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Lukomir Highland Village Hike

clock 8 to 13 hours
  • Lukomir is the highest and most isolated village in Bosnia. This hike is also the most popular hike in the country. And for a good reason. It offers all: amazing views, long walks, culture, history and legends.

    This is the most popular one day trip from Sarajevo. We start our tour on the southern slopes of Bjelašnica mountain, from...Read more

Utopia of Tito’s Yugoslavia, Tito’s Bunker & Siege of Sarajevo

clock 10 hours
  • Get a firsthand account of the atmosphere of Yugoslavian social-communism by visiting Tito’s Nuclear Bunker in the nearby town Konjic, highlights of the Yugoslavian golden age and its downfall with the story of the Siege of Sarajevo from a guide who survived it.

    Travel to Konjic town, and visit the Tito’s Nuclear Bunker, Olympic...Read more

Lukomir Highland Village Tour and Hike from Sarajevo

clock 7 hours
  • Life in the Dinaric Mountains moves to the ageless rhythms of the past, and this one-day trip to Lukomir Village offers unique...Read more

Full-Day Tour from Sarajevo to Herzegovina with Mostar, Blagaj Dervish House, Pocitelj, Jablanica, and Konjic

clock 10 to 12 hours
  • Mostar town and the whole of Herzegovina region are a must see and 'taste' by anyone ever coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina or Balkans area. That is why we have designed a tour which offers most of it from perspective of cultural diversity and unique history, truly amazing scenery and delicious food as well. We invite you to join us for this...Read more

Full-Day Small-Group Tour in Srebrenica Genocide Memorial

clock 10 hours
  • This day tour from Sarajevo to understand the genocide of Srebrenica 11th July 1995, is unique, factual and storytelling experience. It has been created for anyone interested to learn more about these unfortunate events which took place in region of Eastern Bosnia, called Podrinje, during July 1995. We invite you to join us, learn more, and help...Read more

Jajce with Pliva Lakes and Travnik Day Tour from Sarajevo

clock 10 hours
  • Jajce town, truly bears epithet "royal" as it has been the residence of medieval Bosnian Kings. World’s only town with natural waterfall in the very centre and birthplace of Yugoslavia. Home to amazingly green lakes of Pliva river.

    We also do not forget to pay visit to Travnik - Ottoman time vizier’s town, later Nobel prize winner, Ivo...Read more

Lukomir Nomad Village, Bjelasnica Olympic Mountain Hiking from Sarajevo

clock 9 to 10 hours
  • Umoljani and Lukomir hiking tour at Bjelasnica mountain is simply must see and experience journey for any true nature lover, if one ever comes across Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Stunning views of Rakitnica canyon, amazing scenery of Bjelasnica mountain, experiencing way of life at Bosnian most remote nomad village, unique history...Read more

Day Trip to Mostar and Herzegovina from Sarajevo

clock 11 hours
  • This full-day excursion will take you on an exciting journey to the heartland of Herzegovina, one of the warmest regions in the Balkans, where you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the local traditions that have evolved over the...Read more

Herzegovina Tour from Sarajevo - Day Tour

clock 11 to 13 hours
  • Let's go for a 1 day tour to the Herzegovina! We will see Jablanica (Battle for the Wounded on Neretva site), Mostar, Blagaj (spring of river Buna), Pocitelj, Kravice watterfalls. Spring of river Buna is a perfect spot for a lunch in one of the restaurants next to the river.

