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BTS Tour with optional 1 day Dance Class

clock 8 hours
  • If you have limited time but take a look at places where BTS visited, this tour is perfect for you.

    After meeting your guide, heading to Hwarangdae Station where RM took pictures. Stand the same spot with RM and take your own as if you are RM!
    Seoul Forest is famous for locals but also famous for A.R.M.Ys because SUGA took a music video...Read more

National Museum of Korea Private Tour: Seoul Exploration Game

clock 1 hour
  • Explore the National Museum of Korea in Seoul in a unique way: by playing a city exploration game where you have to save the world. You will follow clues & solve missions while you discover fascinating local stories.

    Each clue will lead you from one place to another, giving you precise directions, so you won’t need a map, a GPS or a...Read more

1 Day / An Artistic Day in Seoul

clock 8 hours
  • Complete your special day with unique attractions and full of artistic activities in Seoul. This private tour will let you reveal your self in artistic sensitivity and find a inner peace in a relaxing...Read more


clock 8 hours
  • Be part of stormy current trend in Seoul, New and Retro and experience how locals travel around the...Read more

3D2N / Get lost in Gangwon's mother nature

clock 2 days
  • 2 days of authentic Gangwon experience where mother nature lays in art comfortably and offers relaxing atmosphere with stunning view of East...Read more

K-POP #1 BTS ARMY tour [Jumunjin Hyangho Beach & Iryeong Station]

clock 2 days
  • Follow the footsteps of BTS! Check out the sights where BTS has filmed or taken photoshoots. Also visit locations where BTS enjoys...Read more

BTS Army Tour & Jumunjin

clock 2 days
  • Follow the footsteps of BTS! Check out the sights where BTS has filmed or taken photoshoots. Also visit locations where BTS enjoys...Read more

[Private] Seoul BTS Army Tour - Guide Only

clock 8 hours
  • Started from the old building of Big Hit Entertainment, the KPop tour - Army BTS Tour in Seoul will be so meaningful for you who is the biggest fan of BTS - usually called BTS Army. Come to several places related to BTS in...Read more

EXO Showtime Filming Location Private Tour in Seoul

clock 10 hours
  • Calling for all EXO-L worldwide to join in a dream tour in Seoul! Special made for you fangirl and fanboy of the worldwide phenomenal boyband - EXO

    Featuring K Star Road, SM Artium, EXO‘s Kai Café – KAMONG, SUM Market, DDP, Bukchon Hanok Village, N Seoul Tower, and Hongdae Shopping Street,join this tour and find a better way of...Read more

SM Stan Tour in Seoul with English Speaking Guide

clock 8 hours
  • SM artists like TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet, NCT are so talented and good-looking that it makes them having a lot of fans from all over the world. If you have the greatest chance to visit South Korea, it is an obligation for you to join this SM Tour! With an English speaking guide who will explain each visited place, you'll be...Read more

[Private] Seoul Seventeen Carat Tour - Guide Only

clock 6 hours
  • A Seventeen Carat Tour is a kind of rare KPop tour that will you get in Seoul. Visit various places that is visited by the members. There are some locations that visited by them while filming some shows like the one in V LIVE and Momo X. There are also some places that are frequently visited by the members such as the Pledis Building and Cafe...Read more

[Private] Seoul Customized Tour with A Special English Speaking Guide

clock 6 to 8 hours
  • If you are a fan of KPop and often fangirling on Twitter, some of you might know someone named Kejut Bahu- With the username @Kejut_Bahu, the owner of this account often posts funny and interesting things about his favorite KPop groups. In addition, the owner of this account whose name is Mirah also often shares her stories about living in South...Read more

[Private] Experience K-Pop in Seoul with An English Speaking Guide

clock 6 to 8 hours
  • Nowadays, Seoul is very popular to be visited by foreigners aroung the world. KPop tour is one of the most popular tours to choose by them. Those who joined this KPop tour must be the fan of a lot of KPop boygroups and girlgroups. Like fans of BTS, EXO, NCT, IKON, BLACKPINK, etc. are willing to spend money to visit the respective groups' agency....Read more

K-Pop ARMY Tour in Seoul with Guide & Transport

clock 6 to 10 hours
  • - Follow the dream Join Tour for all True Army & have fun with fellow Army from various countries
    - Take photos like BTS members at MV filming locations & album cover photos
    - Visit the BigHit building, the main headquarters of BTS members
    - Buy BT21 official merchandise at Line Friends Shop


    --10 Hrs...Read more

K-pop Agencies and Idol Restaurant Visit in Seoul with Guide & Transport

clock 6 hours
  • This is the Kpopers dream tour package. Visiting Korea has always been a dream of all Kpopers because they can directly see the oppa-oppa places of ordinary idol groups on the move. This tour is a private tour that will take you to your favorite agency buildings. Wander around and see through the contents of a building full of idol atmosphere,...Read more

Produce 101 Uniform and Paju Training Center Visit with Guide & Transport

clock 10 hours
  • This Tour Package is dedicated to loyal Produce 101 fans who want to see the location of the show directly. You will wander around the Produce 101 Training Center in Paju, and re-experience your favorite moments during the show. To perfect your nostalgia, you will have the opportunity to wear their proud school uniforms. After that, visit Heyri...Read more

Paju Produce X 101 Best Tour with Guide & Transport

clock 6 to 10 hours
  • This tour package is definitely realizing the dream of all Produce 101 fans in various countries. You will see immediately and find out more about how Produce 101 was produced.

    --- 10 Hours
    10:30 meet at hotel -- CJ ENM Center & Enjoy shopping at MYCT Store -- Produce x 101 Training center -- Provence village -- Heyri...Read more

K-pop NCTzen Hot and Young Seoul Trip with Guide & Transport

clock 8 hours
  • Experience joyfull trip that have been experienced by NCT member on the Hot & Young Seoul Trip Show!


    --- Hot Tour
    11:00 meet at hotel & go to Gyeongbokgung palace - SM Artium – Kayaking at Han river - N-Seoul Tower - 19:00 hotel or Myeongdong

    --- Young Tour
    11:00 meet at hotel & go to Gyeongbokgung palace -...Read more

K-pop EXO-L Tour in Seoul with Guide & Transport

clock 8 hours
  • This tour is perfect for fans who vacation in Korea while enjoying their favorite boy band fangirling. You will be invited to places that EXO members have visited on variety shows. you will also have the opportunity to taste the food or drink menu at Kai's family-owned cafe. If you're lucky you can find him, sometimes serving his customers! Then,...Read more

Seoul K-Pop Tour for ONCE with Guide & Transport

clock 6 hours
  • -- Enjoy your time in the 'Yangjaecheon Stream Trail' which runs all the way from Gwacheon to Gangnam
    -- Do you Still remember Mina's Vlive some time ago- visit the location when Mina was doing Live while reminiscing when Mina greeted her fans at that time
    -- Visit JYP Entertainment, the main headquarters of TWICE members, if you're lucky...Read more