfied with their fat and / or moderate degree cellulite.


    Reduces cellulite;
    Increases blood circulation;
    Stimulates neuromuscular responses (giving the impression of a stiffer body);
    Activates the metabolism;
    Improvement of tissue oxidation;
    Fat breakdown;
    Leaves skin softer,...Read more

Gift Card Gift Surprise Someone Special - by Venus' Secret Spa - Sao Paulo

clock 1 hour

    Our employees aim to maintain attention, affection, delicacy and professionalism. Always aware that each person is unique and each moment is unique.
    Our proposal is to pay attention to every detail, trying to understand the customer before starting each procedure, making sure...Read more

Shiatsu Massage - Eastern Ancient Therapy by Venus' Secret Spa - Sao Paulo

clock 1 hour
  • Shiatsu is an ancient millenary therapy developed from medicine.
    Through finger pressure in the path of the meridians, this massage provides great relief from muscle tension, pain, stress, tiredness and establishes a harmony in the flow of energy.
    It consists of applying pressure to certain points called “tsubos” that form energy...Read more

Facial Energization - by Venus' Secret Spa - São Paulo

clock 30 minutes
  • Cozy space based on 3 sensory pillars, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and music therapy. Vanderleia, is the head and hands, always caring with dedication for over 26 years. Watches for the well-being of its collaborating clients and partners.
    The shared concern for knowledge and experience led to structuring the Urban Spa to offer quality...Read more

Lifting Facial Massage - by Venus' Secret Spa - Sao Paulo

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • In treatment, after massage at specific points, the skin receives vitamins and collagen. Facial Muscle Modeling Massage is finished with a tensioning mask and sunscreen application to ensure skin health.

    Main benefits:

    Shapes contours and rearranges face structures;
    Prevents and decreases wrinkles;
    Helps in the elimination of...Read more

Sports Massage - by Venus' Secret Spa - Sao Paulo

clock 1 hour
  • Benefits
    Helps prepare muscles for exercise;
    It can prevent injuries and relieve possible post-training pain (DMT);
    It can improve blood circulation in the body;
    Relaxes muscles that have suffered some kind of effort;
    Helps stimulate adrenaline production;
    Helps eliminate toxins from muscles
    Helps in toning muscle...Read more