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Top Shanghai Cooking Classes


Chinese Cooking Class and Wet Market Visit

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Enjoy and discover Chinese culture and Chinese cooking basics from this 3.5 hours Chinese cooking class and wet market...Read more

La mian and shaved noodle class + Wet market tour

clock 3 hours
  • Are you curious about the hand-pulled noodles and shaved noodles- Now you have a unique chance to learn how to make them both in Shanghai! You have to do it all by yourself under a professional chef's eye!

    This class request at least 5...Read more

Private Wet Market Visit with Cooking Class in Shanghai

clock 4 hours
  • Today’s tour will enable you to have a close touch with local people’s life. Your friendly guide will meet you in the centrally located hotel and start to discover the wet market. A visit to the market will beyond your expectation .  Continued to visit the local people’s home and learn to cook several typical shanghai dishes, such as :...Read more

Private Cooking Class: Make Your Own Dim Sum In Shanghai

clock 2 hours
  • Learn to make traditional Chinese snacks during this Dim Sum Cooking Class in Shanghai. Experience the pleasure of handcrafting bite-sized dumplings, sweet desserts or savory spring rolls under the direction of your expert chef. Gain a deeper understanding of the flavors and techniques that make this cuisine flavorful and unique, and put your...Read more

Private Chinese Dim Sum Cooking Class in Shanghai

clock 2 hours
  • During this private cooking class in Shanghai, learn traditional techniques and prepare classic fillings as you make ‘xiaolongbao’ (steamed soup dumplings) and fried spring rolls. Your 2-hour lesson takes place at a cooking studio under the guidance of a professional chef who offers hands-on instruction in the art of making dim sum. After you...Read more

Private Chinese Wok Cooking Class in Shanghai

clock 2 hours
  • Try your hand at making three delicious stir-fried dishes using a Chinese wok. This private, 2-hour lesson at a cooking studio in Shanghai includes ingredients and step-by-step instructions that even beginners can follow. Learn from an expert chef as you prepare fresh home-style dishes and restaurant classics including kung pao chicken, Shanghai...Read more

3-Hour Chinese Kitchen Cooking Class: Xiaolongbao Soup Dumplings

clock 3 hours
  • No worry if you don't understand Mandarin, this cooking class is conducted by an English-speaking chef, a true foodies and a fan of cooking. Teaching you to cook the xiaolongbaos in two ways, learn how to make a yummy Chinese sauce to go with the xiaolongbaos. Finally, enjoy our hand-made xiaolongbaos...Read more

Private Home Cooking Class with Shanghai Mama

clock 4 hours
  • Learn how to cook the most healthy and delicious Chinese dishes at a local Shanghai Mama's home. The friendly Shanghai Mama will share her ancient Chinese cooking secret with you, and you will also get hands on experience during cooking process. You are suggested to learn 2 home dishes, like Sauteed Green Beans with Minced Pork and Vegetable,...Read more

Shanghai Participatory Dining & Cooking Event 

clock 2 hours
  • Enjoy a Chinese cooking event in the heart of Shanghai city! Participatory Dining turns your meal into an experience and creates a unique and collaborative environment that builds bonds and memories.

    You will do the following:
    - Prepare ingredients and setup workshop table
    - Hands-on practice of Chinese Cooking
    - Learn to cook...Read more

Private Tour: Half-day Chinese Cooking Lesson in Shanghai

clock 3 hours
  • Your tour will commence with a transfer to the Chinese Cooking Workshop where you will enjoy a Chinese cooking class for approximately 2 hours. During this very interesting and unforgettable lesson, you can learn to cook a kind of  Chinese traditional snack, such as boiled dumpling, steamed dumpling and a steamed bun with different stuffings. The...Read more

Chinese Tea Tasting Experience

clock 2 hours
  • Wan Ling will share her unique experiences of sourcing the teas you will enjoy during the experience. As we know the exact provenance of each of the teas, we can share about each tea's journey from field to cup, as well as give you an insight into the people and places behind the teas.

    Our tea house provides a calm and relaxing space,...Read more

3-Hour Chinese Kitchen Cooking Class: Steamed Colorful Dumplings

clock 3 hours
  • Join and learn how to make both the dough and filling with fragrant Chinese spices in a class. You will make the dumplings in different ways, and you will learn how to make a yummy Chinese sauce to go with the dumplings. It's not only fun but knowledgeable to learn how to cook local ingredient and different technique of dumpling wrapping. Finally,...Read more

Private Chinese Cooking Class in Shanghai with Vegetarian Option

clock 2 hours
  • Get your hands on experience in cooking 3 Chinese delicious stir-fried dishes by using a traditional Chinese wok. This private 2-hour lesson at a cooking studio in Shanghai French Concession area includes ingredients and step-by-step instructions that even beginners can follow. There are several menus for your to choice from including classic...Read more

Private Banquet including Kun Opera, Zither Performance and Tea Ceremony

clock 4 hours
  • This unique night tour takes you to experience a private banquet, and it also includes the live Chinese Zither Performance plus a professional Chinese tea ceremony. It's full-service dinner experience featuring combine best of Shanghainess cuisine, secret home recipe and royal cuisine. It's a great way to celebrate any special occasion with your...Read more

Private Authentic Chinese Cooking Class in Shanghai with a Lovely Local

clock 4 hours
  • Meet Vivie and her husband Chris at their small but welcoming apartment located in central Changning, Shanghai. Between the living room and dining table, enjoy interesting banter ranging across topics from ‘China vs the world’ and ‘The greatest music videos of all time’ to ‘The most beautiful undiscovered places in the world’ with a...Read more