    Vehicle, Driver, Fuel expenses, Parking fees included in...Read more

Lukomir Village - Peruca Waterfall Hike

clock 7 to 9 hours
  • Are you for a hike from one of the worlds most beautiful village to Peruca waterfall and picnic lunch with astonishing view- After hour and a half drive from our meet up place Torus Tours office Obala Isa-bega Ishakovica 3 we will reach Lukomir, the most isolated village on mountain Bjelasnica. We are going for a hike to the Peruca waterfall with...Read more

Mostar,Blagaj Dervish House,Po|itelj,Jablanica & Konjic Day Tour from Sarajevo

clock 10 to 12 hours
  • See the most beautiful and historical cities of Herzegovina in one day on this tour from Sarajevo. You'll get to enjoy in the atmosphere of Konjic, Jablanica, Po-itelj, and Blagaj, with UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mostar at the end to fulfill your Herzegovina adventure. Learn some interesting facts and stories about history and locals while...Read more

Jajce, Travnik and Pliva watermills Day Tour from Sarajevo

clock 8 to 10 hours
  • Discover the rich history of Travnik, which became the capital of the Ottoman province of Bosnia and the residence of the Bosnian viziers in 1699. The city became an important center of government in the whole Western frontier of the empire, and consulates were established by the governments of France and Austria-Hungary. After Travnik we're...Read more

Understanding Srebrenica Genocide - Day tour from Sarajevo

clock 8 to 10 hours
  • The Srebrenica massacre, also known as the Srebrenica genocide was the July 1995 genocide of more than 8,000 Bosniaks, mainly men and boys, in and around the town of Srebrenica during the Bosnian War. The killings were perpetrated by units of the Bosnian Serb Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) under the command of Ratko Mladi-. You will be able to...Read more

Mostar & 4 Cities of Herzegovina

clock 8 to 10 hours
  • Nested in a carstic valley on the coasts of the emerald green river Neretva, lies the city of Mostar, a magnificent pearl of Herzegovina, the sunny part of our country. On your way to Mostar, we stop by two charming places known as Konjic and Jablanica. There we will have a cup of coffee, a proper way to begin an unforgettable journey. Enjoy the...Read more

Remembering Srebrenica Genocide

clock 8 hours 30 minutes
  • Srebrenica is a town in the Eastern Bosnia, nowadays known as the place of the genocide which occurred in July 1995. In case you are interested in a real storytelling experience and you want to learn more about the bloodcurdling events that converted this once peaceful and picturesque town into a place of agony and eternal memory of the biggest...Read more

Mostar Blagaj Kravice Tour

clock 8 to 10 hours
  • Mostar, Blagaj, Po-itelj, Kravice is a full-day tour for a group from Sarajevo to Konjic, Kravice waterfall, Pocitelj, Blagaj and Mostar. Herzegovina is a must see location for anyone visiting the Balkans. This tour enables you to visit five interesting places. That is why we have designed a tour which offer most of it from perspective of cultural...Read more

Full-Day 5 Cities Tour from Sarajevo to Herzegovina

clock 12 hours
  • With just one day to explore Herzegovina, this full-day tour from Sarajevo will check off all the main highlights. Explore the historic towns of Konjic, Pocitelj, and Blagaj; admire natural wonders including Jablanicko Lake and Neretva river canyon; and visit the UNESCO-listed town of Mostar, famous for its picturesque Old Town and Old...Read more

Sutjeska National Park Hike Tour from Sarajevo

clock 1 day
  • Experience Sutjeska National Park, the oldest in Bosnia, with a local guide. Spend a full day exploring the triangle of the Maglic, Zelengora, and Volujak mountains, with their dramatic cliffs and lush green nature. Admire the turquoise water in the dramatic deep valley of the Sutjeska River Canyon. Lunch is...Read more

Private tour from Sarajevo: Full-Day Medjugorje

clock 8 hours
  • Me-ugorje is a town located in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Since 1981, when six local children claimed they had seen visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Medjugorje has become an unapproved destination of Catholic pilgrimage.

    The messages attributed to Our Lady of Medjugorje have a strong following among...Read more

Private tour from Sarajevo - Mostar, Konjic & Blagaj

clock 8 hours
  • Herzegovina is southern part of the country and represents sunny and warm part of the heart-shaped country. Warm climate, a lot of sunny days during the year, stone fields and the smell of the seaside make Herzegovina different from the inner part of the country. Herzegovina is famous by its lavender fields, grape cultivation, wine production and...Read more